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  1. I would prefer you ask for DD support in the discord via the link at the top of the description, but feel free to ask for support here in the comments and I'll do my best to help you out.
  2. Version 2.13


    Devious Desires Overview: A mod that attempts to be all inclusive for The Sims 4 by enabling Sims to engage in a variety of sexual and non-sexual acts, such as Rough Sex, Zoophilia, Rape Play, Lactation Play, and Milking with more fetishes to come! All fetishes are optional installs. If you aren't into a fetish, don't install the package file for it or disable the fetish via the in-game settings. At its most basic function (without any extra features) Devious Desires is a plain old vanilla sex mod, no kinky, no pets, no outlandish fetishes. Updated: 04-23-2021 Game/Cre
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