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  1. bjornk

    The Electronic Arts thread

    Angry SJW, I mean, Joe, is white knighting EA... who would've thought... Notice the dislikes...
  2. bjornk

    Music Lovers Thread

    Yeah, just imagine what CPU would do in such a case and do it!
  3. bjornk

    Movie Lovers Thread

    Wrong threa... I mean, I'm definitely not going to like it.
  4. bjornk

    Nvidia's Turing Micro Architecture GPUs

    $1000 for a RTX 2080 TI... Ouch!
  5. bjornk

    Music Lovers Thread

    Hmm, let's see...Wrong thread?
  6. bjornk

    Nvidia's Turing Micro Architecture GPUs

    If I win the lottery I might think about buying one. Edit: Apparently the new "RTX" series of cards are able to do "real-time" ray tracing! Funnily enough, my graduate thesis was about parallel ray tracing using Pov-Ray with PVM and MPI interfaces, which was almost 20 years ago. The university even let me built a PC cluster which were all Pentium IV's and now a single graphics card has more computational power than my entire cluster! If you had a single Titan V back when I did this you'd probably be on the top of the Top 500 list.
  7. bjornk


    Probably, it was whoever developing NVSE Extender at the time. I couldn't find the exact post I was talking about (maybe it's deleted?) but here's a few mentioning my suggestion about co-saves. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/13779-nvse-extender/?do=findComment&comment=564311 https://www.loverslab.com/topic/24656-nvse-extender-aka-nx/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-934573 Edit: They definitely deleted posts: the current thread on LL has 23 pages, the one on archive.org has/had at least 28 before it was locked. Don't know, perhaps I deleted it myself after getting pissed off about their attitude.
  8. Yep, pretty much what we've always said about Bethesda. If I ever made a YT video about them it would probably be very similar.
  9. bjornk


    No, it was some other guy. He was indisputably one of those assholes though.
  10. Not that I'm particularly excited about it, but I just thought it'd be nice to have a Gamescom thread... As far as I know, CDPR and Taleworlds will be there, so we'll probably hear about Cyberpunk 2077 and M&B II Bannerlord... Doubt it'll be anything hype-worthy, but we'll see...
  11. bjornk

    Mount&Blade II Bannerlord

    Looks pretty good!
  12. bjornk


    @endgameaddiction I believe Skyrim section was similar in the early days when there wasn't any established modders and their "fanboys" around. I bought FNV after Skyrim, so I don't know how the early days of Fallout 4/FNV section was, but while I was there, I realized that some of the modders there were real assholes. For instance, I've once complained about NVSE co-saves not being kept together with the actual saves. Some guy pretty rudely posted, "why don't you do it yourself?" or something similar. I downloaded the source code, made the changes, recompiled the code and posted the DLL on the forum, and they didn't even bothered to look at it. Just like you, I've helped or at least tried to help as many people as I could in both Skyrim section and in FNV section, helped many modders with their mods, even posted fixes for their mods, but let me tell you, none of those count in the end. If you expect some degree of gratitude and respect, you have to author a mod that others did not or could not make, otherwise people don't give a shit about what you do. Never waste your time helping total strangers, they'll take all the credit and no one will care about how helpful you were. I've always known this since my university days, yet somehow I naively expect that things will be different in every new community I join. As for circle-jerking, it happens in every online community once it's got established personalities and their "minions". These groups pretty much turn into a "gang" and treat strangers with hostility, even when the reason why they are there is no longer relevant.
  13. bjornk

    The Electronic Arts thread

    Keep in mind that DICE is a Swedish developer and what Soderlund actually means by "uneducated" is probably the people who aren't brainwashed by the Swedish education system. By the way, it's probably safe to assume that as the number of female developers increases in the industry, getting hardcore realistic war games becomes less likely.
  14. bjornk


    TBH, solely blaming Ashal and moderators for the state of LL is a bit like blaming the government for the shit they've been doing and not the people who voted for that government. No, people don't choose the moderators on LL, but they encourage them and validate their actions. Pretty sure you've all have noticed the "likes" the mods get whenever they took some action or posted something that pleased, let's say the Bethesda fanboys. What I'm trying to say is that, the problem isn't just a bunch of people running the site as they please, they are able to do it because there's a significantly large group who support them and are just like them. SJWs? Probably, if by SJW you mean the people who want to silence all other voices and create a safe space for themselves and other like-minded people.
  15. For 32-bit Skyrim, I recommend these SKSE mods for a little more stability: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85443/? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725/? The first one really eliminates crashes which occur while loading a save. To prevent crashes while saving the game, I count one to five then hit [NEW SAVE]. I'm pretty sure one would be able to finish the vanilla game with zero crashes, but I'd personally never play vanilla Skyrim.