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Kendo 2's Type3 Custom Textures

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Kendo 2's Type3 Custom Textures

These are my personal Type3 textures for my custom companions. People have been asking for them so here they are. I am hesitant to share these as I do not want them showing up on Nexus or people hi-jacking them (ala BlackBlossom) and pretending they created something they didn't. Anyway, aside from my contribution to Type3, I take no credit for the work. Luchaire, Kiwi and Xaznom did all of the heavy lifting, I just tweaked them a little.  If you want custom body meshes you can get them HERE.

I have hand painted new rosey nipples, 3 vagina variations and 2 anus variations. Molina's body texture is super smooth with no flaws. Cheryl's body texture received the same treatment with added highlights and plenty of sexy moles (perfect for girls with pale skin, though Molina's works just as well.) I think these textures are too specialized to be used as general replacers but they will work in that role. The body textures are waxed and clean. I do not like pubic hair and I do not do 'wasteland nasty'. If you want a girl who looks like her pussy stinks, stick with BOG.


  • 3 vagina variations of Cheryl's 'moles' body texture.
  • 3 vagina variations of Molina's super svelte body texture.
  • A Cup versions of the body textures.
  • 2 face textures for Cheryl and Molina (fresh scrubbed and makeup)
  • Optional hi-rez normals for the faces, bodies and hands (These are the REAL deal, not fakes).

(All of the textures are raw and uncompressed. This makes it easy to modify them with tattoos or whatever and not result in artifacts showing up after compression. I did not include diffused hand textures. If you need them just request it.)

Also included are the Hex Codes and a tutorial by eronel55 for using FO3 Edit or NV Edit to apply my preset face textures. It is very easy to understand and I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. Just look at the screenshots. I did not include the face morphs. It is one thing to share a makeup job or a body texture, but I'm not about to hand over my girls' faces.

Rename the body texture of your choice to upperbodyfemale and place it in your Data\textures\characters\female folder.
Rename the head texture of your choice to headhuman and place it in your Data\textures\characters\female folder. 
If you do not have that file path Data\textures\characters\female folder simply create it.
(The default location of the folder is Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\Data\textures\characters\female.)

dimon99 for the original Type3 Body, Lucharie for the base body textures, kiwi82mx for the real hi-rez body normal texture, Xaznom for the Many Faces face textures, eronel55 for the Hex Code tutorial, and Kendo 2 for everything else.

None.  You may not reuse my content for your own mods or adapt it for use with other body mods without my permission.  Use what I use or don’t use it at all.

Do not upload my content to other game sites.  If I want my mods hosted elsewhere I’ll be the one to do it.  You the downloader have no vetted interest in the content provided on these pages.  That includes derivatives and anything that you might steal.  Do not direct link the files and you may not use my content as parts of compilations, place it behind pay walls, or do anything else I think is crooked.

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yoip cut and paste from the main page...here it is:

Can I ask a question?  Its probably been answered elsewhere, but not here, so apologies in advance if I'm repeating something well known.

The downloaded package contains the folder "K2 Type3 Textures", and inside that: two different 'girl type'  folders with eight .dds files in them each; another folder, "Real Hi Rez Normal Maps", which has three normal maps in it; and a tutorial folder.  I am using MO, so my mission is to make a archive of my selection and install it through that tool.  But Im a little confused.  

Now, i understand that we will choose a head and a body texture from the [6+2]x2 'girl type' folders.  The readme is clear that far, and Im with you.  But shouldnt there be more files?  Including the three normal maps, there will be 5 .dds files in the mod archive.  But I have also installed 'Real Feel  face and body retexture', and comparing the two makes me think I might be missing some ttextures.  'Real Feel" has 13 .dds files in it.   I suppose some of those are the diffuse hand textures you mention here:


I did not include diffused hand textures.

...but it still seems like something is missing.  Is what I have complete?  Should I overwrite 'Real Feel' or vanilla only?  


I understand that through testing in game, I can eventually figure out what is needed and what works together.  But if anyone here could help make that clear here, it would be appreciated.

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The mod is meant to be for a custom install, not as replacers.  They can be used for that but that's not the way I intended them to be used.  They are also meant to be installed manually, not with a mod organizer.

Anyway you need another Type3 mod installed to get the files that are missing here.  I suggest installing dimon99's original Type3.  It is for FO3 but it will work for New Vegas as well.  Once you have that installed then you can either copy those folders to make your own for custom races or just use my textures as default replacers.

I'm not in the habit of giving detailed explanations for the mods I make.  I assume my content users are advanced or at least know the basics of installing mods.  If you need help there is a multitude of tutorials available.  Just Google them.

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19 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

The mod is meant to be for a custom install, not as replacers.  

I did read that, and I think I understand why you reccomend that.  But Real Feel looked kinda not-so-good by itself.  I do plan to use a custom race, but later.  For now Im just trying to get a basic but good female body working. 

Your textures seems to work fine with MO, once the files and folders are manually renamed and structured.  I'm also using your T3 mesh replacer.  I imagine they should work well together.  It looks to me like I can leave this texture and your mesh replacer together with Real Feel in, and that with MO Real Feel will provide the missing files while being overwritten by the relevant (5) files from this mod.

20 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

I'm not in the habit of giving detailed explanations for the mods I make.

Fair enough.  Some of these authors must really run themselves ragged.  Thanks for the fine work and keeping up development with FNV.  I hope you guys do well here; it looks like that Sims 4 stuff could really take off.

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Some authors are artist not writers. :P Kendo is one of those. He gets busy working on projects and such and when they are done he seems to hate doing the documentation. IN cases like this feel free to clarify or even create tutorials for use of some of your setups. Regardless of which mods you use. Show some photos etc and let people know what can be done to get your results. One of the first major projects I did was write a tutorial for a very complex mod resource folder. it was a pain in the ass and the author wasn't even sure what went where and if some of the things were actually there :sweat:. I wrote that tutorial and it helped many, many trying to use those combinations of mods. One of our moderators created a tutorial here for Skyrim to make it prutty... :P 

As for the replacers. Just remember the file paths and where things go. Then mix and match what YOU think is proper and correct to get the results that YOU want. Mo can even show you the "conflicts'. through this you can see if the new body files are properly installed (real body) and replacing the original. Then test in game to be sure if you want. Then after you figure out the files you want you can even "remaster" a mod with all the needed body files and textures and install it and make sure through MO's conflict mechanism that they are properly installed, test in game and then remove all the previous body mods you installed. ;)

As I stated in a reply to the email. The main thing that most people need to understand... Truly comprehend is the file paths, and how the conflict/overwrite system in Bethesda Gambro engines work. You have that and understand that, there isn't much in way of modding your game you can't do with the mods provided to you. That is the first step then if you want open GECK or CK etc and start learning how to change the paths, add new records and change them. They Sir/Mam you would be a mod content creator, (publicly distributed, privately distributed or not distributed at all :P)


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