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  1. Ah, I see you are back! :) How ya doing?

    1. Karma199696


      i'm fine thank :) but i'm actually quite busy, i login very seldom here and in any other site i used to visit...

  2. Karma199696

    Merry Christmas (2017)

    i'm not been around very often lately, but i haven't forgotten the site and you guys so... i wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! Have fun !! KISS
  3. Karma199696

    ImpHeels Rhiannon

    because of you, now my Sims have more shoes then clothes ! Well, almost ! LOL ! thanks a lot
  4. Karma199696

    Movie Lovers Thread

    Roberto Benigni is an italian actor quite famous. he made mainly comedies but succeeded also in doing some great "serious" movies such as this one (here's the english version, but the italian one is better, sorry )
  5. Karma199696

    Movie Lovers Thread

    so... let's see... - Star Wars - The Empire strikes back - Return of the Jedy - Tootsie - More or less the whole Harry Potter Saga - Colonia (The Colony) - Perk of being a wallflower - Lord of the Ring trilogy and many more at the moment i can't recall
  6. Just a curiosity, nothing dramatic... As usual i was having a look to the Skyrim mods section of the downloads and noticed something i don't understand in the numbers of mods (see pics in the spoiler)... Mathematics is never been my favorite subject at school, so maybe someone could explain me... Thanks
  7. yes, i think it's the one... it allows you to set several keys for different functions and i think toggle collision on/off is one of them... if not, let me know, i'll check my load order... i know i have that function somewhere
  8. Karma199696

    New members introduction thread

    thanks, i will.
  9. there's a mod that let you turn off collision using a key you set in MCM, i think it's called screenshot hotkeys... i don't know if this can help you.
  10. Karma199696

    New members introduction thread

    wow, seems great... but i have no idea of what it is... i'll look around to see if i can find it, thanks.
  11. Karma199696

    New members introduction thread

    i had a stable Skyrim too... but then i had to remove ENB because after the latest windows update it wasn't working anymore and stopped Sk from running... and now i have all the strangest problems ! i solved some just to get some new ones...
  12. Karma199696

    New members introduction thread

    thanks RC wanking was the only one i could understand myself
  13. Karma199696

    New members introduction thread

    welcome Gandalf... nice to have you here ! i actually would need a wizard to make my Skyrim work again as it did before
  14. Karma199696

    new problem

    steam ? no... i have no idea about how to do that.
  15. Karma199696

    new problem

    yes, but it said there weren't orphan scripts. actually since it happened on a new game i didn't expect it working, but i tried anyway with no results