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Kendo 2's Type3 Custom Textures 1.0.0

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These are my personal Type3 textures for my custom companions. People have been asking for them so here they are. I am hesitant to share these as I do not want them showing up on Nexus or people hi-jacking them (ala BlackBlossom) and pretending they created something they didn't. Anyway, aside from my contribution to Type3, I take no credit for the work. Luchaire, Kiwi and Xaznom did all of the heavy lifting, I just tweaked them a little.  If you want custom body meshes you can get them HERE.

I have hand painted new rosey nipples, 3 vagina variations and 2 anus variations. Molina's body texture is super smooth with no flaws. Cheryl's body texture received the same treatment with added highlights and plenty of sexy moles (perfect for girls with pale skin, though Molina's works just as well.) I think these textures are too specialized to be used as general replacers but they will work in that role. The body textures are waxed and clean. I do not like pubic hair and I do not do 'wasteland nasty'. If you want a girl who looks like her pussy stinks, stick with BOG.


  • 3 vagina variations of Cheryl's 'moles' body texture.
  • 3 vagina variations of Molina's super svelte body texture.
  • A Cup versions of the body textures.
  • 2 face textures for Cheryl and Molina (fresh scrubbed and makeup)
  • Optional hi-rez normals for the faces, bodies and hands (These are the REAL deal, not fakes).

(All of the textures are raw and uncompressed. This makes it easy to modify them with tattoos or whatever and not result in artifacts showing up after compression. I did not include diffused hand textures. If you need them just request it.)

Also included are the Hex Codes and a tutorial by eronel55 for using FO3 Edit or NV Edit to apply my preset face textures. It is very easy to understand and I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. Just look at the screenshots. I did not include the face morphs. It is one thing to share a makeup job or a body texture, but I'm not about to hand over my girls' faces.

Rename the body texture of your choice to upperbodyfemale and place it in your Data\textures\characters\female folder.
Rename the head texture of your choice to headhuman and place it in your Data\textures\characters\female folder. 
If you do not have that file path Data\textures\characters\female folder simply create it.
(The default location of the folder is Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\Data\textures\characters\female.)

dimon99 for the original Type3 Body, Lucharie for the base body textures, kiwi82mx for the real hi-rez body normal texture, Xaznom for the Many Faces face textures, eronel55 for the Hex Code tutorial, and Kendo 2 for everything else.

None.  You may not reuse my content for your own mods or adapt it for use with other body mods without my permission.  Use what I use or don’t use it at all.

Do not upload my content to other game sites.  If I want my mods hosted elsewhere I’ll be the one to do it.  You the downloader have no vetted interest in the content provided on these pages.  That includes derivatives and anything that you might steal.  Do not direct link the files and you may not use my content as parts of compilations, place it behind pay walls, or do anything else I think is crooked.

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Can I ask a question?  Its probably been answered elsewhere, but not here, so apologies in advance if I'm repeating something well known.

The downloaded package contains the folder "K2 Type3 Textures", and inside that: two different 'girl type'  folders with eight .dds files in them each; another folder, "Real Hi Rez Normal Maps", which has three normal maps in it; and a tutorial folder.  I am using MO, so my mission is to make a archive of my selection and install it through that tool.  But Im a little confused.  

Now, i understand that we will choose a head and a body texture from the [6+2]x2 'girl type' folders.  The readme is clear that far, and Im with you.  But shouldnt there be more files?  Including the three normal maps, there will be 5 .dds files in the mod archive.  But I have also installed 'Real Feel  face and body retexture', and comparing the two makes me think I might be missing some ttextures.  'Real Feel" has 13 .dds files in it.   I suppose some of those are the diffuse hand textures you mention here:


I did not include diffused hand textures.

...but it still seems like something is missing.  Is what I have complete?  Should I overwrite 'Real Feel' or vanilla only?  


I understand that through testing in game, I can eventually figure out what is needed and what works together.  But if anyone here could help make that clear here, it would be appreciated.


Please check back on the OP at the top of the page. There is a button that you can click on to go to a thread to get support. Your comment is support in nature, not a review. Let's please keep review threads clear of support questions.

Thank You,

Ritual Clarity

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I have used Kendo's mod so I can give it a proper review.

Some might like the convenience of some mod like Beware of Girl  mod or like from Nexus with a installer and such. With such a mod you have convenience however you also end up with a cookie cutter look like many others out there. There is pretty much only one look you can get from one. There might be some different shapes for options etc but pretty much you get the same thing.

I used that mod for a number of years and it did the job. However over time I got board of the same look and tried to spice it up with some beauty mods and such and never really got what I wanted. Being active over the past few years on gaming forums I noticed extremely beautiful screen captures of some of the players characters. In time I learned many of those modders used this as a base and then built on it to created the NPC or even player of their dreams.

Now with this mod there are many choices, with very high detailed but very optimized textures with great details. In my opinion these textures are better than Beware of Girl, don't take my word for it, download this and give it a try yourself. While at it don't forget the meshes needed for best results. These are also extremely detailed with great care. 

You get some very custom very highly detailed textures and the only drawback is you have to manually configure a folder and rename some of the files for your custom selections. In the end you end up with a very highly detailed and beautiful character/player which will not look like every other character you have seen on the web. He has even added some instructions to get the makeup like some of his screen captures to boot.

Do like I did and download the requirements. (Mesh and Textures) and then create two folders on your desktop, one named meshes, the other textures. Extract Kendo's textures and body pack and follow the instructions and rename the files you want and drag them to the proper folder (textures to textures, meshes to meshes duh) and then drag them both into a new folder named whatever you want (Mine was called KendoCustomBody) then zip it up and install it. Now you have a custom body that is yours.. If you decide a different mesh or a different texture is to your liking .. no problem just drag it to your body folder you created into the proper folder...Again Mesh to meshes and textures to texture (make sure you you renamed it correctly) It should prompt for a overwrite, select yes.. zip it back up and install it. Now you have a new custom body.. :D.. It is that easy. From there you can create customized body folder for followers and races and other things.. :D.


The male version sought below can be found here. 

Check out the other links as there are additions to the files for different DLCs and such.

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I myself am a bit new to using mods, but I must say this mod I like a lot. For fallout 3 it worked perfectly,  when using FOMM. I used it as a custom skin for all female characters in the game plus my own character. While combined with an hd mod it makes them look a lot more realistic. Instead of that boring underware that is default in the game. I was amazed that all female characters in the game still retained their own individual faces, just with better definition. This body/skin mod definitely makes the game more realistic to me, with the removal capability of all clothing. Now just need to find the male version to this, so that all characters are more realistic.

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