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  1. I was just trying to remember how I did mine. And then it hit me: I made all my faces as customized presets. FONV/FO3 was a real pain!
  2. Kendo, I'm DYING of laughter over your comments in that thread!!! I lost it over the one about the woman with daddy issues. Of course it's all truth too. Those are some red pill nukes in there!
  3. There should be an open and shut case. Against her. Clearly a crime against the eyesight of all humanity.
  4. I thought I'd moved this over here eons ago. Guess not!
  5. View File Type N Body Replacer Type N Body Replacer This body is a based on Luchaire's Type V with three distinct differences: Narrow shoulders common to Type 3 have been added. Now uses the BnB "bouncy girl" animations and skeleton. Uses smaller hands for girls instead of vanilla gorilla hands. Armor conversions for: Vanilla FONV Vanilla FO3 All FONV DLCs All FO3 DLCs Installation for FO3/FONV/TTW A FOMOD script handles the dirty business!
  6. Version 2.5.0


    Type N Body Replacer This body is based on Luchaire's Type V with three distinct differences: Narrow shoulders common to Type 3 have been added. Now uses the BnB "bouncy girl" animations and skeleton. Uses smaller hands for girls instead of vanilla gorilla hands. Armor conversions for: Vanilla FONV Vanilla FO3 All FONV DLCs All FO3 DLCs Installation for FO3/FONV/TTW A FOMOD script handles the dirty business! Pick which type of install: FO3, FONV DLC, FONV TTW or plain old
  7. My only possible response to this....
  8. Not even the trailer was interesting. Music crescendo, scifi scenery, fade out, vague comment about destiny, rinse, repeat. Even had time to throw in how "caring" Apple is!
  9. Just heard about the Gina Carano thing. (I always find out long after whatever happens out here!) That's some high level cringe! On Disney's end. I'd say something pithy like I'll boycott them, but come on. Overpriced Chinese stuff anyway. And apparently even the Chinese hate their guts. EDIT: Which is to entirely avoid the enormous rancor in the room: what they did to Star Wars.
  10. Now that's ridiculous. ... Until I saw Decopunk. I'm all in for that!!
  11. I agree. It was woke but nothing like the Expanse or even that horrible Witcher series. What really turned me off from BG was the story. It started great, but certainly didn't end up there. Too much weird metaphysical nonsense. I probably would have been throwing my own monitor out the window if I'd watched it to the end. Let's just drop all our knowledge and live like cave men? WHAT!? Now there's something I haven't seen in eons. PBS! That still exists!? I remember them being ridiculous all the way back at university. I can only imagine how monotonous they are now!!
  12. I actually haven't had a TV for..... geez over 10 years!? WOW. We've got a projector system that we use to watch mostly old films. Going through the 30s right now and they are surprisingly great even that far back! And you made a mistake when you brought up Battlestar! I watched that online about oh... 6 or so years ago. I remember getting pretty far into it but it was full of woke crap even back then. The humans were so monumentally asinine I was mostly siding with the robots. Until they got asinine. I recall quitting when the annoying blond pilot (yeah I know everybody liked her
  13. I don't know anything at all about cyberpunk stuff but I did like the atmosphere of Omega in Mass Effect 2. Which supposedly was based on Blade Runner. All they had to do was make a city on that order. From the screenies Night City just looks like a relatively clean city in California populated by freaks. ... Which is pretty close to reality so I'm not sure that even can work as scifi. (California was minus one freak when I left! Plenty left though! )
  14. Apparently buying a coffee "costs lives". According to some ad from the UK at least. I hate humans. I'm getting a coffee.
  15. Alright, so according to Google denying internet (or rather Google services) is a "violation of basic human rights". If that's the case, apparently Google is also literally committing crimes against humanity by banning so many people from their platforms.
  16. Hey now I hear banks are in on it! No credit cards or bank for you wrong-thinker! Off to the re-education camps! Kind of funny, where I am everyone hates banks. To the point they don't keep their money in them at all. Starting to understand why!
  17. I'm not sure that's it. It doesn't take a lot of effort (as we all know via mods or those of us that make them) to make even a slightly attractive NPC. It appears much of the western development scene has become stuck with this idea that humans have to look hideous. Note how the eastern devs don't have this problem at all. And you can go back in time to previous western games where the NPCs somehow look so much better than today. (Excepting all Bethsoft titles of course. They NEVER looked good! ) I have asked around about this but I work in casual games so we're not really "in the know"
  18. OK, this one: The other thing I'm noticing perusing the various characters..... guys. Are. Ugly. At least in CP '77. Maybe CDPR just fell to the "every human must be ugly" phenomena that hit western devs around...... when? Was it 2017? We can't count Bethsoft because they've always made hideous people. But OTHER studios were doing OK. Until... now.
  19. Oh right, the one that was in the dress and got dead or something? Yes, I guess back then they could still model an attractive human. Something happened between then... and 2020.
  20. What gets me is the attractiveness quotient. (I just made that up but it should certainly be a thing.) The only one remotely decent is Judy and she's half as attractive as in the promotional stuff. (For no reason!) Otherwise girls get nothing but ugly. It's even worse for guy characters since they can't romance Judy. Now compare that to........ actually I'll just do it! Witcher 3 -- circa 2015 The last two of which were minor NPCs. CP '77 - Circa 2020 It's like they released a half-assed version of Judy and then thought... "Eh, screw it." What
  21. So... did a little cheating as I was curious. Looked up the romance options on the CP '77 wiki. ... Did I say years before I got the game? I may never get this game at all! Is this really the same company that did Witcher 3!?
  22. Well. Seems the purge is already starting. Social media is all in unison going: You know, might be a good idea to get this place mirrored on an onion server or something similar. When they run out of political targets, places like this might be next. I've heard of a couple modding sites that have done this supposedly. (Need to check up on those to be sure.) Going to be interesting to see how this affects game censorship. At this rate it's going to be censored like hell just for the "land of the free". And Germany. They censor everything in Germany. OK, Austral
  23. Take the following as somebody coming at this from the outside. (I can't really claim being American anymore. Been gone too long.) Thanks to Alkpaz I've been listening to a bunch of I guess "right" youtube people. And I'm baffled. If they'd channel half their rage over the Capitol nonsense into getting stuff done, there wouldn't be any SJW's left! Why are they so upset over the recent protest? Compared to a few months ago it was a boy scout outing!! And then there's the whinging about "changing the narrative". Come on! The only thing you'll get from a discussion with an SJW/nutjob is a
  24. Whoa. Yeah wine isn't going to help here. He needs some serious medication. NOW. I think there will be a tech censorship purge coming next. Or I should say another one. We've had quite a few already. Might even hit "adult" sites. Lots of mobs trying to ruin lives for the ever changing "wrong think". As for inflation, yeah. If they keep sending out checks and printing money, that can't have a good cumulative effect. It's like they want to create the dystopian hell hole Earth depicted in the Expanse.
  25. I was referring to a "probably not leak" that was put up on... I think it was reddit. Anyway, here's a link with the rumor. (Apologies for the sites, gaming sites are just terrible.) And later it was supposedly debunked. I'm just curious why they'd want to debunk the idea that it was making a comeback. Isn't that a positive thing? Or maybe they thought they've lied enough, stop now?
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