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  1. But... it's like FO4. Without NPCs! I can't help but think the rationale for that decision was: "Well, we only make garbage NPCs anyway. Why not have none at all?" "Yeah!" Aside from the usual Bethsoft nonsense, there's always something about online games like FO76 that bother me. Assume I'm a stupid fangirl and I spent $60 for FO76. (The thought disturbs me.) Then they ban me for creating too many items or finding a way into their test cells (which shouldn't have existed at all). Because it's not through something like Steam, I don't get a refund for my for purchase right? So... Bethsoft just stole $60?
  2. If the rumors are true, there may not BE a Bethsoft much longer if they spit out TES6 too fast. I've always kind of marveled at how bad a lot of Bethsoft stuff ends up being. It's as if they throw their huge budget at a given game but have extremely poor management. The result being everything is a hectic mess and they barely manage to push out something coherent. And then the rumors about it being just that during the development started popping up. Sure, they're rumors, but it makes some sense if that's how it really is. But yeah, better stop here. I can write entire books full of rants on Bethsoft. From Oblivion to FO4. (Thankfully didn't buy FO4. Skyrim was my last bought title. Only played FO4 because my job had a spare copy that nobody wanted. The first clue is nobody wanted it! haha)
  3. Oh lovely LL is now a <insert your favorite boogeyman> front now? It decided to go bonkers on me in the middle of an upload just a bit ago. For the 3rd time. Oh and hello by the way. It seems I had an account here all along. And in keeping with the cringe-fest atmosphere.... Why is it that as soon as I put up a FAQ, I get tons more comments... asking questions all handled in the FAQ? Is this is a FAQ rule? Russian bots? Dogs using their owners computers during the day? WHAT?
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