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  1. Haha beginning to like Elon, he also wants R-rated stuff in games. Edit: Just finished watching. One of them seemed like an honest guy and the other felt rather insincere. I'm sure you can tell which one is which.
  2. Now what's this, Skyrim on Tesla's? Haven't finished watching yet, but apparently Elon plays Beth games. Not sure if this is the most appropriate thread for this, but it's E3 2019 after all.
  3. Kind of a negative for me, not that I care anymore, but as with the change in the game's description and employing Hollywood celebrities and all that jazz, they now seem to aim at a wider audience which mostly consists of the console crowd, not surprisingly. Recalling the fact that their previous games were also fairly unmoddable, story focused games, it's clear to me that I wouldn't get much of a replay value out of this game if I bought it, which is the most important thing for me to look for in games. You guys may be open to these kinds of games as long as they are well made, but I'm not. I spend most of my time playing, modding, tweaking sandbox or semi-sandbox role-playing games, some of which I've had on my hard drive for nearly a decade and I almost always regret buying games that focus on story (e.g. Mass Effect, Dragon Age etc.). I could easily get the entertainment I would get out of one, just by watching someone else play it. It's interesting that you mention GTA5, it was the first impression for quite a few people at last years E3. They weren't all that wrong after all as the game probably going to be a RPG-ish GTA in a futuristic setting. Consoles provide the kind of entertainment akin to movies, they are for people who don't want to get involved with the games (e.g. modding, tweaking etc) too much, if that's the type of entertainment you are satisfied with, there are so many good solid games for them which aren't available on PC, although they seem to be more expensive compared to PC games. Also, keep in mind that, whether it's an XBox or a PS, if a console breaks you pretty much throw them away and the games you bought for them most likely will not play on the next generation.
  4. Looks like it is going to be an action game with a certain narrative in which you will ultimately steal an implant that grants immortality or whatever, with minimal role-playing elements, just like The Witcher. Which is just what I've been expecting from CDPR. No new game play was shown at E3 and yet you can preorder it now. Not a very consumer friendly tactic, I would say. They've been teasing, trolling, trying to build a massive hype for the game, which is already one of the most anticipated games ever and then that Keanu business, was that really necessary? They obviously have plenty of money to waste. I don't think this is all going to end well for them. Anyway, been trying to watch the E3 shows on Youtube, mostly feeling bored, there was absolutely nothing interesting, it all was just a waste of time.
  5. Your anecdotal evidence won't be enough to save the Millennials I'm afraid, for it's not just the video games that were ruined by them. However, shitty games we have today have more to do with the amount of "casual" gamers regardless of their generation, which is currently in its highest ever. Gamers who have years of experience with many games and people who have experience in game development or modding are more likely to notice shitty trends in gaming and react to it.
  6. Just what we need... https://twitter.com/CORSAIR/status/1112455241872691207
  7. By the way, I saw a video of Eve today in which the player character wanders around in some kind of a space station, so apparently you CAN see your character if you wish. Didn't like the animations though. In terms of pre-made player characters, I kinda like the models and animations in Resident Evil 2 remake, which in my opinion is the only good thing about that game. Have you seen any other games recently that impressed you with its character design (models, animations etc.)?
  8. So, has anything changed at Bethesda since the 76 fiasco? Nope.
  9. Eve Online had this, back when Skyrim was released with the shittiest looking characters imaginable, with compression artifacts on their faces... Yes, mods have managed to improve it to some extent, but not all that much, well, apart from the "HDT vagina". Seriously though, would you say that the quality of character creation in games is where it should be, considering what Eve Online had 8 years ago? I recently saw a video of what they've been working on for Star Citizen, which was fairly disappointing, so my answer is "Hell, no!". Note: If you look at the upload date of the video, it's Jan 2011, almost a year before Skyrim and much earlier than Black Desert and all the other crap and this is a game in which you don't even get to see your character... Here's a more recent video from 2016... Now, compare that with the 2017 game ME:Andromeda...
  10. With the dumbing down, or "streamlining" as some call it, TES has been going downhill since day one and considering how FO4 and FO76 turned out to be, is there a single reason to get excited about TES6, like at all? What makes running around Skyrim tolerable for me is Jeremy Soule's, music without it I'm not playing any TES game, period. I highly doubt that they can find a cheaper composer of the same caliber. They might replace him with a plagiarising millennial, which is very likely.
  11. That's just a clickbait video aimed at fanboys. An old lady gets 3D scanned into Zbrush, some environment artist works on a piece of rock. In a fanboy's fantasy world, that must be enough reason to get excited about a game that they have no idea about. Meanwhile, in the real world...
  12. We haven't talked about Anthem here, but it wasn't really necessary as it turned out to be as shitty as I had expected. Bethesda Bioware Obsidian Wonder who's gonna be the next one...
  13. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 (The Milliennial SJW Edition) was announced yesterday. This is one of the people who works on it apparently... And this one is called Cara Ellison, one of the writers... Cringey enough?
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