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  1. Hey that's fine, that's all I can ask for with a request is that it could happen sometime. I am still thankful about it, even if it's not gonna be done immediately or some time soon.
  2. So I've been looking around for a certain kind of body mod, and there just exists nothing for it. Basically, I am wondering if it might be possible to play as a cboy type character. So something masculine but with lady bits, that way I can have fun as a 'female' courier and play with all the female courier centric mods, with something that I would enjoy. I found some mods that were somewhat close, Kendo 2's femboy and androgynous models, and that's why I am making the request here. Those mods though, are just not quite what I am looking for though. Perfect world, masculine body type with a vagina, able to equip male armours and the like. Though if it would be easier to maybe take like the femboy model and just replace the dick, or the androgynous models and make flat chested like.. I will take what I can get so there is at least something out there like this. I dunno if any of these would even be simple to do though. I have no clue as to modding, and have no knowledge of 3d modelling too so like I really can't do this myself. I opened up GECK once, and was left a confused mess at everything about it. So I am hoping that there might be a cool modder that could help me out, and fill this odd little niche! Anyways though, I thank you for the time to read my little plight! ^^
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