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    That doesn't look like a typical FNV character. Did you somehow manage to import one of your Skyrim characters into FNV? I'd definitely like to hear how you did it if that's the case.
  2. Wasn't aware of this, but looks like a masterpiece has been ruined.
  3. In regards to what I wrote in my earlier post above about Ridley Scott, apparently my impression of him was spot on. He is a highly commercial filmmaker who's in the business just for the money. He's got nothing important to say about anything and he obviously doesn't give a shit about the accuracy or the plausibility of the stories his films tell, mainly because that is way beyond his talent and pay grade. Also, the way he brags about Carl Sagan tells me that this guy is an ass with a huge ego, which, by the way, is something that can be easily read just by looking at his face. https://w
  4. Can you recognize this song/melody without looking at the comments? BTW, yes, this one is the original.
  5. You probably need to watch a few interviews with "normal" people before it recommends you the not so normal ones and judging by the comments under those videos I wasn't the only one.
  6. Has YT recently been recommending you old interviews of people with mental disorders as well or am I just being a little "paranoid" about that? I decided to watch a bunch of them, they were mostly heartbreaking as expected, but this guy below seemed pretty scary. Makes me wonder how people like these can cope with life in this day and age in which even the "normal" people struggle to stay sane, and how many of them are among us pretending to be "normal"... (deleted) (deleted) What baffles me is that how does YT allow people or institutions to publicly share videos like thes
  7. Here's a more complete list of that idiocy: https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Punk_Suffix
  8. Do you know what perfectly fits this formula? Fallout. A dark dystopian world setting with a city decorated with neon lights -> New Reno or New Vegas Something cyber e.g. cyborgish augmentation or VR/AR -> Besides Pipboy/VATS, which is AR, Fallout has all sorts of augmentations/implants. Some rebellious punks that look like they're from the 70's -> Fallout, as a game inspired by Mad Max, has some literal punks in it (e.g. female punks). Not to mention that it has Vault-Tec as an evil corporation. And guess what, some retard came up with a new sub-genre for it right out
  9. bjornk

    Study Hall

    I had already turned off most of its features anyway, it wasn't really worth keeping.
  10. bjornk

    Study Hall

    That retarded mod tries to slap a "device" on you at every opportunity, it adds stupid garbage to every container, with a mentality, "Now that we've got some bondage stuff we might as well as abuse the shit out of it" and also adds a bunch of unkillable NPCs. It's super annoying and highly unimmersive. BTW, when I had the mod, I put that idiot in a pillory and left him to rot somewhere down in the Midden.
  11. I'm glad to see @Kendo 2 signed in yesterday... although I'm curious in what form... I wonder if he's grown a few more eyes and legs yet... or maybe he's busy picking up a color scheme for his new "crime-fighting" costume... jokes aside, I hope he's feeling better.
  12. Don't want to spoil your thread, but I really should get this off my chest, please feel free to ignore it. I no longer watch (new) movies or TV shows, neither on television nor on the Internet. I think the last one I followed reasonably closely was GoT, up until season 3 or 4. Anyway, about a week ago I came across a trailer for a new HBO sci-fi series called "Raised by Wolves" on Youtube, which apparently aired a few months ago. Ridley Scott's name was attached to it, so I thought it could be "decent". As I don't have HBO, I just watched all the episode summaries made by other people. No
  13. Damn, it never occurred to me that someone would pick a multiplayer game. The obvious problem with that is you can't really play it forever since it relies on servers to run on and other people who also play it. Let's just pick from single-player games only, one that you can actually play forever.
  14. bjornk

    Study Hall

    I blame him for not being one. Would've been fun to have an actual perv in the college.
  15. You should ask the retards who keep attaching the word "punk" to whatever they found. I guess creating stupid sub-genres makes them feel special somehow. In their small minds this is probably formula: Cyberpunk = (A dark dystopian world setting with a city decorated with neon lights) + (Something cyber e.g. cyborgish augmentation or VR/AR) + (Some rebellious punks that look like they're from the 70's) What these idiots call as cp don't even have a common theme most of the time, as they lack one or more of the things in the formula. I personally don't give a shit about how they categ
  16. Some people refer to Blade Runner as a "cyberpunk" film, which was neither cyber, nor punk. The film was based on a 1968 novel which was written in an era in which the "punk" subculture did not even exist and it deals with androids and artificial intelligence and the plot revolves around what it means to be human. The movie itself doesn't deal with anything "cyber" or "punk" either in any specific or generic way, and its aesthetic style, i.e. the cityscape with neon lights, was simply a thing of the 80's, which anybody can observe in films and series that was made in that decade. People litera
  17. Don't know why but this reminds me of Anthem's "Roadmap" for some reason... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ErpA8-_WMAUDNfV?format=jpg&name=large CP's a garbage game anyway, but at least they should fix its bugs and be done with it.
  18. My pick would be: Jagged Alliance 2 (with the 1.13 mod) Runner-ups: Mount & Blade : Warband (with mods), and maybe Skyrim (with mods). and here's my reasoning: Would always pick a sandbox/semi-sandbox role-playing game with high replayability. Would always pick a PC game as I like the freedom to modify a game however I like. Would NEVER pick a narrative driven or story focused game as stories get old really fast.
  19. If you had to choose a single video game to play for the rest of your life, which one would you pick? Rules: You must only pick one, but you're allowed to post runner-ups. You may not pick an unreleased game (e.g. Star Citizen). You may use mods. You may pick older games (e.g. Atari, C64, Amiga games). You are not allowed to play it on multiple platforms. You do not have to explain the reasons why you've picked it, but you are welcome to do so. You can change your mind anytime you want by editing your post. You may only pick single-player
  20. How many processes do you guys see when you look at the Details tab on the Task Manager on your PC/laptop while you're not running any programs? Just count the lines. Is it below or above 30? What about the running services (services.msc)? Is it around 40 or way more than that? Not related to this topic, but I'm just curious if you've done any optimizations to your Windows or you're running it as it was originally configured.
  21. bjornk

    Study Hall

    I'm sure Urag has already read those books... several times... and is eager to put the theory into practice... with the help of someone who's willing. You gonna help him?
  22. This may not be a major concern for people who have a PC/laptop with plenty of memory, but you may still be annoyed by the fact that your browser keeps using more and more memory as long as it stays open and it never seems to give the unused amount back. Here's a useful tip to reduce memory usage for an active browser session by forcing garbage collection etc. Unfortunately it only works for Firefox users.
  23. Not sure how they came up with the word/name "Adalar", but it means "Isles" in Turkish. Isles of Isles? "We call these isles, the Isles of Isles!"... The title alone gives me a headache. https://translate.google.co.uk/?sl=en&tl=tr&text=isles&op=translate
  24. This must be one of the few things they didn't lie about.
  25. bjornk

    That's what I'd call a sexy chick!
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