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  1. The Tops Casino pool area gets a make-over!
    What it does:
    Removes the stupid vanilla Gamblers and Chairmen and replaces them with new custom NPCs with more flavor and real AI packages. Removes the pointless Idle Markers and adds Furniture Markers for the new NPCs. Addresses two issues to the vanilla Nav Mesh that caused NPCs to take odd routes when traveling.  
    What it adds:
    New pool furniture meshes (chairs, tables and chaise lounges). New Nav Mesh for the swimming pool so NCPs will actually use it. (Now your companions can go swimming with you.) New NPCs with real AI packages. During the day they swim, drink beer and sodas, lounge about and otherwise interact with the environment. At night everyone goes home and the pool area is empty.  Each NPC is an individual. There is a lazy blonde, a girl doing paper work, the boyfriend and girlfriend, the cute girl, the ambiguous lesbian and two Hawaiian shirt-wearing Chairmen. (Note: all of the new NPCs are in factions, so if you already fucked up at The Tops they will either run for their lives or open fire.) There are new clothing meshes and texures for NPCs. The bikinis are in a leveled list so when the cell resets after three days the girls will be wearing something different. The new items ARE NOT PLAYABLE. This is not a clothing mod. It simply adds more character to the otherwise bland and boring Tops Swimming Pool.
    To play it:
    Get out of the Tops Pool cell and go somewhere else. Install the mod and activate both the 11K2_Tops Pool.esm and the 11K2_Tops Pool.esp. Load the game and play. DO NOT stand in the cell and repeatedly WAIT for the NPCs to change their packages. They either will continue with their previous packages or just stand there. It is a GAME, not RL so give the CG people a chance to process their AIs. I didn’t do any heavy scripting and all of the new NPCs have standard packages. DO NOT run around and click on the NPCs and expect anything more than vanilla ‘go away’ responses or no responses at all. Pretend you’re at a real pool. Would you run around like a spazz and try to talk to every person there? The NPCs are there for flavor, not for your character to interact with.  
    This mod changes the Wilderness area where the Tops Pool is located. If you do not like that then do not download the mod. I based this mod on what I have in my own game. In fact, it uses almost all of what I have in my game for the Tops Pool. If you’re expecting grand times then you’re going to be disappointed. All this mod does is replace lame-ass vanilla NCPs with better looking ones with AIs.
    Consider the Pool Furniture meshes and the clutter items as Lover’s Lab resources. Feel free to use them in your own mods, provided you credit me and you do not upload my content to Nexus. Nothing I make may be hosted there. IF YOU’RE MODDING FOR NEXUS, YOU MAY NOT USE MY CONTENT IN YOUR MOD. NO EXCEPTIONS. The following content IS NOT REOURCE MATERIAL: The bikini meshes and textures, the face gens of the NPCs. (I have plans for all of that.) and Humannature66‘s Manicured Nails meshes (get permission from him).
    dimon99 for Type3, Backsteppo for the towel mesh and texture, Knightmare for the male prewar spring outfit textures, humannature66 for the manicured nails meshes, and Kendo 2 for everything else.
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