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  1. Haven't logged in myself for a long time. Though I'd demand the "pronoun": Empress of Earth.
  2. Good info! It's always interesting what can cause issues in Skyrim!! (I think maybe more interesting than the game itself! )
  3. Oh right, that's the one where a small team set out to try and make a AAA-esque title! Seems they succeeded. Not really my sort of game buuut the background on how they made it was certainly interesting. A good example of what a small team can accomplish with a fraction of a budget of the big guys who can't manage to get anything released but crap.
  4. If you look in the DD zip file, there's a mod_data folder. Drop that in your mods folder.
  5. What the.... !? I learned most of the cuss words I know on LL!
  6. Nivenor in my setup. The Bosmer woman that married that idiot Nord guy Bolli for his money. He got dead when half the town turned on my character. Turns out she's rather chatty about life after him and it's all positive. Sending her to my Ayleid Palace where I'm sure she'll find the surroundings superior to Riften. I have several mods that allow for various relationships of a sort with pretty much any non-temporary NPC. Same races are easier to befriend so in this play through my Bosmer is making lots of Bosmer friends. It's really a shame they were so lazy with dialog in general. They have the foundations there but just didn't go the extra bit. But that's how it is... It's always illuminating to play another game after a Skyrim run. Dialog and NPC interaction is sooo much better in just about anything else.
  7. Actually just had a fun experience. Riften. Vampire attack. I attack the vampire master that's wiping out the guards. Apparently the guards think that's bad so then the whole town turns on me. Took me awhile dodging arrows and hopping around (combat in my setup is pretty nasty) but ... I managed to wipe out the guards, the vampires, as well as Bolli. (Nivenor's annoying husband obsessed with the poor.) And that's when I found out.... Nivenor has a whole series of conversations with her husband dead! So in the end Riften lost a lot of people and Nivenor upgraded from a dumpy house to an Ayleid palace. For Bolli being so "rich" they sure had a dump of a house.
  8. Unless you have a mod that adds loot anyway, nothing up there to steal. See that's why we have 300 mods. You need that many... to even make it worth playing. And it fails pretty much even then.
  9. https://emojipedia.org/pregnant-man/ If that's not cringe, I don't know what is. There's an Italian saying used when you get to the point where it's so bad nothing can be done. "We are at the fruit" is what it literally translates into. Fruit is generally the last thing you eat at lunch in Italy. Well...... Siamo alla frutta!!
  10. It's true. I remember in Oblivion there was a crime overhaul mod that would allow other NPCs to steal and pickpocket. If they were caught they got hauled away just like the player. No such thing for Skyrim that I know of. The only way I play Skyrim anymore is to completely and totally ignore pretty much anything Bethsoft made. There are so many unintentionally funny parts too. Like Sylgja at Shor's Stone. She can mine like any man. Of course she also fell while "bringing food to the men". Or Carlotta in Whiterun. She's so amazing she don't need no man! Because raising a daughter... alone... in a single parent household... in a region where people can die at any moment.... despite supposedly all the men in Whiterun being after her.... makes so much sense! Skyrim has (prior to FO4) the laziest dialog I've seen in a game. You regularly have NPCs negating what they just said in a previous line of dialog. The low hanging fruit is the guards of course. But even the regular NPCs do this constantly. I get extra kicks when they ignore their own lore. "Where or where can we find a Moth Priest!?" Serana says... as you're literally a short mountain pass away from the home of all Moth Priests. The complete list of course could fill a book. Which is about what I've written already!
  11. Hey you forgot the Bard's College! My first (and only) time there: "Yay! Something where I don't have to trudge around in some idiot Nord tomb!" First mission: trudge around in some idiot Nord tomb.
  12. One thing I just don't understand. Why is this so much better looking... than FO4 with evergreens?
  13. OK, now what do you REALLY think? (And hey, not banned as of writing this! Yay? ) DorkOne. I like that. I've taken to calling that other jerk Limp Biscuit. I remember that "I got banned" thread! I posted a couple times in it myself I think. There were some hilarious posts in there! Downright criminal if they deleted it. Bad form. I saw a little of the Nexus backlash on Discord. A modder made a new server over it and it was one big cluster *&#$ of complaining. Very amusing at first but got old after a week of complaints with no doing. I mean, I get it for the first few days. The Nexus staff are absolutely awful and idiotic. But maybe after a few days take some action and tell the Nexus to #*(&$# it on your way out. Drawing it out when the Nexus staff act like petulant teen dictators is just stupid. I do get a real kick reading the Nexus corporate-speak BS announcements. Their problem is they don't.... proactively self actualize synergistically with the community in positive needs based ways. Also it shouldn't be a news flash to these people that the Nexus is run by slimy creeps. This is just the latest in a long line of slime that began all the way back with the queen of slime. (Well, he identifies as a queen anyway. )
  14. Good question! I have like 40 browsers now. Probably not the best but here's my layout. For Fatfox: Noscript uBlock (ad blocker) Cookie AutoDelete Anti-Adblock Blocker I Don't Care About Cookies (Ironic considering I have the cookie auto-delete thing. I think this is only for us EU suckers. Almost every damn website has an annoying popup reminding us about cookies. And of course they make it as hard as possible to "reject all". So I accept all automatically and then automatically delete them. ) Used to use Ghostery as well but I heard some negative rumblings about it. Just haven't installed it for now. (I haven't checked about it myself however so those rumors could be totally bogus!) Safari: Adblock Ghostery Javascript Blacklist Brave: Nothing here yet. The base adblocker seems to work very well so I haven't had a need to tweak it yet. I think Brave is based on Chromium so Chrome add-ons should work I think. Of course, VPN always on. And when I'm really wanting to be silent: TOR Browser + onion over VPN. I have a heard a lot lately about browser isolation. Where you have a profile setup (with it's own separate set of settings and such) just for certain tasks so it's even harder to track you. Even with a VPN they can identify the browser to some extent. I'm all for making it as hard as possible for the spying twerps to do their job. What does everyone else use? Any pros or cons anybody has heard of stuff in my list?
  15. Who said I paid them? Got LTSB from the job. (I guess it's hard to get a hold of otherwise? Or I suppose there is the method.) About Defender, yes that is still an issue even on LTSB. No matter what I've done, from registry to security settings it will always turn itself back on at startup. The current workaround I'm using now is a thing that disables it on login. The issue about Defender is it labels things that are perfectly safe and needed as "dangerous". It does this for a couple small utilities for Skyrim even! To say nothing of all the small utilities I've used for eons all the way back to XP. As far as use is concerned, I've had no compatibility problems yet. (Which means I'll have a huge one now that I mentioned it! ) The only thing I really do with Windows is games and modding though. And even modding is somewhat limited. Modelling and texture work are all done on my work machine which is a Mac. About the only thing I do with Maya now on Windows is import the finished model and set it up for export. (The current exporter I use is only for Maya 2016. Work machine is 2020. And -of course- you can't just save to an older version. Oh no, that's not how Autodesk works. ) Though if we're talking what Windows version is best? I was happiest (or rather as "happy" as one can ever be with Windows) back on Win 2000. Come to think of it, I was only on Win7 for the last 4ish years. Was XP before that and only switched due to getting a bunch of new SSDs. My only exposure to Win8 was a work laptop and that was short since we switched it to Linux. Reading about full Win 10 though? Yeah I can definitely understand never upgrading to that kind of mess. And the spyware crap! What. The. Hell!? Even Macs are getting annoying too with the iCloud nonsense. (Can barely turn a new one on without it whining about "What's your account so we can spy???") It's definitely looking like the real future of decent computing will be flavors of Linux.
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