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  1. Just wanted to say, I literally just updated Sims and tried a new game without WW but still with DD. (I've been away from Sims for awhile.) The performance is significantly better! (And I doubt we can thank EA! ) DD anims now start instantly. (Was a slight lag under my old setup, but that was probably back at version 3.0 or earlier. WW also had a slight lag.) Area load times aren't ridiculous anymore! (This is the first thing I noticed. Was expecting 30 seconds or so and was very surprised when it was only 10!) No more half second lags on certain actions. (Computer, etc.) Great work!! Wish I'd have considered dumping WW earlier. Oh, and it was DD that added the great "likes" trait-ish system all along? Should have known. I was thinking I'd miss that, but there it was!
  2. More in FO4 Adventures..... Soo I finally get into the Institute. (Somehow even the Institute has sections where people forgot what a broom is.) Talk to the weirdo old guy that sounds less human than a robot. (Then again, I think the reason nobody can tell a synth from a human is no NPC is remotely human in this game. ) I'm supposed to go talk to the department heads. So I do. Get the little MacGuffin thingy that lets you teleport in and out of the Institute. .... And nothing happens. And I can't leave. Did a little checking, apparently there is a situation where the whole game breaks down if you just ... do what the quest wanted. The game is pretty awful, but the bugs keep on giving.
  3. A "steward"? If that's anything like "flight attendant"..... I'm on the Hungarian side. OK, plane rant here. There. Rant over.
  4. Yeah those two are good. The Nazeem guy should have been a whole quest arch. Forget the stupid Companions, let's get all the dirt on Whiterun residents!
  5. In Skyrim I always feel like he's trying to do a Sylvester the cat impression and missing it. I haven't done that Malacath quest in eons. I'll have to head back over that way and compare. Regarding FO4 voices.... so Bethsoft yelps about how many more voices there are since Skyrim. Well... turns out it's effectively LESS than Skyrim because..... you only run into NPCs that use the same stupid voices OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I thought Skyrim was bad but FO4 is awful. It doesn't help that one of the most common voices is the guy that did Garrus in Mass Effect. In fact, there's a bunch of ME voice actors. Nora (the player character's voice that I have turned off) was Jack in ME. (Leave it to Bethsoft to turn her into boring personified.) Liara's mom (the hilarious bartender Asari in ME 2/3) is the weird woman that sells meat in Diamond City. Paladin Danse is Sovereign from ME. (Alien AI thingy.) And of course a good portion of the voice actors from Skyrim as well. Along with Madanach, Aela is the head of the railroad as well as those absolutely cringe fest Silver Shroud radio shows.
  6. So I accidentally drop in to the subway vault where Nick (FO4's version of Madanach ) is holed up. And sure enough, after we get through the fat guy in the tux, Nick says... "There's a surface ladder nearby that should take us to the surface." ... Once was just bad quality control. Twice? I'd ask what lunatic did the dialog but I already know. Side note: every time Nick has dialog I keep expecting "Beware the Forsworn! No place in the Reach is safe from us now!"
  7. FO4 .... doing the Danse "raid the science lab" quest. (Needed the salvage.) When done, Danse says: "We'll take this surface elevator to the surface." Which of course reminded me of:
  8. On the plus side, I guess we don't have to worry as much about alien invasion.
  9. Yeah that's my first reaction too but then I thought.... what about Afghanistan? The "mighty US military" got their *#$ handed to them on their way out by a bunch of morons that don't even know how to use a gym let alone hit anything with a gun. That led me to three conclusions. The sci-fi films/books where a ragtag garbage tech native population kicks out a much more advanced alien civilization aren't as far fetched as I thought. When you don't have a gun (or whatever military tech), improvise... until your enemy just leaves and then you can get all their stuff. The US is over.
  10. OK... so they send a message and you have to respond in 5 minutes. I can already think of several things I do every day that take a hell of a lot longer than 5 minutes and all of them have no phone in the vicinity. No I'm not taking a shower with my phone. No, I'm not taking the phone anywhere near a bathroom period. My phone stays in my office, so if I'm reading a book in my room authoritarians are #(*&$ out of luck. Moreover I turn off the phone whenever it's time for a movie or gaming. Good thing I'm not in Australia or I'd be grabbing the first boat out of LaLa land.
  11. China bans ugly female characters! (And pretty much every other thing in games. )
  12. Wow. He was an ass then too.
  13. Yeah that's the smart move. Most of you probably know about this gem but here goes for the smart ones that never will play FO4: Found my way south of Boston. Yep, the "ghoul child in a fridge" quest. So there's this whiny ghoul kid that's.... been trapped in a fridge for 200 years. Setting aside the sanity issue, I'm sure you're thinking: "What did he eat!?" Well no worries, the writers thought of that! Not by asking the kid, oh no. That would mean a functioning dialog system. Instead, some weirdo shows up out of nowhere and force greets the player (3 times thanks to said dialog system) and mentions ghouls weirdly don't require food to survive! (You of course get force greeted whether hidden or invisible! Was sneaking in that stealth suit at the time! ) Wow! That's some interesting new lore! Except... for the ghoul settlement in the north. Or Goodneighbor. Or most of the rest of the game. To say nothing of EVERY. SINGLE. OTHER. FALLOUT. But let's assume it's just ghouls in this area! So I move my way south and there's an adult ghoul holed up in a vault. Makes sense I think, because ghouls here don't need food! Only... she tells you she survived thanks to an abundance of food left in the vault. ..... I think toddlers would come up with better writing.
  14. Hah, yeah the writing was awful. A favorite of mine is Dawnguard. Especially when sitting in Fort Dawnguard. There's a point in the quest where you have to find that idiot monk priest. Poor Serana says "Where can we find a Monk priest!?" I wanted to say: "Their monastery is just a bit to the south of us in Cyrodiil." Ah Bethsoft! They don't even put in the bare minimum!! (A monastery where you do *&#$-all even in Oblivion. ) Recently trying to get through FO4. To an extent, I'm avoiding most of the main plot and just trying to get strong enough for Nukaworld. But I've been quickly reminded that as bad as Skyrim is, it can get much worse. There's so much in FO4 that is just pointless. What little dialog or interaction there is with NPCs is easily broken by their garbage dialog system. For instance, say you save a couple settlers (the idea of "settlers" being named that at all should be another rant) from super muties. WELL, one of them is supposed to walk up to you and say thanks and then you can send them to one of your places to be slave labor whiny workers. Thing is, the dialog system frequently screws up. They'll walk up to you, the dialog won't "catch" and THEY walk away severing the conversation. (Before a mod that lets you barter with one key, I had to talk to vendors typically 3 times before they'd finally show the barter dialog options.) And they didn't have a dialog made for when the player makes contact, which is dialog 101, so they walk away like the dumb whiners they are. Here's one that I'm still laughing over. Brotherhood of Steel. First major mission after the airship shows up. You're supposed to hop on a vertibird, fly over to a fort full of muties, kill them all and land. (Then proceed to the interior.) I saved right before hopping on the vertibird. (Little did I know how important that would be!) Try 1: I get in, fly over to the fort. Doing a pretty good job at wiping out muties with the minigun. Suddenly the pilot decides to fly.... RIGHT INTO THE SEA! Can't get out. So... reload. Try 2: The vertibird is gone! It's somehow warped down to the surface! I hop down there. Save. Get in. Doing pretty good, but the pilot suddenly runs right into the other vertibird helping us out, BAM! I end up blown over to that beach settlement. (In reality I think what happened was the behemoth threw two rocks that hit both vertibirds. Pretty sure there is no collision as you'll see shortly.) Try 3: The vertibird takes off.... and goes up to the airship! OK, I warp up (via the vertibird in the airport). I materialize outside the gangway and fall to my death. Try 4: I TCL my way up there. SAVE AGAIN. OK. Just as I hit ride... suddenly the vertibird takes off... without me. I watch it fly all the way over there and get dead. (This ended up being the save that I kept going with.) Try 5: Lo and behold, I finally get in the stupid vertibird again! And we actually fly over to the fort. Seems to be working... suddenly vertibird 2 flies RIGHT THROUGH US, then BAM! (Again I think it was the behemoth.) Double vertibird explosion! My poor character ends up flying past the nearby Libertalia (raider boat thing) almost all the way to the manor settlement!! Oddly enough, this was vastly more entertainment than I ever got out of any other part of the game.
  15. Saw a Youtube vid sort of along these lines a week or so ago. It was comparing Fallout New Vegas to FO3. In terms of quests. Obsidian had a very limited time and created a whole heaping load of quests in the much smaller FONV setting when compared to FO3. Nothing new really, just more confirmation that Bugthesda is extremely poorly managed. That and they don't give a damn. At this point I'm kind of seeing why. If idiots line up to buy this crap every time, why should they care? Just push out some mostly unfinished crap, get sales, and Todd can get another fleet of maxed out Teslas. Rinse, repeat. That said, I believe there's a mod to fix that.
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