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  1. That isn't a bug, that is intentional. I despawn Slaves that are wandering around without their master. Try inviting both them AND the Sim that owns them. The only time the Master/Slave bond clears is if you removed the `Mods/mod_data/simsnatcher` folder at any point. This is where the data is stored for Sim Snatcher.
  2. Maybe. Depends on what the polls in my discord want. I am currently working on creating Brothels.
  3. Take a look at the Wiki, a large list of animation links is available. (Ignore any of them that say "WW is required", because DD will load them just fine)
  4. Yeah, each actor needs either CUM_SOURCE or CUM_EATER and PEE_DRINKER or PEE_SOURCE too
  5. They should work properly, you are putting the CUM_EATING, CUM_SOURCE, and CUM_EATER tags on the animations/actor? There is the PEE_DRINKING, PEE_DRINKER, and PEE_SOURCE tags too
  6. New Version Of DD Released (v3.9): - Many reworks to Fetishes, nudity, and sex interactions - Added many new settings for customizing various aspects of DD to your liking, including Arousal Gain rate, Autonomy, Pregnancy chances, and more! - Many many fixes were made to various parts of DD as well, including Arousal, Sex, Orgasms, Pregnancy, and more! - Added many new Animation and Animation Actor tags for use in Animation Customization. - Fetishes are now available under the Likes/Dislikes in CAS - In order to perform the Enthuse, Complain, Think About Positive, and Think About Negative interactions, your Sim now needs to at least Like the fetish. (Fetish discovery and new ways to boost fetish levels will be implemented later) - Added settings to randomize fetishes on Sims when they spawn or to manually randomize fetishes for all Sims - Added Fight Rape - Added inflation via the Mouth and Anus. - Sims that witness sex they are not into can now react negatively when seeing it. - Sims can now become aroused (rather than Jealous), if the gender they have a preference for applies to all Sims involved in the Sex interaction, even if their significant other is involved. - Be sure to update Sims 4 Community Library to at least version 1.75 with this update - Be sure to update Custom Slider Framework to at least version 1.11 with this update
  7. Define "broken" https://github.com/ColonolNutty/Sims4CommunityLibrary/wiki/Troubleshooting-Mods%2C-Both-Using-Or-Not-Using-S4CL#problem-reporting Try the test build that is available in my discord.
  8. What is broken about it? Are you getting last exception files? Are you getting error files? Is the game crashing?
  9. Define "broken", because noone else but you is currently saying it is broken and I test DD on a daily basis and have seen zero issues. Not only that, but DD requires that version, which makes saying it is "broken" on the version it requires even more silly.
  10. No, I do not plan to integrate any of my mods with the mods of a person who has slandered me, my mods, and those who use my mods for years. Take a look at the Test Build available in my discord, Arousal has had a rework.
  11. Cum from DD is applied via Buffs, try removing the DD_Overlay buff that your Sim has applied on them. If your Sim does not have an overlay buff, then it means it is not DD that has applied that overlay. In that case, you would have to remove the overlay part in CAS itself instead.
  12. Don't quote the overpost, your post just became literally huge. Maybe you should complain to those mod authors to update their mods to use S4CL so you aren't forced to stay on an older version because their mod is crap and they "like it that way". Alternatively, I have a test build available in my discord that doesn't require you to update Sims 4, probably. At least you won't get the FINGERNAIL error you see above. You'll have to update Sims 4 eventually when I remove that "fix" though.
  13. Update Sims 4 https://github.com/ColonolNutty/Sims4CommunityLibrary/wiki/Troubleshooting-Mods%2C-Both-Using-Or-Not-Using-S4CL#things-that-will-not-help-to-solve-the-problem-you-are-having "A "prettified" exception message."
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