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Devious Desires


A mod that attempts to be all inclusive for The Sims 4 by enabling Sims to engage in a variety of sexual and non-sexual acts, such as Rough Sex, Zoophilia, Rape Play, Lactation Play, and Milking with more fetishes to come!

All fetishes are optional installs. If you aren't into a fetish, don't install the package file for it or disable the fetish via the in-game settings. At its most basic function (without any extra features) Devious Desires is a plain old vanilla sex mod, no kinky, no pets, no outlandish fetishes.

If you enjoy the mod leave a review and/or comment and spread the word about how much you like it! Check out my discord for my other mods!

Updated: 06-01-2021

Game/Creator:  The Sims 4 [EA]

Modder: ColonolNutty - Wiki Discord

Mod Version: v2.14

Language: English

Game Version: and above



DD Basic (deviousdesires.package)

  • Sex and Sex Autonomy for Human x Human
  • Sex Club Autonomy
  • Locational Motive changes
    • Sex in the shower or a tub will increase hygiene
  • Jealousy
    • If a Sim spots a loved one involved in sex, they may become jealous and stop the sex!
  • Proximity
    • Sims going near a sex in progress may autonomously ask to join or go off and masturbate somewhere if they have the sexual need to.
  • Sexual Need Motive
    • Every Sim (enabled for DD,  of course) will have a new Sex need. To see the Sexual Need of a Sim Click on them -> Info -> Sexual Need: %
    • Drops faster by having more Flirty buffs as well as performing certain interactions, such as watching a Romantic movie.
    • Drops slower by having more Angry, Sad, Stressed, or Uncomfortable buffs.
    • Satisfied by having sex.
  • Self Impregnation and Cum On Selves (or any overlay really)
    • If an Animation is setup properly, a Sim may self-impregnate or apply overlays to themselves!
  • Orgasm Meter
    • Every Sim has their own orgasm meter, once they reach climax, they will blow their load, causing overlays, pregnancies, and they may even inflate other Sims (See DD Milk Farm)
    • When a Sim reaches 85% on the orgasm meter, they will automatically switch to a Climax animation.
  • Top/Bottom
    • Set the Top/Bottom preferences of your Sim and ensure they take the correct position during sex!
    • Animations must use these tags on their actors in order for the roles to be respected!
  • Nudity
    • Customize the body parts of your Sims, each Sim may use different body parts!
    • Equip a Strap-on whenever you want!
    • Unequip various clothing items (Wrists, Glasses, Necklace, Hat, Gloves, Top, Bottom, Shoes, Tights, and more!)
    • Also works to equip/unequip clothing items of NPCs.
    • When undressing clothing, a clothing pile will be created (If you have any laundry day stuff on the lot)
  • Pregnancy
    • Sims can become pregnant via sex.
  • Animation Customizations
    • Customize animations in various ways to improve them and perhaps correct a few mistakes the animation mod authors don't have time to fix. Even add tags!
    • Bulk Customization for when you want to customize many animations at the same time with the same customizations. Some assumptions will be made for each of the Bulk Operations.
    • The best part is that you can share it with the community! Everyone can have corrected and working animations!
  • Custom Overlays
    • Types
      • Cum
      • Tears
  • Overlays apply in multiple weights Light, Medium, and Heavy.
  • Fetishes
  • Enthuse About, Complain About, and Think About. Sims can have various fetishes that will have an effect on various parts of the mod! (Check the wiki for more details on their effects)
    • Just to name a few:
      • Exhibitionism
      • Public Sex
      • Voyeurism
      • Incest
  • Encounters
    • When a Sim asks the Active Sim for sex, an Encounter may occur instead of the Ask For Sex interaction.
    • An encounter is basically a dialogue between the Sim asking for sex and the Sim responding to the proposal
    • Accept the encounter to start sex.
    • Decline the encounter to cancel sex.
    • Encounters are available for Pet x Human, Pet x Pet, and Human x Human for Normal Sex, Rough Sex, and Assault.
  • Third Party Support
    • A few things in Sims 4 Control Menu are overridden by DD, such as Teen/Adult Romance and Pregnancy. Human/Pet Pregnancy Creation, etc.

DD Pets (deviousdesires_pets.package)

  • Sex and Sex Autonomy for both Pet x Human and Pet x Pet. (Both Player and NPC Sims)
  • Nudity
  • Pregnancy
    • Pet/Human Hybrid pregnancies
    • Human Sims can birth Pet Sims.
    • Pet Sims can birth Human Sims.
    • Pet/Pet pregnancies
  • Traits
    • Zoophiliac - Indicates a Sim is willing to have sex with Pets.
    • Pack Bitch - Makes a Sim more likely to have sex with pets and more likely to become pregnant with hybrid pet babies.
    • Penis Knot - A Sim with this trait is flagged as having a Knot on their Penis and thus may be able to Knot other Sims during sex
  • Leashing
    • Human Sims can Leash other Human Sims and walk around with them as they would a Pet Sim.
  • Relationships
    • Custom Romance Track between Human Sims and Pet Sims
    • Romance interactions between Human Sims and Pet Sims
    • Also autonomous (If a Sim was previously romantic with a pet)
  • Knotting
    • Sims may knot other Sims when they have an Orgasm during sex, if they have a knot on their penis.
  • Works with AOM Selectable Pets
    • With a Pet as your active Sim, you may initiate sex with other Pet Sims or even Human Sims

DD Kinky (deviousdesires_kinky.package)

  • Assault and Rough Sex for Human x Human and if DD Pets is enabled, Pet x Human and Pet x Pet.
  • Assault and Rough Sex Club Autonomy
  • Lot Traits
    • Bad Neighborhood - Sims are more likely to engage in Assault within bad neighborhoods, especially after performing Mean interactions.
  • Rough Sex
    • After Giving/Receiving Consent, you may Ask For Rough Sex for both Pet (If DD Pets enabled) and Human Sims Autonomy
  • Autonomy
    • Sims will autonomously ask for Rough Sex from other Sims, if consent is given or received.
    • NPC Sims can ask other NPC Sims.
    • NPC Sims can ask Player Sims and vice verse.
  • Consent
    • Give or Take Away consent for Rough Sex to/from other Sims including NPCs!
  • Skills
    • Domination - A "skill" used to show how dominant a Sim is
    • Submission - A "skill" used to show how submissive a Sim is
  • Assault
    • Assault other Sims and force sex upon them.
    • Chance of failing the attempt
    • Intervene
      • If a Sim spots their friend/lover Sim being Assaulted, they can attempt to stop it
    • Autonomy
      • Sims will autonomously attempt to assault other Sims.
      • NPC Sims can assault other NPC Sims.
      • NPC Sims can assault Player Sims and vice verse.
    • Traits
      • Rapist - The Sim will be more likely to assault other Sims.
      • Victim - The Sim will be more likely to be assaulted by other Sims.
    • Overlays
      • Tears will apply to victimized Sims.

DD Milk Farm (deviousdesires_milk_farm.package)

  • Ask to drink milk from Sims
    • Breastfeeding fills the hunger bar of the Sim that is drinking.
    • Penisfeeding fills the hunger bar of the Sim that is drinking.
  • Overlays appear on nipples (of provider) and mouth (of drinker) during and after breastfeeding.
  • Milking
    • Breast Milking
    • Mobile Milkers
  • Milking on Machines.
    • Milk levels for each Sim
    • Milk added to the inventory of the Sim that started it
  • Wearable Milk Pumps
  • Custom Milk Objects
  • Milk Types
    • Breast Milk
    • Penis Milk
  • Drinkable milk, they restore hunger, and they can be sold for cash money!
    • Various Flavors
      • Vanilla
      • Chocolate
      • Strawberry
      • and more!
  • Custom Overlays
    • Milk
    • Traits
  • Pregnant Sims will produce Breast Milk automatically
  • Sims with a Penis will produce Penis Milk automatically
  • Reward Traits
    • Upgraded versions of the Basic Milk Producer traits may be purchased from the Rewards Store
  • Swelling
    • Swelling is only available and will only occur for Sims with the Upgraded versions of the Milk Producer traits (See rewards store!)
    • Breasts and Testicles may become visibly swollen when they fill with milk. (Requires Custom Slider Framework and sliders to be installed, see requirements section above)
    • Buffs will be applied based on how full their breasts and/or testicles are
    • Swelling requires having upgraded Milk Producer traits from the Rewards Store!
  • Milk Supplements
    • Supplements may be taken by Sims to increase their production of milk temporarily, whether from the breasts or the testicles. Access the computer to use them today!
    • Consult your doctor (CSF) if visual swelling does not subside within 24-48 hours.
  • Inflation
    • The Belly of a Sim may expand when another Sim fills them up.  (Requires Custom Slider Framework and sliders to be installed)
  • Inflation levels
    • The inflation level of Sims will constantly be going down while they are inflated. Multiple orgasms may be required to fully inflate a Sim!

DD Dirty Play (deviousdesires_dirty_play.ts4script)

  • Watersports
    • Perform "sex" involving Urine
  • Scat
    • Perform "sex" involving Scat
  • Overlays
    • Urine
    • Scat

Wicked Whims Loader (deviousdesires_wickedwhims_loader.ts4script)

  • Devious Desires will recognize and load Animations and CAS Parts that were made for Wicked Whims into itself. Wicked Whims is not required to be installed for this to work!



  • Sims 4 Community Library at least version 1.69 - MEGA
  • Mod Settings Menu is optionally required to modify DD SettingsMEGA
  • A Custom Body such as EVE or Pornstar
  • DD Pets requires the Cats & Dogs DLC
  • CSF is optionally required for scaling of various body partsMEGA
  • Adult Body SlidersMEGA



----------------- Main -----------------

Drag and drop everything directly into your "The Sims 4/Mods" folder

!!!! You should always be overwriting the main.json file with the one from the download !!!!

The final paths for the files should be the following:

The Sims 4/Mods/mod_data/deviousdesires/animation_customizations/main.json (The folder structure for this file is very important and it MUST match this exact folder path, do not change it or put it in a subfolder!)
The Sims 4/Mods/mod_data/deviousdesires/animation_customizations/_main_bulk_customized_animations.json (The folder structure for this file is very important and it MUST match this exact folder path, do not change it or put it in a subfolder!)
The Sims 4/Mods/deviousdesires.package
The Sims 4/Mods/deviousdesires.ts4script
----------------- Fetish Features -----------------

Within the deviousdesires_features folder, pick and choose the features you would like in your game and copy them to your Mods folder.

If you choose to exclude all of the feature packages, Devious Desires will still contain at least basic sex.

You don't need to install any of them if you don't want to!

Only install the features you want to see in your game!

The final paths for the files should be the following:

The Sims 4/Mods/deviousdesires_features/deviousdesires_pets.package
The Sims 4/Mods/deviousdesires_features/deviousdesires_kinky.package
The Sims 4/Mods/deviousdesires_features/deviousdesires_milk_farm.package
The Sims 4/Mods/deviousdesires_features/deviousdesires_dirty_play.package

----------------- Wicked Whims Loader-----------------

Included with the main download.

This file will allow DD to recognize and load the Animations and CAS Parts that were originally made for Wicked Whims.

This file does not require Wicked Whims to be installed.

Drag and drop everything directly into your "The Sims 4/Mods" folder

The final path for the files should be the following:

The Sims 4/Mods/deviousdesires_wickedwhims_loader.config
The Sims 4/Mods/deviousdesires_wickedwhims_loader.ts4script



Modder Note: Devious Desires provides its own tuning framework, that allows extensive customization of animations and is very flexible, if you want to provide animations for Devious Desires and want the best support for your animation tunings use the DD tunings! Check the Wiki for more details as well as tutorials on how you may do this!

Devious Desires is compatible with all animations made for Wicked Whims, though Wicked Whims is not required for this compatibility.


Some other mods you may check out that utilize Devious Desires:




No translations have been uploaded to NSFWMods for this mod.

Special Thanks:

  • Jiji
  • JustMe
  • Nicholas Kreuz
  • Pariah3J


All Sims under the age of Teen or anything involving Age Play will NOT and will NEVER be supported by or added to this mod now nor in the future. If you think it does contain this or you are told it contains this it is slander and should be ignored, simply look at the mod yourself for the proof!

All Sims involved in Devious Desires actions are considered to have given their consent for sex, this includes both Pet Sims and Human Sims. The reason Pets Sims give consent is because they have Want Levels (Just like the Human Sims) which must meet a certain threshold in order for a Pet Sim to accept sex or want sex with another Sim. No Pets or Humans were abused in the making or usage of this mod.

All of the Devious Desires code is given freely with no strings attached. I do this as a hobby and enjoy working on it. This means that Devious Desires is supported solely of my own funds and not by my Patreon.

Edited by ColonolNutty
Update the wiki link

What's New in Version 2.14   See changelog


Changelog is included with the download.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

One of, if not the best mod, for the Sims 4. Developers actually uses the community's input to better the mod. I'd advise everyone, who hasn't already, join the discord server. You get to download the test builds before release and get help when you run into an issue with DD. :)

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I really liked this mod and now I can't imagine the game without this mod!
Thank you very much to the author of the mod, for his work!

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One of the best mods for nsfw sims! No paywall, everything is free and so much fun!

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

its great! but i cant seem to have any other animation for male dogs besides 69

Response from the author:

For help with issues, please use the support thread and not the reviews.

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· Edited by Joe


Hi. I love your mod, it's one of the greatest mods out there for the game

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