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  1. I spent 755 hours on FO4 - it just happened^^ Mostly for Sex or re-building Sanctuary
  2. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/microsoft-to-acquire-zenimax-media-and-its-game-publisher-bethesda-softworks-301134492.html#:~:text=Under the terms of the,they want%2C anywhere they want. Okay, that sounds weird. What do you think about it?
  3. I like this Gloves. It looks very close to perfect!
  4. zilvradrow


    Hey Sweety. I got an offer for you, that you can't refuse.
  5. I use this Version since May 2020. IMO it works better than Oldrim, when you're using a lot of Mods. Not a CTD since I installed this Version, no big problems with ENBs and a better perfomance during the play (low FPS rate) The only bad thing is, many of my favorite Mods didn't really Work with SSE. But i would say, wen sombody ask me which version, Oldrim or SSE would be better? SSE, when you got a newer Setup. When you got an older System (pE - Intel i5 2500k or AMD FX6300 with a GTX 670, then try Oldrim) I got a lot of trouble with Oldrim, after I updated my PC
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