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  1. Her Milkshakes Bring All The Guards To The Yard

    thank you, its a personalized SG-B diffuse The tanline is from Racemenu Overlay Pack topped with Dirt & Moles and the Nose is Desuday6.
  2. Her Milkshakes Bring All The Guards To The Yard

    she can teach your pc but she's gotta charge its my Alpha The Wolf-Matron in her Wolf-Woman form. Her milkshakes are so swollen, right!?
  3. Denali

    reminds me of Avril Lavigne <3
  4. her name was inspired by Storm from The X-Men and Finn Balor from NXT. Because Balor sounds authentically Dunmeric. Her name means delicate demon
  5. This Is Kenny Omega and his Finisher: The One Winged Angel
  6. yeah so I divide my characters as heels or faces. this character is my most formidable heel, my Monster Heel. she is the champion and Lover of Hermaeus Mora. her Destiny was created & written by The Daedric Prince of Knowledge. It was always her Fate to be Champion of Hermaeus Mora and she was exiled from Hammerfell by her Father (a King) because he had visions of the horrible evil his Daughter (Nahla) would one day do. so she set off to Skyrim where her ship was wrecked at the Sea Of Ghosts and she stumbled along the Disciple of Hermaeus Mora in a frozen cave North of Winterhold. A domino effect of sorts which was Fate all along. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heel Turn When a person completely and suddenly, and often shockingly, goes from good to evil. The term came from professional wrestling to refer when a face (good guy) turned his back on the fans and became a bad guy (heel). Monster Heel is a roster's biggest fuckin badass. Example: of all of Skyrim's Dragons Alduin is the Monster Heel, All the vampires in Castle Volkihar are heels but Lord Harkon is the Monster Heel, Miraak is the Monster Heel of the Dragon Born DLC- get it? in real life, Braun Strowman is the Monster Heel of WWE Raw
  7. Death-Bringer (I make guys too. There's a bad motherfucker under this sick armor)

    yeah its the old Shadow Scale set from the Mod Controversy of 2015. I got it from Steam a few weeks ago.
  8. My Breton Babyface ("good girl")

  9. just practicing necromancy