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  1. Details:
    Base game compatible Non-default skin For teen, young adult, adult and elder(?) male and females 2k textures Only available as .package
    blender_remove_seam.mp4 Notes:
    The original skin has some visible lines on the seams you can see them on ribcage, arms, hands, fingers, ankle and feet To hide them as much as possible I used the texture brushes from Blender, initially I wanted to use Photoshop but its 3D interface sucks The original texture has compression artifacts and banding so I used ESRGAN to clean them sadly that partially removed some details like pores, spots, wrinkles and hair; is not as bad as it sounds (see pics) and probably you will only notice it if you use a HD mod I cleared the nipples on the female skin and the male version has some imperfections on the fingers because there’s very little space for the brush to do its job Finally the skin has extra ramps from Navetsea
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  2. These were the first true skins with anatomical correctness that I am aware of made for the Sims 4.  Simply extract the .zip file, and put the .package file into your Sims 4 mod folder.  Any time they are naked the bits will show.  These are textures only, they do not remove the censor mosaic.  See below for a link to that mod.
    Required / Recommended Mods:
    If you want to see the details when they are bathing, you need  a mod to remove the censor mosaic.  There are several of them out there.  I use moxiemason's Mod at MTS. If you want the sim naked while they are not bathing, you need some invisible clothing.  I use Snaitf's .  You can use any iteration of CAS to put them in the invisible clothing (creating a sim, planning clothes using the dresser, etc.).  You need to click the x on the category type for the invisible clothes to show up. If you have none of the above you will NEVER SEE THESE TEXTURES!  
    For Comparison:
    Standard Skin:  Shiny nipples, genital are sort of a mess.  A clumsy first attempt. Mk2 Skin:  More natural, imperfect nipple shape.  Genital with prominent clitoris. Mk2.5 Skin:  Nipples cloned from Maxis Male skin.    Genital with prominent clitoris. Mk3 Skin:  Nipples cloned from Maxis Male skin.  Genitals are a simple cleft, clitoris and labia are hidden.  
    Only use one skin replacement.  Do not try to use more than one, as load order will determine which you will see . . . I think.
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