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  1. .91b is the newest version, but it lacks lengthy testing.
    This mod contains rape and/or beastiality roleplay themes. All contain sexual themes and imagery. Don't download if you aren't of legal age where you live, or are offended by the content.
    This adds 3  sexable female followers and 1 male sexable dog follower.
    Do not use this at the same time as the file at http://www.loverslab...xout-followers/
    Requires: SexoutNG, Tryout's Data Pack (You don't need this if you have Sexout Tryout installed already.), Spectrum's ToyPack
    Tryout's DataPack or Tryout
    Spectrums ToyPack
    Before upgrading from a version of this mod where an .esm was still used (if you are indeed upgrading otherwise ignore this), get all items off any companions and/or storage containers from this mod so you don't lose them.
    Sell all mod-related items as you will lose them.
    Basic info on each companion: as I remember or assimilate it:
    Cheyenne is in Goodsprings, but you must acquire her through having sex 3 times with her out of sight of Sunny.  You have to figure out how, there are quite a few ways.  Once acquired you can talk to her about an optional dog companion that you can disable/enable, tell to go home/set a new home location like all the companions from this mod.  The caveat here is he's annoying he will randomly rape the player when initiating dialogue topics.  (Hence while he's disabled unless you enable him.)  Cheyenne will give you a key to the Sin Shed after recruited.  This is in Goodsprings, and it has tons of safe storage, rest bonus enabled beds, crafting stations etc.  It also has a few npcs you can have sex with or ask to hold your items.
    Brutilda requires nothing but going to her shack to recruit her it should be on your map.
    Marisol has to be rescued, should have a map marker to find her if you select her quest. 
    Marisol is the only one of the three with a companion wheel.  The other two operate outside the typical companion system, but you can talk to them during combat and give them stims and whatnot.
    You will have to reacquire all companions from this mod if you are upgrading from an earlier version.
    Version 9
    1. Merged all the esp plugins into the master and converted it to .esp 2. Flipped flag to .esm in FNVEdit but left the plugin an .esp (to stop body head color mismatch issues without using an .esm) 3. Added a "receive anal sex topic from Cheyenne" topic her to consensual female on female dialogue (yes player will equip strapon for this.) 4. Fixed all errors showing in FONVEDIT (There were some related to Cheyenne's old .esp) 5. Removed body slot 2 from dog collar w/tail in order to prevent it from accidentally unequipping the strapon on Cheyenne (or anyone else wearing that dog collar during sex as the dog collar shared a slot with the strapon and things got messed up if use dress list was selected in SexoutNG. 6. The mod specific vendor is now added to banned for sex formlist 7. Mod vendor now will reset any glitched AI problems relating to Brutilda, Cheyenne or Marisol through her dialogue. (Still haven't added Mac.) 8. Lots of stuff I'm forgetting most likely.  
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