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The LadySmoks presents... The Future Beautification Project Part 3 FemmeBots!!!

I will return to ITF clothing soon, but took a detour to Landgraab Industries "Mad Science Division" on newly named, FemmeBot lane. It was fun!!!

So, 5 new FemmeBot chassis, converted from MMD models by Kuroyu on Deviant Art. Well, 4 new, and one remake of the Yukari bot. I have learned that for whatever reason (I really think the lack of morphs), the poly count limit for bots is considerably more than for Sim's garrments. And... I went with that! Some of the new bots may be as high as 60K, which would look like a Picasso if these were regular CAS outfits.

The models are the ones in the cover photo. They are designed to use almost any head, but only tested using the "skin job" head, and a brand new, very special MMD style head. What's so special, you ask? BONES! At least some. The MikuX head has a working mouth! I was also able to paint limited eye bones, so the eyes move, but don't blink. I will continue to work on the MMD head, but wanted to share this early model.

Also in this set are 3 new MMD style hairs. They are also designed to work with most heads, although only game tested on the "skin job" and Miku heads.

NOTE: These are PLUMBOTS, and require EP11 Into The Future. Like any Plumbot, they are assembled at the bot station.

Other FemmeBots, as well as the accy headgear for Yukari can be found at The LadySmoks Bot Shop

I hope you like them!!!

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