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  1. The girl parts of that: What disgusting (#*$&# freak *(&#$# wrote that #(*$&#!???? OK, rant time! What the feminists don't ever want to recognize is that they (and women in general) prefer to be that princess getting rescued by the hunk prince. It's why those stories are so popular. Men want to be the hunk prince, women want to get rescued by said hunk. Something for everybody. And contrary to whatever the mushroom induced voices in their heads say, most women have 0 interest in being masculine. That's... a guy thing!! Yet what do we get lately in a lot of
  2. Should have been canceled for that awful hair alone.
  3. Or even something like Stranded Light from Oblivion. It's like Oblivion was the end of the major quest mods. But yeah, ADWR was a class of its own. It's a crying shame that the 3rd one was never released. Then again, I'd just be more spoiled than I am already from the first two.
  4. Oh yeah. Negatives are the only thing that will tell you anything. Pretty much about any product too. If the negatives are all stupid, might be ok. If the negatives are well reasoned and detailed, may want to avoid. I'll take your word on that one. Must be something like that uh.... is it Only Fans? I hear about it occasionally. Though when I hear about it usually about some mediocre, slightly overweight woman somehow getting guys to pay for nudes. Whatever works I guess. Witcher 1 I just couldn't get into. I liked Witcher 2 except for the combat. (Never did beat the dr
  5. Just checked, and yes they start for me too right after hitting a thumbnail. Bitchute or Youtube. Could be a setting around somewhere that stops it. I tend to have anybody I "follow" on a tab with their video page so it doesn't affect me much. (Never had a Google account and it seems they don't notify you anyway so what's the point? I'll check it myself. )
  6. Geez. I'm not "with it". I have no idea what a bunch of stuff mentioned in that review even means. Chaturbate? VN? SHMUP? Apparently I don't visit the -right- spots on the net. That's.... sad. Hey now! Some of those animations are excellent! ... I've heard. Obviously I'm not the intended target, but the sorts of "spicy" games that would interest me would be interesting on their own without any sexy times. If you remove all the spicy and it's good, THEN add the spicy stuff. But yeah, not for me for sure. And definitely NO to prerelease
  7. "Gaming has felt like an oddly.... stiff... form of entertainment... for a ... long long time..." It's almost fun to watch just for the word salad needed to talk around what he means.
  8. I use Brave as one of my 12 million browsers. It's among my more favorite browsers and actually has a menu bar! Feels modern next to the garbage Fatfox has been putting out there lately. 1. That guy's voice is like nails on a chalkboard. 2. Bethsoft probably will be taking notes here. Why bother with what little gameplay they have left when the game can just play itself! <-- Todd will probably claim it was his idea of course.
  9. If anyone's in the mood for film noir, check out Laura. From 1944! An extra bonus it has a very young Vincent Price with a slight country accent! Full film here. Not sure that link will work in the states though. I can't keep up with who bans whom.
  10. Yeah there were a bunch of reasons for leaving California for me too. Too long to list really. And having been gone so long I really only miss two things. The Pacific waves and hummingbirds. Otherwise: don't miss a thing.
  11. The brutality of the arrests for Covid nonsense astound me. There's been a little bit of that here but there's none of the "shackle them they are dangerous" stuff. It's still asinine of course. (Two guys fined for kissing their girlfriends. A guy surrounded on the beach even though he was alone. The governor wanting to "save" kids partying by burning them alive. Etc. All of which were in areas with garbage mayors or governors.) But the stuff out of the US and especially Commonwealth countries is ... disturbing to say the least. I think the UK is the worst but Australia is up there. Canada as
  12. "I would love to die from the AstraZeneca vaccine" she says! https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://www.tv2.no/a/13886747/ I'm hoping it's actually some Norwegian version of satire.
  13. Remember when Amazon and Apple both claimed they'd NEVER use their near total control over their ecosystems to delete user content? Well, if you have any wrongthink material on the your iDevice, as soon as it's online BAM! Then you don't. You may now thank your digital overlords for saving you from yourself and wrong thoughts. Can't have customers thinking! They might get ideas. Ideas are dangerous. Unless those ideas are the right kind of ideas. The kind of ideas that our digital masters agree with. I half joke. Amazon has already deleted content. In some sense Apple as well b
  14. They technically already did. One of the funniest was when the cat suddenly decides she likes Pepe and starts chasing him. Which reminds me, I should probably get all the Looney Tunes (at least the good ones from the 50-ish range) and maybe other TV shows and such as soon as possible. Right now it's just moronic warnings. How long will it last until the book/entertainment burning gets into full swing and this stuff is all taken offline or even deleted entirely?
  15. Well, new Firefox extension changes "bitch" to "boss"! Because... blah blah women blah blah statistics so it must be true blah blah women most affected because reasons blah blah. https://blog.mozilla.org/firefox/firefox-b-tch-to-boss-extension/ I'm happy to know that Mozilla thinks I'm so fragile, I need an extension to protect me from the "horrid" word bitch. How... stunning an brave of them to help us poor stupid females use that "techy" stuff. As such, I propose a new extension: the Corporate Speak Translator! A simple filter to help cut through the bull o
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