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  1. I put this at the top of the load order. That way NPCs replaced by Bijin are not influenced.
  2. Ah. I am totally helpless when it comes to MO and NMM. Hope you get it sorted out!
  3. Face to body mismatch can happen due to these basic reasons: 1. Mismatched texture sets 2. Mismatched body types 3. Mod controlling NPC does not provide the face mesh/tint files Since you have specific NPCs with the problem, the best you can do is load up your install in TESEdit and look for the NPC records. If JH is the last mod in the list and you have installed it last, you should overwrite the asset files (simply install it again). If a different mod has control over those NPCs, you'll have to move it above JH in your load order AND install JH again, overwriting the files.
  4. Yes, well it does but since I don't have that specific hair I used F12 from Apachii suite, and she looks fine. Will probably download the requirements at some point. I don't have the SG268 either, so when I come across any NPCs with same issue I will change their hair, takes only few minutes to do. Thanks for the edit in the OP, but why is ECE required? I don't have ECE and it works anyway.
  5. So that didn't take long - KS hairdos is a hard requirement and that's not mentioned here. Her hair is 'Northstar' and I do have some textures for some of the KS hairs, but not he mod itself. Hence the purple texture. I changed her hair for now to something similar from the Apachii collection to avoid the problem and it works fine. Maybe the mod description could list the requirement?
  6. Hi and thanks for the quick reply, appreciated. My NPC order is much, much simpler. Prettier bandits JH ppl Bijin Warmaidens Bijin Wives The Ordinary Women NOG Residents of the Lift (I have cleaned this file manually to prevent conflicts with Ordinary Women) Rest are my own mods for Serana and some members of the Thieves guild, plus residents of Draginbridge, Dawnstar and some farms and inns). None of my mods have Elisif and never did - like I said till the mod was installed Elisif was vanilla. You have same mods in your remix so you know she's not there. Anyway, I will fire up NIFskope and see what I can find.
  7. Hi They look good. Salute the effort at putting so many facegens together. I know what a pain it can be, after 30-40 you start feeling really old. Can't imagine so many. Little tough to check every NPC, but Elisif has purple hair (missing texture file). I was playing with vanilla Elisif, so it's definitely this mod. Are there are any specific requirements for the hair? I do have Apachii installed (full pack + all addons). Almost all others that I saw in five minutes of casual checking seem okay but haven't been to all areas yet. I'll report back if I find anything new. For the time being I will live with it as I've already finished all her quests in my current playthroughs. I'm using with Bijin Warmaiden, Bijin Wives, Ordinary Women and something called NOG. Plus another 40-50 of my own facegens for some minor NPCs. Works smooth with no conflicts. All manual install - I normally manually edit the ESPs to remove the conflicts but wasn't in the mood for over 150 NPCs, so did it the old-fashioned way.
  8. Hi karma Display Model 2 http://www.loverslab.com/topic/34723-ill-take-the-display-model/
  9. Hello I've been on LL and Nexus, same handle. Don't contribute much at either place - not much to really add. I do try and lend a hand with my limited knowledge. I'm more of a mod installer, though I've tried my hand at some face replacers for character not covered by the usual suspects like Bijin and Neus. Results have been mixed at best and most of my work has dependencies on very old and outdated mods so I don't release them at all as it's not possible to replicate my results. I guess that's the difference talent makes. So far I've installed nude mods on DOA5, Skyrim , and Witcher 3. Currently trying DAI - but it's not even my kind of game. Obviously Skyrim has some action-oriented mods, mostly consensual (Defeat/DM2 are the only exceptions). In a single playthrough I use maybe 10% of the functionality of any given mod - once the novelty wore off, that is. Bodywise I prefer UNP and UUNP in smaller sizes, and a mix of complexions and skintones. The other games are basically modded with apparel replacers, but I don't play them much at all. Far as regular mods go, I basically use very little. An ENB, and some basic fixes like quiver removal, stone markers etc. Not yet got to the point where I'm bored enough to try Requiem or Enderal. Vanilla game provides enough hours of entertainment. See you soon
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