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  1. EngineBugFixes by Tiawar It fixes a number of things including the floating weapon bug, and it does it via a OBSE dll so you can free up a esp slot or two by dropping fixes made redundant by this.
  2. Just discovered that FCOM isn't compatible with Lovers Creatures as the monsters added by the mods that make up FCOM have yet to have dick-added versions. There was an attempt at a FCOM compatibility patch for LC but it stalled out after the modder finished the OOO portion. So if you want to run Lovers Creatures, skip anything that adds monsters or deal with any screwiness caused by that on your own.
  3. Ok. I'll keep leaving feedback in case it helps any future guide users or authors.
  4. @Anatriax Just checked MO's nexus page. Apparently MO does not get along with *SEs (OBSE, SKSE, etc) when set to Script Extender as the load mechanism due to *SEs loading files before MO can move the files to the virtual directory. That is possibly why you don't remember having to do the WB workaround for OBSE in the past, as it would have been unneeded for non-Steam versions.
  5. Mad Companionship Spells, MCS Extension & HumanTouchNPC! Companion Share and Recruit and CM Partners seem to have issues when run along with LwPK. Using the spells from the above mod for recruiting seems to allow you to get around the script issues the aforementioned mods run into. You can still install any companions from mods for either of those, but if you don't use the mod spells to recruit them then their AI will break when you do LwPK stuff.
  6. On an unrelated note, I decided to go with DMRA Fine Tuned and Setbody Blockhead with its LAPF plugin for body stuff. Hoping that the DMRA replacer for FCOM, MMM and OOO that I found on LL is complete enough. Gonna miss having DMRA-GUTS for my base replacer though. Loved the legs on that one.
  7. Streamline seems to be a bit questionable as it causes CTDs for some.
  8. I think i'm going to drop OOO/FCOM. They both add armor and the replacers i've found are incomplete. I'm going to read up on other options. Maybe UVIII could be a good fit.
  9. It looks like I will have to give up on the idea of doing DMRA conversions for Morrowind things. I cannot get python to launch any of those tools I linked without python crashing because it can't locate a library it needs. Followed every fix known to google and got nowhere.
  10. Looks like MOBS is worth adding if FCom is still a part of the guide as Francesco's includes an older version of it.
  11. I checked out HiShutUp's guide. What do you think of MOBS? I like the idea of weapons actually hitting their targets, but i'm not entirely sold on the rest of it. I ended up finding Weapons Of Morrowind thanks to that one. Worth adding or should the Morrowind files do about the same?
  12. Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5 - possibly worth adding to LOD generation
  13. I wanted to use MBP++ but i've read some bad things about its packaging and overall compatibility. Found a mod on Nexus that makes Comprehensive Cosmetic Compilation 1.8 and OCOv2 compatible last night. Orsimar Overhaul for OCOv2 works with it, but it causes a mismatch between the face and ears. I'm debating if i'm keeping OCOv2 now though since I kind of want Ave's Vanilla Races and Racereplacer and Ahtata argonian replacer. Downside to that is losing the OCOv2 Orc and having to find a good replacement with cosmetic options. You should check out the links on that blog. The 'Environment' one had some interesting stuff.
  14. I decided to try finishing my OCO2 + Seamless OCO install with MO and everything worked out, so I think i'll keep going with MO for now. It might help to work out flaws in my install plans this way. BTW - did you get any other creation mods loaded with OCO2? Wondering what would still be compatible.
  15. I was hopeful since none of the problems I ran into were major. I guess i'll clear things and and start over eventually.
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