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  1. Elerneron's Female Nude Skins

    These were the first true skins with anatomical correctness that I am aware of made for the Sims 4.  Simply extract the .zip file, and put the .package file into your Sims 4 mod folder.  Any time they are naked the bits will show.  These are textures only, they do not remove the censor mosaic.  See below for a link to that mod.
    Required / Recommended Mods:
    If you want to see the details when they are bathing, you need  a mod to remove the censor mosaic.  There are several of them out there.  I use moxiemason's Mod at MTS. If you want the sim naked while they are not bathing, you need some invisible clothing.  I use Snaitf's .  You can use any iteration of CAS to put them in the invisible clothing (creating a sim, planning clothes using the dresser, etc.).  You need to click the x on the category type for the invisible clothes to show up. If you have none of the above you will NEVER SEE THESE TEXTURES!  
    For Comparison:
    Standard Skin:  Shiny nipples, genital are sort of a mess.  A clumsy first attempt. Mk2 Skin:  More natural, imperfect nipple shape.  Genital with prominent clitoris. Mk2.5 Skin:  Nipples cloned from Maxis Male skin.    Genital with prominent clitoris. Mk3 Skin:  Nipples cloned from Maxis Male skin.  Genitals are a simple cleft, clitoris and labia are hidden.  
    Only use one skin replacement.  Do not try to use more than one, as load order will determine which you will see . . . I think.


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