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  1. The US is now officially a nanny state, so enjoy!
  2. Never had any interest in seeing them, so no.
  3. Another stupid horror movie I watched in early 80's and then kept wondering what it was is The Dark (1979): Apparently there are some who considers as a cult movie. Well, it was a weird movie but in a stupid way. To me what made it memorable was the actress Cathy Lee Crosby.
  4. Nah, I don't like watching horror movies, especially stupid ones and most, if not all, of them are. The reason why I was searching for Blood Beach was because of a particular scene in it where the beach monster bites off a guy's dick, which was kinda funny. I could never recall the name of the movie and there was no Internet back then, so I kept wondering what the hell it was.
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Seems To Plan Microtransactions, CD Projekt Promises "Wise Monetization"
  6. I want a music like this for the next post-apocalyptic game, instead of 'Take me home, country roads'...
  7. This was a silly movie I watched in a theater back when I was a kid and after all this time I've finally managed to find what it was and the whole thing's on YT as well. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082083/ Watched the whole thing once again and liked the jazzy parts of the soundtrack, and then I found out that they were composed by Gil Melle, and while searching for his music on YT, I found this soundtrack for the movie 'The Andromeda Strain' which sounded interesting, but I couldn't find the whole movie on YT, still bits of it seemed interesting... God, I LOVE discovering old stuff! Perhaps I should've been an archeologist or something!
  8. Curly Shirley has brought me to this...
  9. bjornk

    Space Cop

    Kendo, if you don't mind me asking, are you secretly working on a Starfield mod for FNV?
  10. bjornk

    Goofy Ray Gun

    Erm, Thot Gun?
  11. bjornk

    Goofy Ray Gun

    Well, it's fat, it's curvy, it's purple. Don't know, but I guess it should be Fat something but "Fat Man/Boy" is already taken. Okay, how about Fat Zap?
  12. bjornk

    Goofy Ray Gun

    What are we gonna call it?
  13. Perhaps his failure back in '79 gave rise to the Millennials? Even the year makes sense.
  14. Stridulum (aka. The Visitor) 1979 An ancient intergalactic warrior arrives on Earth to put a stop to a demonic child's plot to reproduce Satan's next generation of evil. Good cast, good music, weird movie. Check it out when you have some time to waste.
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