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Kendo 2

Been playing with skin tones, tint mask shapes, makeup colors palettes, etc.  Nothing really new though.



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I'm using the Creation Kit and making the sets like the vanilla game ones are.  Doing that changes the vanilla races to the point where there are serious load order issues with mods that add hairs and eyes.  And I doubt people will like my game-friendly 256x256 high detail tint masks.  They aren't Nexus 4096x4096 fake hi-rez enough. :S

No idea what I'm going to do with the stuff when I'm done. *shrugs*

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It sounds good to me. Both the using the Creation kit and making (I assume) replacements for the vanilla game ones (models) and don't care much about issues with mods that add hair or eyes to the game.  To me, mods change the game. Changes done to parts of the game will conflict with other mods that change the same thing. It is the nature of the beast. the user chooses which mods they want to "conflict" with the game (which is essentially what modding a game does when changing any assets that are already included 'in game")

As for the "size" haven't you heard.... "Size doesn't matter, it is how you use it that does".. :P In this case, your textures and such are more refined and detailed from the start to begin with. You don't need large textures to get great results, just good textures to begin with. I used to use the large textures (fake high rez) from Nexus and such and then realized that there is very little "pay off" for those textures and I can get a very good result from using lower rez better quality textures in the long run.


No idea what I'm going to do with the stuff when I'm done. *shrugs*

Send me a copy...lol. I imagine they will look terrific next to your high quality elfin eyes :D... (Which I think you didn't release as well)

On a more serious note... I'd suggest if ... when ... if you do... create a complete replacement of males, females, and all the races... eyes, high quality hairs etc, that you release it as a Kendo Skyrim pack. Let them know that other skins, hair, and eyes mod might conflict etc, etc, yada, yada and give them the choice to use it or not.

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