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  1. i know Cmar and Bloom, didn't know the others. now that i do, i'll look for their creations too an other reason to thank you for !
  2. Thanks the Divines you did ! (Skyrim quotation LOL). RC is right, you really did a great job !
  3. i never liked high heals in TS3 because Sims' height didn't change, wearing high heals shoes actually shortened legs... with all the shoes you are posting it isn't so, they actually do what heals are supposed to do... so i really like them ! thanks.
  4. it was quite good, thanks ! yours too, i hope... and since i'm still in time... Buon Onomastico !! (sorry, i don't know how to say it in english )
  5. Just wanted to wish a Happy Easter to everybody (really everybody !)... whatever you believe (or not believe) why not having a nice day ?!?
  6. my games list is kind of short i think... The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 Diablo 3 (with Reaper of Souls expansion) Tomb Rider (2013 edition) and Skyrim of course ! my favorite game ever (because of modders, not bethesda ) ah ! i also started Rise of the Tomb Raider but haven't finished it yet and recently started playing Neverwinter online with some internet friends that' all i think...
  7. actually i think my PM never got through but seems he fixed the problem anyway thanks a lot !
  8. i had problems posting... but seems ok now thanks
  9. working for me too now so for once it was a real problem and not me being stupid
  10. I new nothing good was going to happen her... Credits: Zaz & Inte for PO adn POP
  11. i tried uploading an image yesterday and the day before but always got an error... maybe the file was too big, but never had problems before...
  12. oh, you were talking about the old days ! i misunderstood and thought you were saying that the site is slower after migrating to the new server
  13. i suppose you meant "faster"... or it's actually slower for you ?
  14. The site keeps getting better thank you DZ a feature i always liked is that not only there's the "unread content" button, but also the "mark site read" one ! that's not always present in forums... so if i'm not interested in a post either i "pretend" to read it anyway, or it keeps cluttering my unread content list for ever ! not so here !!
  15. thanks, they're awesome
  16. don't worry, i don't think i'm moving to TS4 either, so no problem well... it's true that when i played TS2 i told i wasn't going to pass to TS3... so, never say never
  17. hi JoshQ welcome to the site and thanks for that "poorly made content" i also asked a question about it but now i see the answer was already here i'm downloading all of it for my Sims
  18. since you talk about OKW and Bloom's sexy feet, i suppose it's for TS3, right ? looked for that information but couldn't find it...
  19. hi there... i have a huge problem and i hope somebody among you smarter guys can help me last week-end i decided i was done with my current Skyrim game and that i wanted to start a new one... so as i always do in these situations i decided which mods i didn't want to use in my new game (i use MO so it's easy to remove mods) then i updated those i wanted to keep that had new versions... and last i added a few new ones... then i started a new game... well, no, i tried... but simply i couldn't !! i had a couple of CTDs just while creating my PC (i hadn't had a single CTD in the last 12 months !) if i decided not to customize my PC but keep the one the games creates, the game started but it was unplayable... everything was... like in slow motion... when i typed the name of the PC, the letters appeared 15-20 seconds after i typed them... when trying to move around (in the LAL cell) everything was veeeery slow and not smooth, kind of many small jumps... sometimes everything froze and then suddenly moved again "remembering" all the movements i had tried while it was frozen and so suddenly jumping to the new position... further more, the light kept going from very dim (almost dark) to very bright as if it was slowly flashing or pulsating... so, i decided to remove all the new mods i had installed... but the problem remained... then i reinstalled the old versions of all the mods i had update... yet nothing changed... so, as a last try, i created a new profile in MO, removed all the mods except SKSE and LAL... but still have the same problem !!! anybody has any idea of what the problem might be ?? if it isn't a mod problem, what might it depend on ?? please help !! Thank you. Papyrus.0.log
  20. and if you need to reinstall everything or not depends on what mod manager are you using for you mods... with Mod Organizer you don't need to reinstall anything, just deselect the mods you don't want to use any more, install and select the new ones... you might even have 2 different profiles, one with UNP and one with CBBE or other body types... with Nexus Mod Manager... might be a lot more difficult and you might have several issue...
  21. actually the Preset i used as a base was a Nord... but i wanted a Breton for her racial powers, so i darkened her skin tone and changed her face to make her look like an ancient egyptian
  22. My latest character, that i finally created after fighting for 10 days against Skyrim and Steam She's Bent-Anat aka Bintanath... Princess of Egypt, daughter of the great Pharaoh Ramses II, that somehow (it's a long story) found herself in Skyrim... What will it happen to her now ?? My guess is... Nothing good ! Credits : Meister for the Horus clothing and someone that made the Preset i used as a base to create her... i don't remember who (s)he is, too many presets in my game to remember all of their creators, but (s)he has anyway my gratitude
  23. i would say that i'm quite good at writing/reading english, not so much to speak and understand it... i would need more practice... but when i went to USA (for holidays a few years ago) after a couple of weeks there i had no problems in understanding and making myself understood about german... well... i know just a little that i learned during my journeys in Germany, mainly related to eating/drinking/sleeping and... well, socializing with people (aber nur ein bisschen)... and i don't have the right keyboard to write it
  24. i like downloading mods too (i found this site following Kendo2 and his stuff) but i like talking too since i'm too lazy to learn modding and i don't have much free time, the little i have is for playing, not for studying tutorials and guides so i try contributing at least to threads and discussions
  25. Willkommen Zilvra Glad you found out the thread don't worry about being late... we have more then 20.000 members but i think that less the 100 found this thread and dropped a line or two... so you already are among the best performers here actually at the moment there isn't a request thread (or i never found it)... but i think you could go to the Feedback & Suggestion Forum, in the Site addition suggestion thread and propose that one be created... again wellcome