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  1. Yeah, kind of. It's been a rough gem of game. Bought the original Mount & Blade (not Warband) back in 2008 when it was still a beta, version 0.960 or something. The game was also offered as early access back then. They didn't even have a publisher and then they released 1.0 as a Paradox title. A few years later they released Warband and still remember rushing off to get myself a boxed copy on the next day it was released, that's something I almost never ever do. To be fair, the game(*) is often very annoying, especially if you play the vanilla "module", but you can fairly easily create your own module (basically your own mod) using their "module system" and you can iron out pretty much all the annoyances that bother you. Naturally, I created my own mod pretty quickly, and kept adding to it ever since. Never released it anywhere, but it's been on my computer for the last 8-9 years and been playing it on and off. This is literally the last remaining game that I've been interested in, which is probably the reason I'm foolishly excited about, as the other ones have all been a disappointment. Although, it's very likely that this will also end in disappointment. Edit: I've clearly forgotten all about the "dumbing down" of skills and proficiencies which I criticized in one my posts above. So, there you go, already a disappointment regarding certain features. We'll see if there are any new features that might save the game... (*) With Warband they introduced multiplayer but I've never been interested in it.
  2. DA:O... An Exhibitionist's Playthrough...
  3. Some gameplay footage from Gamescom 2019... There's currently a closed MP beta which you can apply here and it's going Early Access on March 2020. According to what the "boss" says, the EA period is needed basically to iron out the bugs, especially the unpredictable ones which might occur in specific scenarios as the game is an open-ended sandbox. If you enable "death" for the PC (in previous games you never die, you can only retire from adventuring), when you die in the game, you'll be able to continue the game playing as your child. You'll have to decide what skills he/she's going to have beforehand in order to do that. Currently only a married couple may produce a child. Just don't expect having actual sex with your spouse. Basically, if you spend enough time together with your partner, a children pops up. But of course, considering that the game will support extensive modding, you can be sure that people will "spice up" that process... well, significantly. Still, it's great to have something like that in an RPG as a core game mechanic. BTW, M&B Wardband went into RPG Codex's Top 101 PC RPGs list, this year I believe, despite being fairly shallow on role-playing aspects, it was also chosen as one of PC Gamer's Top 100 PC games of all time when it came out. It can get very annoying at times but it's not a shitty game by any means.
  4. Just have a look at this tweet: "Making open world a thing"... whoever posted this tweet is obviously talking about Shenmue, a 1999 SEGA game, and referring to it as the "first" open world game. If this isn't an undeniable proof that CDPR lets clueless millennials do its PR work, I don't know what is. What happened to Wasteland, Fallout 1, 2, TES Daggerfall, GTA etc. and many other games that were also open-world and were released long before '99. Also comments under this tweet is just cancer, bet their asslicking fanboys can easily rival Bethesda's. This Suzuki guy, by the way, is the one who pulled the obnoxious Epic exclusivity stunt on his backers recently. They also announced a 15 min gameplay stream today... FOR THE NEXT WEEK! As if it's too big of a deal to stream an 15 min of gameplay at Gamescom. Bet it's pretty much what the press was shown back at E3, and fans of the game have been waiting to see that since then. How disrespectful. But I bet the idiot fanboys wouldn't mind that. It's a mystery why they even bothered to show up at Gamescom this year. https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/29533/gameplay-stream-announcement
  5. Yeah, but he doesn't seem interested in making games. What I meant was basically "a capable guy with a dream".
  6. I doubt their fancy anti-static mats are actually properly grounded. You don't really need anti-static mats unless you're assembling tens of computers each day. Any nonconductive (wooden, stone etc.) surface would do the job, as long as it's solid, or especially if you don't want to scratch the surface, just place a thick newspaper underneath the motherboard and that's it.
  7. I see a lot of young people praising the music of the 80's on YT, unaware of the fact that there were many songs back then which were cover version of the songs from the 60's and the 70's, maybe even older. Before the Internet, people could have the excuse for not knowing whether or not a song was a cover of a older song especially when it was before their time, now they can't have that luxury. I'm sure people nowadays often think "meh, I'll google it when I need learn about it" and yet, they never bother to do it... which results in infuriatingly stupid and ignorant comments on YT and the social media. It's rather appalling to think that while the original song gets insignificant amount of views, a newer "song" made out of a "sampled" piece of the original gets millions of views. Disgraceful, really. There's another reason why the millennials and younger generations are fairly ignorant about the past. Back in the 70's and in the early 80's, TV and radio broadcasting was still fairly centralized. There were much fewer tv channels and radio stations. You would sit and listen to radio or watch tv for hours and as you had no control over the content being played or shown, while you would sometimes get extremely bored, you would still get exposed to things you would not normally watch or listen to, if it was up to you. Which was actually a fairly good way of opening one's eyes and broadening their vision. In today's world, radio is dead, tv is about to die, and almost everything has become "on demand" with almost unlimited options. No one wants to listen to or watch things that they aren't already interested in. Which is a fairly bad situation in my opinion. I suppose you can count this as one of the adverse effects of the Internet (and technology).
  8. They will, it's inevitable. Whatever happened in movie and music industries, will happen in games industry as well. If people keep buying inferior products and don't ask for or expect quality, the industry will offer them the cheapest, lowest quality products possible, with the highest possible profit margin for themselves. In other words, the poor quality music, movies and games of today are a direct result of the stupidity of consumers. For the same reason, we won't see any significant innovation in video games in the near future, unless a guy like Elon Musk comes along and starts making video games.
  9. Speaking of Barry White, I've found the girls dancing in the unrelated Hi-gloss video. Pans People dancing to Love's Theme...back in 1974... on BBC1! Can you imagine the reaction to this if it was done today? Phew, talk about regression in human society... Also, this was an instrumental pop song back in the day... what a staggering difference in quality when compared to, well, anything made today... Edit: Longer version of the video, sadly B&W.
  10. I cringe hard when people from so-called tech channels on YT try to insert RAM sticks into the motherboard on top of a motherboard's cardboard box, while severely bending the motherboard. Idiots. Which kinda proves that they are people who don't really think for themselves but rather do what they were told to do...
  11. This is an archetypal early 80's song for me... I would turn off the lights and listen to this and many other similar songs on the radio until I fall asleep... Good times... aaand this is the regurgitated version for the Millennials who have no clue or whatsoever...
  12. It was both, plus they were all new and original work, not something from the past regurgitated and then turned into abominations.
  13. Here's another example of the decline in music... Spacer, the original 1979 song by Sheila & Black Devotion with 2.5M views... and the 2000 ripoff, Crying At The Discoteque by Alcazar with 19M views... How come a ripoff, which basically identical to the original song except the lyrics can get this many views? Well, need I mention the ignorance of the Millennials once again?
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