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  1. 7 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

    For an existing object, like a free model from somewhere:

    *You need Blender (I use a cracked Blender 2.49 but you might want a newer version.)  3DMax won't work because there isn't a plugin for it.
    *Install the MeshIO plugin from sourceforge.
    *Set the preferences like this.
    *Open Blender and delete the cube.
    *Import the file as an OBJ.  You might need to reassign the material, image texture and UV.
    *Pick the "Selection Only" option on the Export dialog pane.
    *Export as an OBJ, exit Blender.
    *Open Daz Studio
    *Import the new OBJ using the Silo settings.
    *Work normally in Daz Studio.

    Otherwise, just create objects in Blender/3Dmax and then export them as OBJs.  Then do the steps above.  You can find more (or better) info on Daz3d.com.

    How much does FedEx charge for a box of kisses? :3

    Thank you so much, Kendo!

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