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  1. So that's the reason why he calls himself Dark 0ne.
  2. Interesting, in all Firefox versions I currently have, videos start playing automatically and I don't recall changing the default behavior and allowing automatic video play. Perhaps you specifically disabled it as described in the link below or they changed the default setting in newer versions. I suppose I'd want videos to play automatically on Youtube cause I usually listen music on YT and disabling auto play might prevent my playlists from playing, which would be bad. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/block-autoplay I've googled the issue a bit and it seems like people using Br
  3. Wait, isn't that the normal behavior or am I missing something? Does the video open on the same page inside an IFrame or something?
  4. You have good taste and high standards. It's funny that even though Skyrim has better graphics, better tools for modding, has massive total conversion mods such as Enderal, and unlike crappy old NWN, it even has an animation framework to do sex scenes and yet nobody has made or even attempted to make a mod like ADwR.
  5. VN stands for Visual Novel. You can find plenty of shitty porn VNs for free at places such as F95 trying to pass as a "game" or at least that's what some idiots refer to them. You might come across some relatively decent ones with choice based branching stories as well as some minor role-playing elements with stats as well as some mini games and so on. Most of the ones I've tried were made using a Python game development toolkit called Ren'Py and either featured retarded hand-drawn anime characters or some crappy daz3d renders as images. Generally speaking, you just keep clicking to follow thr
  6. Don't know about this one, but browsing forums like F95 has taught me that people who make porn games in general, especially the ones who make "episodic" games, often have the nasty habit of "milking" the audience and because of that I can't honestly say that I'm surprised with this one's being offered as an EA game. Even if I was interested in it, which I'm not, I'd rather wait for the complete game before paying anything for it. The game play shown in the video is by no means looks interesting or fun for me, but I'm curious about the actual "porn" stuff in the game.
  7. FF has been constantly getting worse for some time. I recommend using portable versions, which is what I've been doing for the past few years. https://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable It doesn't install anything or mess with Windows registry or the AppData folder, it simply runs on its own folder and uses its own "profile" folder, which is why you can use multiple versions of FF at the same time (useful if you want to try out new versions of FF and new addons) and you can simply delete the version you don't like. I can help you configure it if you want to give it a go
  8. Wasn't aware of this, but looks like a masterpiece has been ruined.
  9. In regards to what I wrote in my earlier post above about Ridley Scott, apparently my impression of him was spot on. He is a highly commercial filmmaker who's in the business just for the money. He's got nothing important to say about anything and he obviously doesn't give a shit about the accuracy or the plausibility of the stories his films tell, mainly because that is way beyond his talent and pay grade. Also, the way he brags about Carl Sagan tells me that this guy is an ass with a huge ego, which, by the way, is something that can be easily read just by looking at his face. https://w
  10. Can you recognize this song/melody without looking at the comments? BTW, yes, this one is the original.
  11. You probably need to watch a few interviews with "normal" people before it recommends you the not so normal ones and judging by the comments under those videos I wasn't the only one.
  12. Has YT recently been recommending you old interviews of people with mental disorders as well or am I just being a little "paranoid" about that? I decided to watch a bunch of them, they were mostly heartbreaking as expected, but this guy below seemed pretty scary. Makes me wonder how people like these can cope with life in this day and age in which even the "normal" people struggle to stay sane, and how many of them are among us pretending to be "normal"... (deleted) (deleted) What baffles me is that how does YT allow people or institutions to publicly share videos like thes
  13. Here's a more complete list of that idiocy: https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Punk_Suffix
  14. Do you know what perfectly fits this formula? Fallout. A dark dystopian world setting with a city decorated with neon lights -> New Reno or New Vegas Something cyber e.g. cyborgish augmentation or VR/AR -> Besides Pipboy/VATS, which is AR, Fallout has all sorts of augmentations/implants. Some rebellious punks that look like they're from the 70's -> Fallout, as a game inspired by Mad Max, has some literal punks in it (e.g. female punks). Not to mention that it has Vault-Tec as an evil corporation. And guess what, some retard came up with a new sub-genre for it right out
  15. bjornk

    Study Hall

    I had already turned off most of its features anyway, it wasn't really worth keeping.
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