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This is the first reload of my FemmeBots, here at NSFW, and includes original (slightly edited) text. Some things have changed as development of FemmeBots has continued since she first was uploaded, but the basics remain relevent, and will answer just about any questions you may have. I include the edited copy here, and the original is included with the zip file.


 LS_FemmeBot.zip     final FemmeBot text.txt

The FemmeBot!!!!! LadySmoks Modeling, in co-operation with Landgraab Industries' "Super Secret Mad Science Division" has developed a fully functional Plumbot PLEASURE model!!!!!

I use a lot of sliders to adjust FemmeBot (and Sim) appearance!

Check out sliders at Shock & Shame, OneEuroMutt and Jonha @MTS

Early head models had eyelashes attached... newer heads use 3d eyelashes by S-Club.

Also here, and sliders to adjust are here


The spoiler contains original (slightly edited) text from original FemmeBot upload, with assembly and operating instructions...

There is a lot to read here, and for good reason! I am also including a copy of this text in the download, so you can read it offline. 



I have seen TS2 to TS3, TS3 to TS4 EA Plumbot part conversions, and various methods on transforming a Sim into a Plumbot or Plumbot into a "human" looking Sim, but never actual custom Plumbot parts like these. So... she is BETA!

She is FemmeBot. She began in February 2019 as my attempt to solve the problem of "human" looking Plumbots reverting to being fully "human" Sims under certain circumstances, especially traveling. Well, I crashed and burned in that effort, but like the Pheonix, FemmeBot rose from the ashes!

First thing... FemmeBot IS a Plumbot. This means you MUST have EP11 Into The Future for her to show in your game. I know I usually convert everything I make to base game so all can enjoy, but Plumbots are EP 11, and I can't change that fact.

FemmeBot is NOT a premade Sim with a bunch of outfits and sliders. She is Plumbot parts.

Plumbot parts are listed as, head, body, shoes (which are actually the arms) and legs (which include the feet/ shoes). FemmeBot is a stand alone model. Her parts are not made to interchange with other EA Plumbot parts, so during development, I learned that I could take a few liberties with how things are arranged. Doing this helped with overall appearance, especially the face. Understand that regular Sims have more parts. Top, bottom, shoes and hair... BUT the head and scalp are automatically generated for every Sim... That's actually 6 parts on 6 texture and UV maps, Plumbots have only 4. So, you see the logistics I faced.

So, FemmeBot comes with 2 heads. One is "sim-ulated" Sim skin, for a more "human" appearance, and the second uses the Plumbot shader, to give her face a more "Ooooo SHINY!!!" bot like appearance. The thing is that her face is a bot part. You can't add makeup to a bot head, right? So, I did the best I could on that end. Each Sim/ Plumbot CAS item has a maximum of 4 color channels. I used one for skin tones (Plumbots don't use Sim skin textures... They are refrigerators and get painted in the bot station), one for eye color, one for lips and one for eyebrows/ scalp hair. The body has the arms attached. This is one of the "liberties" I came up with during development, and it opened several new options. I used a technique often used by JoshQ, and mirrored, and overlapped the arms. I also folded over half of the backside of the body. This opened the shoes (arms) slot, and a "free" area on the UV map which I used for the hair. My original design had the face and hair squeezed into a single map, but this way also allows the face to be full size and keep most of it's detail. Unfortunately, there is only so much space available, and the hair is still squeezed a bit, and some detail IS lost. Finally, the legs, which have the feet/ shoes attached, basically as EA made them. It features a more detailed vagina, molded from a cast taken of Laura Klein's prized vagina! What good is a sexbot without a beautiful vagina???

So, you get a total of 5 Plumbot CAS parts... 2 heads, 1 hair, 1 body and 1 legs. All have 4 recolorable channels, and all have very basic presets.

Basic installation: Download the zip, open as usual, and place the packages into your Packages folder as you would any other CC. Clear caches and start your game. Go to the bot station, and build your FemmeBot!

Okay, she doesn't look so hot. Don't know why, but EA actually assigns slider values to Plumbots... You just never notice as Plumbots are basically refrigerators. Most sliders work from "bones" that move the mesh. Plumbots have fewer bones than Sims. FemmeBot has a bone structure closer to, but not quite that of a Sim, so more slider changes show on her than a regular Plumbot. There are some sliders that actually work on Plumbots, but most people probably never tried it.

Okay, how to fix her? A couple of options. You can click on your FemmeBot, use Nraas Master Controller Advanced> Play With Genetics, and choose two Sim "parents". You can click on a Sim, Master Controller Advanced> Transfer Genetics, and transfer that Sim's general appearance to your FemmeBot. OR, use the cheat, shift and click on FemmeBot to take her into Sim CAS. DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can do only a couple of things in Sim CAS. You can use sliders. Some sliders work, some do not. I will say that EA weight and muscle sliders do not work, as they are morphs, which Plumbots don't have, but breast sliders do work as they are bones. Go figure... Among other EA and custom sliders, again, some work and some do not. I have perhaps 200 sliders, maybe more... it would be silly for me to list what happens with all of them, as we all have some of the same sliders, and we all have some different sliders. Time for you to take some time and see which of YOUR sliders work. One suggestion is that if a slider does not change your FemmeBot, move it back 0 position. One time, I did notice a slider didn't change what I wanted, but did distort another body area close by.

I often use one of the transfer genetics first, then take my FemmeBot into Sim CAS to "tweak" her appearance, as the transfers don't give exact replications. 

I mentioned a couple of things that you can do in Sim CAS... You can add SOME accessories to your FemmeBot. Items that work are anything that has it's own separate mesh. Items like glasses, earrings, some necklaces, armbands, bracelets, finger nails (FemmeBot does have finger nails), rings, etc may work. Items that are a simple body overlay such as, some necklaces, tattoos, socks/ stockings, garters and panties will not work.

Make up does not work. I did the best I could.

Changing clothes does not work, and may "break" your FemmeBot. "Break" is that your FemmeBot may now tend to revert to human Sim under certain conditions, and take on Sim motives and simology. You can't change clothes on an EA Plumbot, can you?

Hair does not work, and changing it may break your FemmeBot. Her face will be gone!

For some reason, EA makes all Plumbots as Adult. It's possible to change her age to Young Adult, but the process is ugly, and NOT guaranteed to be successful... you might "break" her... but I have done this successfully. 

Any custom coloring will be lost, but if you have adjusted sliders, the changes will remain.

Before changing age, you may wish to save your game. This way, if she is broken at the end of the process, you can just exit without saving, and when you restart, your FemmeBot will be fine.

Okay, in Sim CAS, change her age to Young Adult. A number of ugly things may happen... She now has various Plumbot parts, no head and Sim hair, and maybe extra feet, is the most common. Save her and exit Sim CAS. Now, enter Plumbot CAS via (I recommend) Master Controller or the bot station, put back her FemmeBot parts and redo any color customizing you had. Again, I can not guarantee that she is not now broken and may become a "human" Sim at some point. Use reset as a quick test, but still, no promises this will show an immediate failure.

Generally, what happens is she will no longer have the Plumbot "Simology", and will then have regular Sim simology, motives, etc, in a Plumbot body. If you have Kinky World, you can make her into a Kinky World droid, but that was what we were trying to avoid, as droids will almost always need to be reset as droids after travel. 

NOTE: You can NOT make your FemmeBot into a teen or Elder, or anything other than Young Adult/ Adult! Reason, there are no Plumbot CAS parts for ages other than specified, so the game simply won't recogize such an age change at all, and there won't be any Plumbot parts listed. FemmeBot is female, and only shows when the female symbol is chosen in Plumbot CAS.

Again, I have been working on FemmeBot since February 2019. I have started, scrapped, started again many many times to get to what appears to be a very stable bot. Extensive in game testing has been done, using basically every EP and SP, different trait chips (including Kinky World "sexbot" chip), travel to EA and user created worlds with the help of my friend @landess. Still, I can't say that EVERY possible scenario has been checked.

For Kinky World users: As FemmeBot IS a Plumbot, she does NOT change to have a "human" Sim nude outfit during Woohoo animations (as long as she is not broken and KW droid option was not used on her). So, your Sims will be engaging in Woohoo with a bot! What can be kinkier than that??? Also, the strap on itself does not work with Plumbots. HOWEVER... it appears that a different "part" is attached by Kinky World during such activities in which a strap on would be used. Having looked inside Oniki's package, it appears that the "part" has a group number associated with University EP9. I was not able to crack this item to convert it to base game or even EP11 part and have Kinky World apply it in game, so you would also need to have University for that to work. Sorry... I'm still working on it, and ANYONE who wishes to take this on is more than welcome to go for it!!!

No testing was done using Passion. Not sure if Passion has Plumbot Woohoo? 

Notes: Only the hair has a thumbnail, as the ones generated in game for the other parts are more than adequate. The game generated thumb for the hair was crazy looking!

FemmeBots may lose trait chips during travel. This is a documented EA Plumbot issue that I have no control over. Any and all existing EA Plumbot issues do apply to FemmeBot.

Credits:   CmarNYC's Morphing Nipples: http://cmarnyc.blogspot.com/2013/05/morphing-nipples.html?zx=ac5f26130daa5331

                Kewai Dou's Misa Hair: http://kewai-dou.com/misa_hair-sims3/

                Special thanks to Landess at LL for his help in testing with EP's, SP's and a lot of Worlds and CC that I didn't have at the time!

Take care of my little girl. They grow up so fast!


FemmeBot Heads (so far)

2092461743_S3_626F60CE_A0000001_05F2CA24194A58BA_LS_FemmeBotCherry2000HeadX1THUM.png.207afbde8c7f7203b52ff09eff8e2787.png     1953338305_S3_626F60CE_A0000001_3AF59F5F3041EF49_LS_FemmeBotCherry2000HeadX2THUM.png.7809e4f92109df445ce000e26a084be8.png    2061509526_S3_626F60CE_A0000001_3CAC86887511B187_LS_FemmeBotV5000HeadTHUM.png.bc15ce0559ac1c6b67d82a748ae1cc4f.png

LS_FemmeBot Cherry2000 Head X1.zip     LS_FemmeBot Cherry2000 Head X2.zip  LS_FemmeBot V5000 Head.zip

These are the FemmeBot replacement heads (so far). As development had continued (and still continues) since the original FemmeBot, the X1 and X2 heads were made using simskin shader. X1 has 2 options, with or without scalp hair overlay, black pupils and 4 color channels for skin tone, eyebrows/ scalp hair, eyes and lips. X2 has 4 options, 2 for each pupil option, blue or red "cameras". V5000 head has 4 color channels for eyes, skin tone, lips and tattoo markings, and uses plumbot shader. 3 "tattoo" patterns are from a set by Analect @MTS

Part of the continuing development was finding that S-Club eyelashes found in either make up, or as accessory, work on FemmeBots. This is because they are not an overlay, but a meshed part, so these heads do not have built in EA eyelashes. S-Club eyelashes @TSR. Also recommend the S-Club eyelash sliders to better position them.


The Vaginator V800


    S_Vaginator V800.zip

Credits: Sil Fantasy's Terminator skin for Sims: here
             (Not included) Uzi 9mm Submachine Gun by Cloudwalker: here


No Bottom (required for most FemmeBots below)



No Hair (just an option if you want bald bots)


        LS_FemmeBot NoHair.zip

After creating the original FemmeBot, I found that as my bots are "model kits" and not intended to mix with EA bot parts, I could take even more liberties with assembly and UV mapping. To acheive a more seamless waist, I combine top and bottom into one part, and list it in "Body" section. This absolutely requires the "No Bottom" part, or the game will automatically apply a random EA bot bottom. "No Hair" is simply an option that allows bald bots, if that is what you wish.

FemmeBot M-Cekc (Alice)


LS_FemmeBot Model M-CEKC.zip

Based on EA EP11 Future Suit and Black Widow boots by Ms Blue @TSR. Alice was an early one piece chassis, and as I was still developing the bot chassis, bone structure in the feet is not good. This failing was corrected in later models, and I plan to upload a newer version of Alice when I have time., as well as a couple of other models.

Alice Accessory Eyepatches

There is right and left in one zip. They are accessory eyeglasses, and work with eyeglasses sliders. They also work on regular Sims.



FemmeBot V5000 A-1 Body


LS_FemmeBot5000 BodyA-1.zip

V5000 uses textures based on the EA EP11 Future Suit. She also is one of the chassis that needs updating, but who knows when I get to that?

FemmeBot AVO4CEKC M5-X3


  LS_FemmeBot AVO4CEKC-M5-X3.zip

FemmeBot AVO4CEKC M5-X4


LS_FemmeBot AVO4CEKC-M5-X4.zip

Both bots are based on EA bot parts and some EA textures.

FemmeBot V-Max V4


LS_FemmeBot V4 Body.zip

Chassis based on EA and my custom body parts.

FemmeBot EDI V1


LS_FemmeBot EDI V1.zip

Based on 3D model on Pack 3D Models

FemmeBot Samus Aran Zero-Suit


LS_FemmeBotSamusAran-ZeroSuit Body.zip

Original mesh and textures, with detail textures borrowed from a model which I cannot find the link

FemmeBot D.Va


LS_D.Va FemmeBot.zip

Based on TS4 outfit by Gummy at TSR

FemmeBot Asuka Langley V1


LS_FemmeBotAsukaLangleySoryu Body.zip

An original mesh and textures based on various online pics

FemmeBot Asuka Langley V2


LS_FemmeBot AsukaLangleyEvangelion Body.zip

An original mesh and textures based on various online pics

FemmeBot Sexy Robot


LS_FemmeBot SexyRobot.zip

An original mesh based on "Sexy Robot" by Hajime Sorayama


FemmeBot Hair


LS_FemmeBot Hair 104.zip                    LS_FemmeBot Hair 106.zip                    LS_FemmeBot Hair 107.zip


LS_FemmeBot Hair 116.zip            LS_FemmeBot Hair 117.zip

These are FemmeBot hairs and do NOT work on regular Sims! They are found in the "arms" section of the bot shop.

I will be adding links to the originals, so you can enjoy them on your regular Sims.


I will be uploading more as time permits... Thank you!





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This is a very cool idea and very hot work. I love your robots! 
But when will you post B2 and Motoko in this thread? And I'm also interested in the girl in the purple cyber-suit from the "cap" of your blog. I want to try them in game :3

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15 hours ago, Chiiko said:

This is a very cool idea and very hot work. I love your robots! 
But when will you post B2 and Motoko in this thread? And I'm also interested in the girl in the purple cyber-suit from the "cap" of your blog. I want to try them in game :3

Thank you. 🙂 Motoko Kusanagi is posted in the main downloads section. I asked about moving that file here, but no response. I don't want to double post, so not sure what will come next. Still more to do with 2B. Trying something different. FemmeBots are made with Kinky World sexbot chip in mind... BUT... bots do not seem to be recognised by the mod for left garter garments to come off for woohoo. There is also A2, which both will be a set. Currently concentrating on finishing female nude defaults.

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2 hours ago, LadySmoks said:

bots do not seem to be recognised by the mod for left garter garments to come off for woohoo.

Fembots can be edited in CAS using developer code, just like regular sims... Clothes for ordinary sims on fembots look strange, but the accessories look good. It would be possible to save clothes for fembots as accessories, so that after creating a bot, just choose what you want in CAS. Fembots still have to be edited in CAS after being created in a cybermachine to change the size of their breasts and facial features. Thus, at the same time, it will not be difficult to choose "clothes" for them in the accessories section) 

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I also have a question for you not quite on the topic, I've been thinking about asking it for a long time... How to translate a hairstyle for a sim into a hairstyle format for a plumb line? Maybe there are some instructions?

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