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  1. EctoBukkake's Adventures is made to add lewd flavor to CK2 by letting the player go on adventures to various locations. Adventures include RPG style loot, smut and decisions.
    This is a very early functional build of the mod. I decided to release an extremely early alpha version to get feedback on my work. There is only one area made, with 5 lewd scenes to play through. Two are focused on bestiality and four have the potential to be noncon.
    An adventure is triggered through a decision that can be made every 180 days. Available to female players with 5 prestige to pay.
    All events are written for females, and men do not have access to them. They are also geared towards Christian characters in Europe. Player choices are affected by traits. For example, a chaste character will not willingly engage in sexual acts, while a Lustful one will find it difficult to resist. Characters can gain traits through choice in events.
    Current Features:
    One adventure area (The Forest) accessible through a decision.
    5 Sex scenes with different choices, outcomes and modifiers.
    Lewd Images for all of the Sex Scenes.
    Many SFW adventuring scenes.
    Multiple character modifiers that are added based on by choice in events. Choices for events that are influenced by character traits.
    Multiple new character traits gained through events.
    Toggleable rules for what fetishes and kinks you want to experience.
    Planned Features:
    New Areas
    More Scenes Per Area
    More Choices and Branches for Events
    Artifacts and More Loot
    Character Traits
    Graphics for Events
    More Effects Post Event
    Event Choices and Results Based on Character Traits.
    Bad Ends
    Prestige/Piety gains and loses from events.
    I plan to make this mod as kinky as possible. In the future they will be able to be toggled through game rules. Kinks that are currently in the mod include:
    Bestiality (Horse, Wolf) Breeding Rape Noncon/Dubcon Cumplay Cumflation Orgasm Denial Gangbangs Forced Poisoning/Drugging  
    I have made a brand new survey in preparation of V0.01.06 and would love to hear your feedback!
    Bug Report!
    This scope of new content is fairly small as I spent most of my time preparing other features and content to be added in a future version.
    New in V0.01.06
    Gameplay Features
    * Adventuring is now only available between May and September.
    * Adventuring is now only available when not at war.
    * Added images to 10 existing NSFW Scenes.
    * Added images to 4 existing SFW Scenes.
    * Improved images for many existing scenes, both NSFW and SFW.
    * Added 4 new SFW adventuring events that give loot or add modifiers.
    * Added new character modifiers.
    * Added and integrated rules to limit what kinks you will experience.
    * More random events will occur, making each adventure more unique. 
    * The events now have limits on how much content you can explore each time you adventure. You can no longer go through every scene in one adventure.
    * Improved end sequence to limit loops and repeating events.
    * Dozens of NSFW scenes have had their flavor text rewritten or fleshed out.
    * Traits, Events and Modifiers have been rebalanced.
    * Negative modifiers are now more common and have a greater variety. Adventuring now has more significant health risks.
    * Reorganized mod file structure.
    * Completely reorganized scripting and organization of files and scripts to prepare for future expansions and updates. 
    Join My Discord Server!
    I talk about and show off what I'm currently working on.
    Information on the next update as well as planned features for the future can be found there!
    There is  a dev branch of the mod there in the future so I can test new features and ideas before publicly releasing them.
    To install the mod, just unzip it into your correct ck2 mod directory.
    EctoBukkake's Adventures is fully compatible with all other sex mods available on Loverslab.
    Development Update!
    I am proud to finally release V0.01.06 after a long time working on it. I know it doesn't seem like a ton of content, but it is a strong foundation for the next update. At the moment I plan for the next update to contain multiple NSFW scenes and that will be the main focus of the V0.01.07.
    Feedback is greatly appreciated!
    Author: EctoBukkake
    EctoBukkake's Adventures uses Bigger Events by: ngppgn.
    Bigger Events: ngppgn
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