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  1. The Forsworn could have been the third faction of the civil war that the player can side with, but I guess that would be too much work for the lazy asses at Bugthesda.
  2. @endgameaddiction I wonder if it would make any difference it they were Imperial soldiers instead of the Thalmor. There are too many idiotic and annoying things in this game, yours is just one example. For instance, the fact that this bloody courier can easily find you whenever he needs, even when you're supposed to be invisible, in fact, there are many instances in which NPCs can initiate dialogue with you (force greet) when you're invisible. This shit happens because the idiots at Bugthesda forgot to add a condition to check for player invisibility, or they just simply didn't give a fuck. Or for instance, when you keep running into that old orc with his two saber cats in Solstheim, despite the fact that there's not a single saber cat to be found on this damn island. I guess he brings them with him wherever he goes, to show off. I fully expect to see much more of these retarded shit in their future games.
  3. Crysis 4 Dragon Age 4 Fable 4 Half-Life 2 Remastered XCOM 3 etc. https://wccftech.com/nvidia-responds-to-geforce-now-database-leak-says-list-included-speculative-titles/ I don't believe that these titles are "speculative" as NVidia claims it to be in their response to the leak, cause the titles are not only quite specific, but also there has already been some recent rumors surrounding some of them, such as the GTA remasters.
  4. Here's a glimpse of the future and why you should steer clear of 11. https://www.windowscentral.com/valorants-windows-11-tpm-gamble Microsoft's strategy of taking away the user's control on their own system will eventually end up in place where they can lock you out of your own personal computer, but before that a bunch of hackers will most likely manage to do that.
  5. There were a bunch of Forsworn RP mods on Nexus but they were rather old and mostly unfinished. If you can maintain the Forsworn role-playing throughout the whole game, then the only way to turn the player character into an actual Forsworn native is to add yourself into the Forsworn faction by using the console command player.addfac 43599. (By the way, using Alternate Start (LAL)'s Forsworn start only adds you to Druadach faction only (E3609), which doesn't make much sense and isn't really what I want). This kind of role-playing is most definitely not for everyone as it requires a significant amount of conscious role-playing and deliberate choices, such as: - Do not kill the Forsworn - Do not loot their stuff - Actively ally yourself with them (e.g. help them in their fights) - Treat the Nords as your enemy Some of these things most definitely conflict with the game, which, unfortunately, treats the Forsworn as an "enemy faction" and often pits the player against the Forsworn (e.g. sends you to kill them to get some item from them). Adding yourself into the Forsworn faction causes every Forsworn and hagraven in the game to become friendly (makes you realize they're actually quite decent people), however, as a side effect, because of the idiotic and lazy Bethesda design, it also makes some of the hags and witches (they're often elves) friendly, but I can live with that and pretend that they're allies. As you may realize, this creates a situation which is fairly easy to exploit. You not only eliminate a significant "enemy" faction in the game, but you can also freely take their stuff, which I'm pretty sure not everyone's cup of tea, and it also creates situations where you have to resort to alternate methods (e.g. using console commands) to get through certain quests (e.g. collecting hagraven heads, briarhearts, Red Eagle's sword). It's certainly doable but requires a conscious effort. Skyrim is designed and meant to be played as a MALE NORD. Every other race and gender requires some amount of deliberate role-playing (i.e. making things up) due to some minor and some major conflicts with the story and the lore, where things don't make much sense. Other races and females are basically afterthoughts, added to give you the illusion of choice, cause there's only a tiny, insignificant amount of content in the game that supports role-playing as another race (other than a male Nord) in a meaningful way. Creating the illusion of a thing rather than the actual thing is how Bethesda manage to hide their incompetence in their games.
  6. Not really into TES lore, but for Skyrim, Breton is my favorite, cause I like playing as a Forsworn native, even though the game doesn't support it at all, I wish it did.
  7. Why, it's most definitely racist. The kind of obnoxious behavior and gang culture depicted in the video as a "black thing" (see the guy saying "I'm white" and pretending that he's immune to it) has in fact got nothing to do with race. You can find similar examples of both in every single continent in the world regardless of race, from South America to Europe/Asia. The jargon/slang they use may be different due to cultures and languages but the chimp genes combined with high testosterone and an uneducated, ignorant mind, always result in same kind of obnoxious, violent behavior.
  8. All that and more, but none of that is done in the name of communist ideology. The regime wants sheeple that fears and obeys state policies without questioning. People are obviously allowed to accumulate as much wealth as they desire as long as they're obedient. In other words, it's a capitalist regime with a tightly controlled, oppressed society. Not to mention that it's an expansionist regime as well, and has been gaining power and influence over many foreign countries all around the world in the past two decades.
  9. Today's China is a totalitarian capitalist regime, not even close to communism or Marxism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chinese_by_net_worth#2021_Chinese_billionaires_top_30_list
  10. In majority of social media posts no "think" is involved at all, but I guess that's not surprising as they're made by a species which is 99.6% chimp. In terms of censorship, the social media platforms aren't the only one to blame, try posting a comment under any kind of content on social media that is ever so slightly critical of the content, you will most likely get blocked, banned or shadow-banned by the owner of the content and/or your post will most likely get deleted by them. They don't want to hear anything that may disturb their delusional bubble and don't want others to hear it either. People and their stupidity and intolerance is the real problem. When the majority of the world population are stupid, nothing would work properly, neither social media nor your democracy or any other system. These chimps will eventually manage to break everything, including the planet they live on.
  11. I have often described social media (e.g. instagram, tiktok etc.) as "cancer" in a figurative sense, but it looks like it's now identified as an actual disease which they call "social media induced illness". https://www.wired.co.uk/article/tiktok-tourettes https://www.businessinsider.com/tourettes-like-illness-spread-by-social-media-patients-with-tics-2021-9 https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/psychiatrists-report-mass-outbreak-of-sociogenic-illness-spread-via-social-media-videos/ https://academic.oup.com/brain/advance-article/doi/10.1093/brain/awab316/6356504 What a mess, and that's not even the only health issue caused by social media. Honestly, if I truly cared about humanity, I'd most definitely ban all smartphone production.
  12. World: *Struggling with component shortages, elevated prices etc. due to a global pandemic.* Micro$oft: "Ready to elevate to 11? There’s never been a better time to purchase a new PC" FUCKING DELUSIONAL RETARDS! https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2021/08/31/windows-11-available-on-october-5/
  13. Oh look, ads break Windows... who would have thought... https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-11/255402/those-windows-11-instabilities-were-caused-by-a-microsoft-ad
  14. Yeah, good job, whoever made this, totally "cringe-worthy" and a total BS.
  15. You might have heard this tune before if you're old enough...
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