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~ Deathstalker

she is a dunmer adopted by a Nord couple that are loyal to the empire.

her (adoptive) father took her in after he killed her lowlife father that

attempted to mug him in a dark filthy alley in Windhelm when he

was visiting family 24 years ago. the Dark Elf man that mugged her

(adoptive father) may have done the mugging so he may

feed his baby daughter- or maybe he just wanted money for

his Skooma vice... dont know and dont care--he was a bad man.

in the Northern-Moon household there is a strong Imperial culture, they

are honest and educated people that brought Alva up to grow into

a valuable citizen to the Empire. she has lived in Solitude all her life

and in the day that the Civil War came to be she knew it was her

duty to join The Legion so that she may protect her hometown 

and now elderly parents- for she nows that the day will come that

the Stormcloaks will tear down the walls of Solitude, slay anyone who

gets in their way, and leave everything in ruins in the name of Ulfric.


TESV 2017-08-16 00-55-32-684.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 00-55-44-773.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 00-58-25-447.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 00-59-12-088.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 00-59-54-189.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 01-56-22-820.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 01-56-29-545.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 01-54-49-788.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 01-56-11-811.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 01-56-17-280.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 01-56-37-879.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 02-22-04-710.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 02-22-04-896.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 02-22-21-014.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 02-23-42-095.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 02-23-46-710.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 02-23-50-486.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 02-23-51-687.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 02-24-06-415.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 02-24-07-141.jpg

TESV 2017-08-16 02-24-31-688.jpg

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