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  1. Details:
    Base game compatible For young adult and adult femsims Enabled for everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, swimwear, career, outerwear and validformaternity Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: LOD1=4022; LOD2=1510 2 color channels Only available as .package Defects:
    Looks “weird” in CAS, in-game looks fine Textures might look “blurry” from up close Potential clipping on animations, poses and interactions between sims Notes:
    Original swimsuit outfit from ‘Island Paradise’ you can take a guess what was edited Not 100% happy with this one but after so long away and several epic failures I was starting to think I forgot how to make CC, thankfully is not the case but I’m still away from 100% This one should be compatible with the original EA legs but that’s it. Pants, skirts and whatnot will clip (maybe yoga pants are safe), the same happens with bottoms made for MedBod 1.9 because there’s little distance between garment and body (the original wasn’t compatible either, just saying) Credits:
    Original mesh and textures are a property of Electronic Arts
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  2. The LadySmoks presents... The Future Beautification Project Part 3 FemmeBots!!!
    I will return to ITF clothing soon, but took a detour to Landgraab Industries "Mad Science Division" on newly named, FemmeBot lane. It was fun!!!
    So, 5 new FemmeBot chassis, converted from MMD models by Kuroyu on Deviant Art. Well, 4 new, and one remake of the Yukari bot. I have learned that for whatever reason (I really think the lack of morphs), the poly count limit for bots is considerably more than for Sim's garrments. And... I went with that! Some of the new bots may be as high as 60K, which would look like a Picasso if these were regular CAS outfits.
    The models are the ones in the cover photo. They are designed to use almost any head, but only tested using the "skin job" head, and a brand new, very special MMD style head. What's so special, you ask? BONES! At least some. The MikuX head has a working mouth! I was also able to paint limited eye bones, so the eyes move, but don't blink. I will continue to work on the MMD head, but wanted to share this early model.
    Also in this set are 3 new MMD style hairs. They are also designed to work with most heads, although only game tested on the "skin job" and Miku heads.
    NOTE: These are PLUMBOTS, and require EP11 Into The Future. Like any Plumbot, they are assembled at the bot station.
    Other FemmeBots, as well as the accy headgear for Yukari can be found at The LadySmoks Bot Shop. 
    I hope you like them!!!
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  3. The LadySmoks presents... The Future Beautification Project Part 2
    Oasis Landing has been a fashion faux pas for more than a decade. We have all seen it, and cringed. The time has come to fix what EA did. I mean, they made Star Trek fashion look good by comparison, right? So, part 2 of my beautication project is here.
    These are 4 Into The Future YA/ A female DEFAULT replacement dresses. EP11, Into The Future is REQUIRED.
    Yes, I made a non-default version of the Day Dress a while ago, but I think this one is better... Meaning a bit less fabric was used! All are open bottom mini versions of the EA dresses. All feature my priyatna bottom mesh and soft nipples. All retain characteristics of the EA dresses, including color presets. These dresses do not have teen or elder versions. I will include teen and elder versions with garments that do also have them.
    Bones and morphs work well, except the pregnant morphs. They are there, but I unchecked them because they did not move well. You can reselect the option in S3PE, but I wouldn't! There may be some clipping during woohoo, if you are using Kinky World or Passion, and the mod fails to undress the Sim.
    I am not done yet! There are still more ITF garments to come. I am also working on default replacements for base game and other EP's.
    I hope you like them!!!
    ATTENTION!!! It has been brought to my attention that CASP Editor tool may cause issues with morphs. I don't use that program, but if you do, and are seeing morph issues, check there.
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  4. Details:
    Base game compatible For young adult and adult femsims Enabled for everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outerwear Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: LOD1=3596; LOD2=1626 4 color channels Only available as .package Defects:
    Top looks “weird” on CAS, in-game looks fine Textures look “grainy” from up close Texture deformation on overweight sims Patterns don’t match Notes:
    Compatible with bottoms made for MedBod 1.9 and in theory with pants and skirts made by EA because the corset borders are wide enough to kinda hide the gap that normally appears. Obviously that depends on the camera angle and pose/animation but for normal simming should be OK(ish), maybe.
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  5. LadySmoks presents... The Future Beautification Project... Part 1
    I like playing in Oasis Landing, but cringe on arrival, once I see what EA thinks is "future fashion"! So, I decided to do something about it!!! For some time, I have been working on ITF default replacements for female Sims, and am sharing the first two that I think are ready.
    NOTE: These are default replacements, and  EP11, Into The Future, is required.
    First up is the af Metal Dress. It features an open bottom (DUH!) and a bit of "peek-a-boo(b)" action, and is a bit higher hemline than EA. Aside from that, it retains the basics of the EA dress, including preset color scheme.
    Next, is one reason this is taking some time. EA uses the same texture images for teen thru elder. Change one, you must change them all. This is af Suit Ruffles. I know I did a non-default a while ago, but this is a default version, and I think, a little better. Like the Metal Dress, this one is open bottom, shorter hemline but has "soft nips", because they went too far with that "global warming" crap, and now it's a bit "nippy" in the future! OY! 
    TheSuit Ruffles has an elder version. My apologies, but I saw Madonna rolling across Kimmel's desk, and for that reason, did not make this a short, open bottom. In fact, it looks pretty much like EA's dress.
    WARNING: If you install the af version, you will need to install the elder version as well, because I replaced the default textures and the old EA elder dress won't work with my new textures.
    If anyone wants to convert these to base game, go ahead! If anyone wants to make the elder dress, open bottom, again... I have no problem with that! I can give you some help with doing either one. 
    I have been working on pretty much all female ITF garments, including shoes and some hairs, as well as default replacements for a few other things. Work goes slow, but I hope to get more ready soon.
    I hope you like them!!!
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  6. LadySmoks presents... The Glowing Hearts Set!!!
    Well, Happy New Year! Here is something for your Sims to enjoy while ringing in 2024. Glowing hearts come sizes for teen and YA/ A female Sims. These are separate tops and bottoms. 
    Tops are glowing heart shaped pasties. Bottoms are glowing heart shaped C-Strings. OY! Each has just 1 color channel, with 3 color coordinated presets.
    Both are made using the Plumbot shine shader, with glow additive, and my Priyatna female meshes, and are enabled for Everyday, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Singed, MartialArts, Career, and ValidForMaternity.
    Disclaimer: By downloading the teen version, you agree that your teens are at least 18 years, or whatever legal is in your country... except West Virginia, where I think it's like 13 or something. 🙄
    I hope you like them!!!
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  7. This should be everything made between 2019 and 2023 for the infamous MedBod 1.9, at least according to my last backup. It includes tops, bottoms and full outfits. Some releases came with their own set of accessories those were included too.
    I’m too lazy to check if everything coincides with the content I posted online if there’s something missing don’t hesitate to tell me and make a backup before overwriting, just in case.
    Everything is separated in folders with its respective thumbnail.
    I still have a couple of releases waiting for my procrastination to give up (lolno), whatever I end up making in 2024 and beyond will be added to this pack on a yearly basis.
    What’s that? You want packs for the Impossible Heels and the rest of my stuff? That will take more time because I’m not as organized for shoes and accessories.
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  8. Details:
    Base game compatible For young adult and adult femsims Enabled for everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outerwear and validformaternity Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: LOD1=4000;LOD2=1514 4 color channels Only available as .package Defects:
    Looks weird on CAS, in-game looks fine Textures look “grainy” from up close Potential clipping on custom animations, everything else should look OK(ish) Notes:
    Made for MedBod 1.9 Not supposed to be combined with skirts or pants but these should work, anything made by EA will clip behind the back
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  9. LadySmoks presents... Club Chic... open bottom minis for adult and teen female Sims!!!
    I have been doing some experimenting with default replacements. Thing is, all females, teen thru elder, will use the same textures, and texture reference numbers... So? Well, that means I must do tf thru ef at one shot. Club Chic is only for YA/A, so easier for what is basically BETA testing as a default replacement. 
    So, yes, this is a default replacement for the YA/A EP3 skirt, so that EP is REQUIRED for the skirt to show in your game. But, as a small bonus, I also converted the skirt to teen, as a basegame piece! 
    The only issue I have had with my default replacements, has been that if the Sim is a pre-existing, EA made Sim (does not seem to matter from whichever EP, or base game), the mesh will show, but the EA textures get used for some reason, that I still have not figured out.
    NOTE: This teen skirt is a true teen conversion with a new mesh, not just the af skirt recategorized as tf!!!
    Boots pictured are also a true teen conversion of the Yennefer boots that I uploaded, and resized to fit teen female. They are in a separate download.
    Unfortunately, I am still working on the Hello Kitty tops, but hope to have them done soon. (I have heard THAT before!)
    I hope to have more for you soon, and that you like these skirts!!!
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  10. LadySmoks presents... Yennefer Boots, TEEN version!
    Really, not much to add. These are a resized to fit teen version of the Yennefer boots that I uploaded previously. HA! Lazy me even recycled the same custom thumbnail!!!
    Anyway, I hope you like them!
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  11. LadySmoks presents...Way 2 Sexy Female Mail Carrier! A HUGE THANK YOU to Denton 44 at Lovers Lab for his work to fix many of the broken, or just plain stupid things found in Oniki's Kinky World. One of those stupid things was that all Mail Carriers (among others) were always male. What if you want females? Again, thanks to Denton 44, you now have a choice, and so I dusted off an old project of sexed up female "service providers".
    NOTE: I am experimenting with default replacement SIMOs, which means this... Each service and role Sim has a default outfit file. I am making new default outfit files to go along with the new outfits. As these are for AF/ YF, it will NOT effect EF. They will still have the EA outfit, except the hair/ hat, which may be my default replacement part for some SIMO's.
    And first up is Way 2 Sexy Female Mail Carrier! This page has the outfit, baseball cap hat/ hair with ponytail (this WILL be used for other SIMO's), LS Accessory Nails, and the default SIMO.
    Miss Daydream's Vibrant Lipgloss https://emilyccfinds.tumblr.com/post/139789578447/all-lipsticks-collection It is #25. 
    Socks and other make up are EA, and linked in the SIMO. I list boots separately, as they are stand alone and can be used for other things, but ARE part of the new default SIMO!
    If you merge packages, I recommend merging these together, in a new merge, as I will be adding to, and possibly making changes. Just easier for you to replace things that way, should the need arise. Everything can go into the regular Packages folder... Override folder is NOT necessary.
    IMPORTANT: The new SIMO outfit will apply to any in game generated Sims, with no issues. For EA's premade NPC's, you may need to make some CAS adjustments. Another solution is to use Nraas Master Controller. After you start the game, in whichever city, click city hall and then Nraas> Master Controller> Sim> Basic> Remove Outfit... In the new window, select Gender: Female and Type of Service. Next window select Mail Carrier. If there is more than one female mail carrier, select All, if only one, her outfits will show. Just delete her carrier outfit. The game will now generate a new outfit, using the replacement SIMO! Perhaps copy this to notepad and save, as it will be the same for any future outfits that I make, with EA NPC's.
    Anyway, I hope you like it!!!
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  12. LadySmoks presents... Bella's Combat Boots! No, not THAT Bella! This Bella is a character from a VN/ game, Love Of Magic, by Droid Productions, found on Steam. 
    Anyway, the boots... They are an M to F, height altering conversion of the EA male Military Leather boots. They're perfect for tomboy or Goth Sims. 
    They are for YA/A females, come in 3 presets with 4 recolorable channels, for Everyday, Athletic, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity. They are +7 units high.
    I hope you like them!!!
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  13. LadySmoks presents... FemmeCop! Those crazies at Landgraab Industries, "Super Secret Mad Science Division" have done it again!!!
    FemmeCop is my take on the female Robocop character. As with all FemmeBots, she is a true Plumbot, and requires EP11, Into The Future, and is assembled in the bot station.
    FemmeCop comes in 4 parts, found in Plumbot CAS. Her chassis is found in "Body", and has 2 versions with 4 recolorable channels. V1 combines shine and flat, while V2 is all flat tones. No Bottom is required!
    Her face is found in "Heads". It is very different from other FemmeBot heads, as it is just the face and neck, with no scalp. It is based on the M5 head, which uses Sim CAS skins as texture, and tones are chosen there. Like all of the newer "skinjob" heads, 
    To match the Robocop mechanical skull, the part is found in "Arms" section, which I use for FemmeBot hairs. It has 1 preset, with 4 recolorable channels.
    Also found in "Arms" section, is her helmet. It comes in to versions that are color matched to the chassis, with 4 recolorable channels. This was a bone paint experiment, and seems to work well. It is painted to match up to, and move with the chassis neck, while also using "Hat Grip" sliders to make small adjustments should you choose to do so.
    Note: All standard heads will work on this chassis, as will standard hairs. Hairs may not look good if used with the FemmeCop face, however.
    I hope you like her!!!
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  14. LadySmoks presents... Alice Liddell "Stop the MADNESS!"
    This is basically a TS4 to TS3 conversion of a mesh by Plazasims, with some new mesh parts by me. And of course, it is open bottom. It took a bit to reduce polycount, and have it still look good, but I think I got it.
    The dress is found in outfits, and the boots in shoes. Neither are recolorable. The stockings are found in accessory socks, and have 2 color channels.
    I hope you like it!!!
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  15. LadySmoks presents... Yennefer's Black and White outfit!
    This is a TS4 to TS3 conversion of an outfit by Plazasims. There are some new mesh parts, as well as new textures to make this work for TS3. As with many foreign game, or TS4 meshes, a bit of swearing did happen while getting the polycount down.
    There are 4 pieces to the set, top, bottom, boots and accessory fur piece. These mostly use overlays, so the only parts that are recolorable are the top's blouse and the fur on the accessory.
    The fur and feathers are accessory necklace. Reason is the part would have blown up the polycount if attached to the top. Sorry, but it also does NOT have morphs. Although the boots are not as high poly as JoshQ's footwear, adding morphs to the accessory caused the boots to break.
    I hope you like it!!!
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  16. LadySmoks presents... Leather Minis!!!
    This is a collection of open bottom leather skirts for Sim females, teen thru Adult... including MedBod!
    These are TS4 to TS3 conversions of skirts by Saliwa at TSR. All are NON-recolorable, made using an overlay. A single tile gray will show in CAS to prevent possible CAS errors. Adjusting the gray tone may or may not lighten or darken the skirts.
    YA/A comes in VERY Mini and standard hemline, each in 2 different versions. Teen and MedBod are the standard hemline, and each in 2 versions. Currently, no plan to make VERY Mini for teen, but may do for MedBod.
    Bones and morphs were adjusted, and looked good during testing. All skirts include pregnant morphs! But, any issues, please let me know!!!
    I hope you like them!!!
    Special note: I have finally solved my MedBod waist seam problem, and am working on several separate tops and bottoms for JoshQ's MedBod that can be mixed and matched to existing MedBod garments.
    The cropped tank tops shown, are works in progress, but should be available soon. Soon being by my time scale, which most know by now, is quite vague at best.
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  17. LadySmoks and the lunatics at Landgraab Industries "Super Secret Mad Science Division" continue to blur the lines between Sim and Plumbot...
    The FemmeBot Gantz Suit is a one piece chassis and requires the "No Bottom" option. It comes in 4 presets, with 4 re-colorable channels. No thumbnails, as the ones generated by the game work well enough.
    All "standard" FemmeBot heads will work. Model pictured with M5 head.
    This is a PLUMBOT! EP11 Into The Future is required. She is assembled in the bot station, as any other Plumbot. Other models and maintenance instruction here...
    I hope you like her!!!
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  18. LadySmoks presents... LS_af GantzSuit and LS_af GantzSuit V2!!!
    Finally, Laura has returned from an extended vacation, and is working hard to model some new outfits. These are 2 variations of a gantz suit model I saw on DeviantArt... one with bodysuit and one with a bit of skin showing.
    Both come in 4 presets with thumbnails, and 4 re-colorable channels. All LODs and morphs (including preggers morph) work well.
    NOTE: You may see odd shadows in CAS. This is because of how the UV map is laid out. It looks fine in game!
    There are boots made to go with the gantz suits. They are 1 preset, with 4 recolorable channels.
    I hope you like them!!!
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  19. LadySmoks in collaboration with the Mad Science Division of Landgraab Industries presents... FemmeBot Mi-A9! She is a new mesh, featuring my soft nipple top, thicker legs and calves, an enhanced butt, and... other parts in that general region of her anatomy. 😜
    Model shown uses the AX "skinjob" head, but all standard FemmeBot head versions will work. She is one piece design, so "No Bottom" is required to fill Plumbot bottom slot. Guidelines found in original FemmeBot text apply to this model. Links to sliders and other items are also found there.
    As always, FemmeBots are Plumbots! So, EP11, Into The Future, is required, and they must be assembled in the bot station for them to appear in game, just as any other Plumbot.
    I hope you like her!!!
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  20. The LadySmoks Boutique presents... Sexy Fairy!!!
    NOTE: Aside from FemmeBots, I generally convert everything to basegame, BUT... as EP7 Supernatural is needed to have fairies, I made these directly from the EA EP7 garments, and that EP is required for these to show in your game.
    These are top and bottom for YA/A female Sims. They come in 3 matching presets, top with 4 recolorable channels, and bottom has 3 channels. Both are enabled for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Career, Outerwear, and ValidForMaternity.
    Thanks to Dahlia Goodfellow for modelling!
    I hope you like it!!!
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  21. LadySmoks presents... garments for your Sim Gym Karens!!!
    Gym Karens are those self absorbed attention seekers who just know that EVERYONE else is checking out their butt, as they are checking out their butt in a mirror at the gym! Well, if your Sim is wearing this stuff, maybe they are!
    All garments for YA/A Female Sims, found in CAS as separate top, bottom and shoes.
    Bottoms are based on my Priyatna bottom mesh, and has a slightly enhanced butt with deeper crack... OY! Wedgie!!!
    The top is a basegame conversion of the EA EP9 Workout top, with 3d parts and my Priyatna soft nipples. It's cold in the gym!
    The leg warmers are "recycled" from JoshQ shoe parts and his custom feet. Nothing is by me. I just played with his meshes and textures!
    The torn top can be found at The LadySmoks Fashion Boutiqque...
    I hope you like it!!!
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  22. LadySmoks presents... FemmeBot Motoko Kusanagi... "The Major" from Ghost in the Shell!!!
    This is another model conversion of an XPS model from DeviantArt.com by Bringess here.
    She comes with bot body, bot hair and accessory gun. Bot parts found in Plumbot CAS via EP11 bot station or Nraas MC. She is a Plumbot, so EP11 is required. Gun found in Sim CAS accessories/ bracelets, and can be used with any Sim.
    Her outfit is NOT recolorable... her hair is, with one color channel. She is an AX model skinjob, so the AX head is highly recommended here. No Bottom is required, found in Plumbot CAS legs. Follow link to my bot shop below if you do not have this.
    Kinky World and sexbot trait chip recommended. FemmeBot instructions, links to sliders I use and other FemmeBot models can be found at The LadySmoks Bot Shop.
    I hope you like her!!!
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  23. Details:
    Base game compatible For young adult and adult femsims Located in ‘outfit’ category Enabled for everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outerwear and validformaternity Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: LOD1=6026; LOD2=2149 4 color channels Only available as .package Defects:
    Textures look “pixelated”  the closer you look Texture and mesh deformation depending on weight/animation, this includes the belt Belt might clip with arms, furniture and other sims This outfit is not intended to be mixed with boots Notes:
    Two versions: with and without belt Being a full outfit means the body mesh is self contained so you don’t need MedBod's top/bottom installed
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  24. LadySmoks presents... MedBod-a-Go-Go!!!
    A HUGE THANK YOU to JoshQ for his MedBod female meshes! This outfit was inspired by Austin Powers Fembots, and the curvy Go-Go Girl look of the 1960's. I could not get some things to work as one of my FemmeBots, so made it as a Sim outfit.
    The outfit is for YA/A Female Sims, comes in one preset with 4 re-colorable channels, found in CAS Outfits and available for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity.
    The boots are for YA/A Female Sims, one preset with 4 recolorable channels, and available for Everyday, Formalwear, Athletic, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity. These boots are similar to my other stiletto boots, BUT these boots are a bit "thicker" at the calves to accomodate MedBod's figure. They will fit regular female Sims.
    I hope you like it!!!
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  25. LadySmoks presents... an open bottom EP5 Sundress converted to basegame!!!
    Well, just as the title says. I opened the bottom of a cute sundress from EP5 and converted it to a basegame dress.
    This dress is for YA/ Adult female Sims and found in CAS Outfits, available for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Athletic, Career, ValidForMaternity and ValidForRandom. There are 3 basic presets, with 4 re-colorable channels. 
    I hope you like it!!!
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