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  1. Description:
    Hades, Osiris and the rest of the Theoi Khthonioi (Ancient Gods of the Underworld) Clashed for Power and entrapped Satan and turned the underworld and everyone in it to Stone. Since then it has been inhabited by even Worse Evil, the Unholy and Undead. The actual Quest and Game is to Return Hell to...Well Hell... Fight your way from Upper Hell To Middle Hell, Awaken and Release the Ancient Underworlds Stone Armys to Clense the realm of its Evil. Including you. Then if you Chose to STAY. Help defeat the Ancient Stone Army to win the War for Hell and become a GOD of the Underworld.
    This is a part of my own larger mod.. And is the Hell version.
    It is very DARK. Dare you to not use your pipboy light ONCE.
    This is a VERY LARGE MOD. Whole new world with a Story line and objectives via SCROLLS.
    You can do it solo or when you get to Hell find Spookshow.. She will help you.
    Spookshow is a NPC that can be a follower. She shoots Fire Balls and when wounded badly turns into a Werewolf. She turns back after not being in combat for a bit. The only way Spookshow can be killed is in Werewolf form. So protect her best you can when she is a Werewolf.. not that she really needs it. Also, Spookshow in Werewolf form is limited where she can go. Small doors, spaces, etc. So wait till she turns back before you leave her. If you try and use cheats. you WILL break your game. I use a series of locked doors and chain of events to move on in this game. You will miss them using cheats.
    I don't take any credit nor do I claim this as my work. All credits goes to @Rez aka RayV12 (Nexus) for creating this mod and allowing me to upload it in the past https://www.loverslab.com/topic/29195-rez-hell/. Given I am good friends with REZ and I've uploaded this on LL with his permission, I'm 100% positive he won't have a problem with it uploaded here by me or any of his friends. ( The intent of this mod is for people who do not want to register to LL download this mod since NSFWmods doesn't require you to register to download mods.
  2. This upload consists of 3 mods. I suggest reading the readme provided for each archive to know more info.
    Anita Preset - Unique Race
    I've created Anita as a unique race/preset here. You can add what ever face/body/hand mesh and texture you wish and it won't effect the rest of the female characters in game.
    No worries, I've created a unique child race to bypass the tranquility Lane to link with this Anita's unique race so when you finish the mini quest you return to being Anita and not a different looking character.
    Anita Preset - Vanilla Hispanic Race
    This preset is included with the vanilla Hispanic presets. Which means Anita shares the same meshes and textures as all 4 vanilla female races. I created it for those that do not want to use her as a save or unique race. Just a simple addition to the vanilla preset.
    Anita Preset - Savegame
    This is a save game of my Anita character for those that do not want to use the vanilla Hispanic race or the unique race.
    No worries, this save is set to only rely on Fallout3.esm so you don't have to be annoyed about any missing mods to run this savegame other than FOSE. I can't guarantee it will work without FOSE, or if not having FOSE installed will ensure problems in future saves.
    One last thing.... There are two save games in this archive.
    1. autosave.fos
    2. Save 16 AnitaSaveGame, Vault 101 Entrance, 00.28.08.fos
    Save 16 AnitaSaveGame = Right after you've left the Vault 101 door, before actually exiting to the wasteland. It's saved so you may run up to the door and change your name, appearance and stats. autosave.fos = Right before the G.O.A.T. exam. I provided the autosave.fos so you had the option to choose which way you want to the consequences to be in Vault 101, whether that is being passive, completely hostile towards everyone, or in between. I left that choice up to you because I recognize that not everyone will want the same outcome. You start right after talking to your father, James about the G.O.A.T. exam.  
    Uploaded a new archive of Anita Preset - Savegame as the old version contained a backup (autosave.fos.bak) version which is unusable with the back extension. It is now autosave.fos
    xatmos - For the FNV preset I used as the base to create Anita.
    throttlekitty - For the head, mouth and other meshes used in this mod
    sirtrippsalot - For Project Mikoto where I got the custom hair.
    This is exclusively for NSFWmods.com. This mod uploaded elsewhere is done so without my permission. There will be no permission for an FNV version. My FNV version is gone and since FO3 rarely gets any love, it's exclusively for FO3. Tough luck.
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    Four colourful and very non-lore outfits for Type 3. Adult Content.
    coc 11K2BGCell to get the items and FastTravel back out. They are in the vault dresser in front of you. The dresser will respawn every three days.
    *I highly recommend Humannature66's Manicured Nails*
    Dimon99, alex3474, Humannature66, Falridorin, Kendo 2
    THIS UPLOAD IS NOT RESOURCE MATERIAL. No one may assign, directly or indirectly, all or part of my creative rights or obligations to other modders without my written consent.
    Under no circustances is my absence from NSFWmods, either by accident or design, to be interpreted as permission to use the contents of this upload as resource material. This shall continue indefinately, commencing on the effective upload date.
    This mod is Fallout 3 content and is not to be used in any way shape or form for Fallout New Vegas. This includes, but is not limited to, ESP only patches.
    Permission for conversions to other Type3 (and TypeV) Body models will be considered on a case by case basis. PM me here at NSFWmods for permission and other details. Requests for shojo/loli will be denied and get you reported.
    Kendo 2
    Special Note: This mod is currently no longer being updated. I was given permission to upload by K2. -ega
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