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More Type3 body models. All of the basic Type3 body models are included, along with several new variations.  The feet have been repositioned and weight painted by hand and all of the models have been reweighted, remodeled (to one degree or another).  The models are meant to be used with dimon99’s smaller female hands.  The visible wrist seam has been reduced by adding extra vertices to match what is on the smaller female hands models.  Those files are available as a separate download.

Type3 compatible textures are required.  You can get my own personal textures HERE.

Rename the mesh of your choice to femaleupperbody and place it in your Data\meshes\characters\_male folder.  If you do not have that file path simply create it.  (The default location of the folder is Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\data\meshes\characters\_male.)

dimon99 and Backsteppo for the original Type3 meshes, Luchaire for the TypeV mesh, eronel55 for the Berry Boob Job body model and Kendo 2 for the feet edits, boob remodels and anything else.

None.  You may not reuse my content for your own mods or adapt it for use with other body mods without my permission.  Use what I use or don’t use it at all.

Do not upload my content to other game sites.  If I want my mods hosted elsewhere I’ll be the one to do it.  You the downloader have no vetted interest in the content provided on these pages.  That includes derivatives and anything that you might steal.  Do not direct link the files and you may not use my content as parts of compilations, place it behind pay walls, or do anything else I think is crooked.

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I have used Kendo's mod so I can give it a proper review.

Some might like the convenience of some mod like Beware of Girl  mod or like from Nexus with a installer and such. With such a mod you have convenience however you also end up with a cookie cutter look like many others out there. There is pretty much only one look you can get from one. There might be some different shapes for options etc but pretty much you get the same thing.

I used that mod for a number of years and it did the job. However over time I got board of the same look and tried to spice it up with some beauty mods and such and never really got what I wanted. Being active over the past few years on gaming forums I noticed extremely beautiful screen captures of some of the players characters. In time I learned many of those modders used this as a base and then built on it to created the NPC or even player of their dreams.

Now with this mod there are many choices, with very high detailed but very optimized mesh work with great details. In my opinion these meshes are better than Beware of Girl, don't take my word for it, download this and give it a try yourself. While at it don't forget the textures needed for best results. These are also extremely detailed with great care. 

You get some very custom very highly detailed  mesh-work and the only drawback is you have to manually configure a folder and rename some of the files for your custom selections. In the end you end up with a very highly detailed and beautiful character/player which will not look like every other character you have seen on the web.


Do like I did and download the requirements. (Mesh and Textures) and then create two folders on your desktop, one named meshes, the other textures. Extract Kendo's textures and body pack and follow the instructions and rename the files you want and drag them to the proper folder (textures to textures, meshes to meshes duh) and then drag them both into a new folder named whatever you want (Mine was called KendoCustomBody) then zip it up and install it. Now you have a custom body that is yours.. If you decide a different mesh or a different texture is to your liking .. no problem just drag it to your body folder you created into the proper folder...Again Mesh to meshes and textures to texture (make sure you you renamed it correctly) It should prompt for a overwrite, select yes.. zip it back up and install it. Now you have a new custom body.. :D.. It is that easy. From there you can create customized body folder for followers and races and other things.. :D.



I have reworked completely from scratch creating a compilation of the body both T3 as well as Breezes. I have installed them and am working on testing to view what I want. Below are some captures from my current setup... which are


Kendo 2 s Type3 Body Pack   Models and Textures   NSFWmods.com
Kendo 2 s Type3 Custom Textures   Models and Textures   NSFWmods.com

Cali body Mesh
Molina body texture (MolinaBody-Vag01 ACup)
Uncompressed Face Options fro the T3 Body by K2.
with Molina Fresh scrubbed (MolinaHead-FreshScrubbed file

I am also using the optional smaller hands. there are some lines but they are so small and would be very hard to see under normal situations unlike my closeups I just made. Better than "man hands" that are normally provided in this game.

Note: I did add the High Res Normal maps as well to give more details.. Might give me a few less FPS but I would prefer that to get a better overall face. (not sure if this is the best approach... lol)


be so very careful when setting up your custom folder and the naming... I ran into the dreaded underwear issue and couldn't figure it out.. I spent embarrassingly amount of time trying to figure it out and right before I was going to ask I decided to really check over my folders. I know my installs were correct.. then I noticed I had a character and a characters folder. .. duh... a folder was named wrong. Learn from my example and make sure your folders are properly setup.


I chose the scrubbed option as I want to add some beauty mods and this will give me a chance to do this with as little conflicts as possible. A nice clean start for a custom experience thanks to Kendo being forward thinking enough to provide this.

Well now for the fun part. Screen captures of Sunny!... Everybody's favorite NPC in FNV. Note. this isn't a glory shot or special screen captures. I have taken parts of her and am giving close ups of my above mentioned setup to give you a very good idea  of the level of details given for Kendo's T3 mod.





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~ Deathstalker

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I LOVE IT. each of the bodies offer something different. if one isnt just right you can just go back in the folder and choose from what I believe was 8 options. copy the one you want to try out delete the one in the mesh folder then paste it and lastly rename it "upperbodyfemale". it is a very handy mod- imo a must have

<jill valentine race with the hentai body also kendo's textures>


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Nice job

Unfortunatly it's not for Skyrim, what a pity.

Maybe a conversion?

Read u soon

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Красиво, ждём новых модификаций. Хотим на Скайрим. 😃

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