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  1. yes, thank you...  you already gave me that tutorial, it's actually very easy (even i could follow it ! ;) ) but this time i'm probably going to use not just the face but the body too.

    i never played with a male character because it's kind of immersion-breaking for me :) but these character you created are so close to female that i think i might try them and i'm curious to see how it is :) i might pretend that i got mutated by the radiations ;)

  2. 3 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

    The faces in the screenshots are the character presets from the mod. ^_^ Your character will look like these unless you change them.

    maybe is already said somewhere else but... does it create a new race or are they specific to one of the already existing races ?


    i found the answer (i think) so feel free to ignore the question ;) as i told in several post i'm kind of lazy, so i start asking questions (faster and easier) then when i have time i start looking for the answer myself :P even if in this way sometimes i make a mess :D


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