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  1. Sim Snatcher

    A mod with a focus on enslaving Sims and selling them to other Sims (With more "stealing" focuses planned for the future). These Slaves can be trained and will do various chores around the house as well.
    Updated: 07-29-2021
    Game/Creator: The Sims 4 [EA]
    Modder: ColonolNutty - Wiki - Discord
    Mod Version: v3.1
    Language: English
    Game Version: and above
    Usage (For Mod Authors):

    To those using this mod, if you are told that my mods do any of the following:
    - Will break or cause severe issues within your game
    - Contain themes endangering or abusing Children
    - Contain themes endangering or abusing Animals
    - Contains illegal content
    Please know that ALL of this is misinformation, and completely false.
    The mod authors known as TURBODRIVER and Deaderpool have chosen to Stalk, Target, and Cyberbully me and anyone who chooses to use any of my mods. They have chosen to spread misinformation (slander) about my mods for years, and have gone so far as to put malicious code in Wicked Whims targeting my mods (and by extension those who make mods using S4CL which is a fairly large chunk of mod authors). I believe in creating mods that better the community as a whole, even if I have no personal interest in  the criteria of the mod itself. Even the API called Sims 4 Community Library, which I have created for new and old mod authors to create simpler and more stable mods while also providing a vast store of functionality for said mods, has been targeted by these mod authors. They go on witch hunts, banning or threatening anyone who dares join my discord. They have threatened other mod authors, discords, websites, and various other forms of media into also banning and threatening people for using my mods.
    Sadly, this has put me in a place where the very community I love and support, slanders me and continues to spread the same misinformation, without knowing that many of the negative things being said have zero evidence to back them and are nothing more than cyberbullying.
    Though these Mod Authors are extremely successful, they have been using their popularity to ruin my reputation and railroad the community into believing these lies. This has caused many discords to ban people for using any of my mods and it has turned my name into something that frightens everyone when it is even mentioned. I try my best to support and create content for this community out of my own pocket and this is completely unacceptable.
    Please do not believe everything you read on the internet. There's always two sides
    to a story but above all there is the absolute truth. Its up to us as people to find it out
    and refrain from hopping onto bandwagons stirred up by popular mod authors.
    I love this community, and despite what TURBODRIVER and Deaderpool say to ruin me, I will continue doing my best to support this community, noone deserves this treatment, especially not someone who makes mods for free.


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