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  1. Vanilla Skyrim on my new PC

    I think of building a new PC now and then, but most PC components these days are way overpriced and I'm not even sure if the prices will ever go down. I'll probably have to buy a pre-built one or a laptop at some point, as they are a bit cheaper...
  2. History of Fallout Franchise

    Leonard Boyarsky interview - Part I... Haven't watched it yet, might be some Fallout related stuff in it. I'm now gonna get myself a big mug of coffee...
  3. Music Lovers Thread

    "Songs from the Big Chair" by Tears for Fears was one of my favorite albums in the 80's and it's the only TFF album I actually like. I would listen the entire album every night and sing along...
  4. Not saying I'm interested in the game itself but this game seems to have some interesting features, nice graphics too... Unarmed combat... How wet clothes affect the game... Stealth, Camo, Awareness and Tactics... Weapons and combat...
  5. Music Lovers Thread

    Somehow ended up listening to this nice song (from 1967) while watching cat videos on YT...
  6. Fallout 4 Parody

    "Free-man's will"... instantly reveals they are Goddamn millenials...
  7. https://bethesda.net/en/article/56dSIqRXXysEs8ueSkWO60/save-player-1 Don't know, perhaps I should have posted this in the "cringe-worthy" thread...
  8. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    In the Adam Kicinski video, the connection he makes between having an online feature in a game and "long term success" worries me a bit... Edit: Haven't finished watching the video below it, I think it also addresses this issue.
  9. The Electronic Arts thread

    Yeah, sure, I might spend another 100 hours playing "Skyrim Switch"... and another 100 hours on Skyrim Android...
  10. For now... Search results won't stay the same forever. When people stop searching for Skyrim LE and click on the link in the search result, Google will remove that link too. Steam keeps the app for the people who already own it, but Bethesda doesn't want you to buy it, that's why it's no longer listed on Steam.
  11. Well, they would be wrong. Skyrim may be worse than some of its predecessors, or worse than FNV for instance, and it surely is a crippled, streamlined RPG, but it still is an RPG, even more of an RPG than The Witcher, if you ask me. However, having dragons and other fantasy elements doesn't really make a game a rival to Skyrim and that's the problem of the video. It would be better if they left the Skyrim part out of it. There's always been engines technically superior to Gamebryo (e.g. Unreal, CryEngine) but we don't really compare the games made with them to Skyrim. (Edit: It's quite possible that they added the Skyrim part to attract more viewers, like their click bait Black Desert thumbnail. :D) That's correct, but unlike us the PC players, the console crowds who bought Skyrim would never call it a "mediocre" game that needs modding. They don't see the glaring issues with the game like we do. They see games as a complete entertainment package, not a bug ridden garbage needs fixing. They entertain themselves with them for a while and they throw them away after a few months at best, as they are more of a "consumer" than we are, and obviously less of a critic. Up until Skyrim SE and mods for consoles, the "longevity" of Skyrim was mostly due to PC sales. Now, though, as long as they continue to offer mods for console versions, console sales will also benefit from mods. Or perhaps the game was already doomed and the studio searched for ways to survive? I mean, if the studio wanted or needed to be sold, is it really fair to blame Intel?
  12. It was mostly technical though. The only thing about the game itself was that it was a FPS with different classes. If it's not even an RPG, does it really matter if it was going to be superior to Skyrim in terms of graphics technology? I mean, who cares? Skyrim is indeed a mediocre game, even when played with hundreds of mods, but as we all usually say, there were no alternatives that offered the same features. That's why people have played it for this long.
  13. I know, it's full of obnoxious people, yet, if anyone is interested in casually playing with friends, just let me know. Currently I'm minding my own business, killing rats, crafting things, doing quests and stuff on the European server. We can start with new characters together if you wish. https://www.fonline-reloaded.net/#play
  14. There isn't much about the game in that video, is it? Don't know, can't say that I'm impressed with the tech demos the video shows. That click bait thumbnail though... Isn't that the ranger from Black Desert (see my avatar)?
  15. If you're still interested in playing the original games here are a few mods to try, they are both good mods with substantial content... Fallout 1.5: Resurrection (website) Fallout of Nevada (see NMA General Modding section) If only Fallout 2 was easier to mod and had proper tools for modding...