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  1. A Piece Of Sovngarde Is 3 Player Homes You Can Carry Around In Your Inventory, One Big Room or 3 . With All Professions And Safe Storage On ALL CONTAINERS, Tidy Type With No much Clutter Home.(Add ur own clutter XP)
    When You Equip The Ring, U Will Enter, When You Take It Off You Will Go Back To Where You Was When Equipped

    DO NOT put a ring on then put another one on straight away, always take off and go back out, In case of emergency, i added a door out of the big ones that can be used, its the Blue Shimmering Doorway in the middle behind the dinner table.

    As Seen In The Image, There Is A Skeleton Trapped Behind The Guardian Stones Near Riverwood. The Rings Are On It
    I've Also Added Some Gear And Weapons To The Mod Inside Some Of The Chests And Wardrobe. All Upgradeable And Cratfable (same strengh as Deadric Stuff)
    And Some Other Items. also in (@no bonus items) i took them out the boxes.
    U will get 2 rings of each soon as u leave each one so u end up with 6 rings 3 x2, just put 5 of them in a jewellery box or something out the way like i do in bedroom. and keep one ring to use. 01 is small one with most bits in, 02 is big with bits in, and 03 is empty one ( i use 03 cus i like no items added)

    Thanks To.

    I'd Like To Give A Special Thanks To Pyromanius Who Spent Time Helping Me Understand Scripting Better Than I Did And Also To The Maker Of Haven Bag Haishao, Which I Did Look At To Also Understand How It Was Done, Then Rewrote The Code Myself Modelled After It. Without These Guys I Would Still Be Learning How To Do It  Also for what i learned from Darkfox127 and Bestinslot on youtube for those of u who are thinking of learning how to make mods of ur own but dont know who to trust in video Guides 
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