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About this blog

My Bullshit Comics Blog

I’m starting this blog to do some world building and story backgrounds for the ‘New Vegas’ I feature in some of my comics.  For the purposes of storytelling and ‘plot’ I will be doing a little ret-con and expanding on the world of Fallout New Vegas.

Now...to set the stage...


Vault 21 as a concept wouldn’t work as a control vault.  In true VaultTech fashion there would have to be a foil, something that would happen to set the vault on end.  For my story-line I’m inserting ‘the Administrators’ as that hook.  The protocol that activated the Administrators was the true purpose of Vault 21. 
According to ‘the lore’ everyone in Vault 21 was equal and disputes were settled by games of chance and gambling.  That’s just dumb.  Within one generation human nature would take over; leaders and followers would emerge and they would form a hierarchy on their own, unless there was a secret one already in place.
Twenty years after the vault doors were sealed the protocol was initiated.  It was quite simple actually; five random vault residents were given unexpected and high-ranking job positions.  They were also given spacious living quarters, extended commissary privileges, and so on.  This made them the new elite and verified that everyone wasn’t equal.  Once these ‘Administrators’ were comfortable and complacent the second part of the protocol was to be initiated; the other vault residents were to be told what was going on.  But things didn’t exactly work out as planned since the Overseer happened to be one of the Administrators.  Activating the second part of the protocol would never happen and the Administrators keep their positions and privileges.
Within two generations the idea of Vault 21 being populated with nothing but rabid gamblers collapsed and the vault became a somewhat normal closed society.  By that time the existence of the Administrators was common knowledge and it was something for the residents to aspire to.

So...when I’m writing these stupid comics that’s the loose premise I’m working from; Vault 21 is a control vault ruled by a small group of elites and the events take place about 50 years after the vault was sealed.  Duh End.

Entries in this blog


[Vault 21, Entry #04] Exposition and World Building

I'm doing this type entry for my own benefit and to maintain story continuity.  The way things are looking 'the comics' I intend to do for this arc probably won't make sense unless downloaders read this blog.  I'll just link the blog in any uploads I do and hope for the best.  Anyway, these images are set up in the 1600X3600 format I normally use for comic pages.  Right click on an image and select 'open in a new window' to see them full-sized.  Enjoy.

Kendo 2

Kendo 2


[Vault 21, Entry #03] 'The Administrators' more Vault 21 ret-conning

Continuing with my ret-con of New Vegas lore for Vault 21, these are the ‘Administrators' I referenced in the initial blog post.   (1) Toshiro Hino
Doctor and chemist, the son of the first doctor in Vault 21.  Toshiro is a descendant of one of the last samurai families in Meji Era Japan.  He is proud of his heritage and has an ancestral set of Dō-maru armor and his family’s katana on display in his quarters. Plot Hook: It is rumored he has an incestuous relationship with younger sister, Honiko. (2) Yasmine Clarke
Computer whiz and champion chess player.  Yasmine is one of the oldest in the second generation of Vault 21, and she is also the newest and youngest Administrator.  Being thrust into the situation has been overwhelming for her and frequently she turns to the other Administrators for guidance. Plot Hook: Yasmine is very intelligent and calculating. (3) Anne Walker
Social climber and master manipulator.  Anne was an infant when her parents entered the vault in 2077, and while not technically born in Vault 21, she is considered a first generation of vault dweller.  Anne’s singular talent is being able to read people and she uses it to her advantage.  She has a well-earned notorious reputation because of her predatory nature. Plot Hook: Anne doesn’t seem to be aging at a normal rate and is much older than she appears. (4) Lance Regan
Survival specialist and leader of the ‘Pioneers'.  Cocky and somewhat arrogant, Lance heads an 8 man squad of trained professionals and their main mission is excursions into the wasteland.  Very few people have left the vault and fewer have returned, but Lance and his men have an excellent success record. Plot Hook: Lance and his team don't report everything they find in the Mojave. (5) Alejandro Gandara
Vault 21 Overseer and the oldest and most experienced of the Administrators. Alejandro (or Alex) was a child when the war started and he remembers life before the vault.  Mostly an introvert, the things that bring him out of his shell are quality liquor and a woman’s attention. Plot Hook: Now and old man, Alejandro wants to see blue skies and breath real air again before he dies.

Kendo 2

Kendo 2

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