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  1. I'm a DIE-hard E.S. moder for over last 15 years, that is just starting to tackle SkyrimLE/SE. Replacing the garbage characters and their accessories that come with ALL Beth games, I spent last few years porting Daz Bodies and respective outfits to Oblivion (FOR MY OWN USE so stfu !). I know have completely replaced all OB Characters and Clothing with Daz models and my game runs like a charm at 57-60 fps. During this time i developed exceptional modelling, and animating skills with Autodesk (HATE that POS Blender-blind), Texturing with Photoshop, Manipulation with NIFScope, immersion and manipulation with Construction Set , and of course using varied "support" utilities required. I played with Fallout but not really into that "style" of game.
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