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  1. Not really we still need 1.170 members... that's a bit more then 200... maybe you forgot a 0 at the end or a 1 at the beginning ?
  2. yes, i know he has his reasons for that... and since i like Kendo2 and his work, as soon as i knew that i converted my Skyrim from CBBE to UNP (and it was quite a work )
  3. ehm... i think he stated quite clearly in the OP that he won't...
  4. that will be you i didn't follow the tutorial... too much to read (in english) and i have too many scripted mods so i can't add all those graphic ones... anyway, i managed to have a modded game that runs nice and smooth, so why changing it ?? i like good looking characters and landscapes, but i don't need astounding ones... especially if to have them i need to play without my favorite naughty and kinky mods
  5. seems great mine is this one : https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-PB287Q-3840x2160-DisplayPort-Monitor/dp/B00KJGY3TO and is actually working quite well
  6. that's sad i hope at least it was big enough to burn it in a stove and worm you up
  7. I always liked your characters
  8. well... it's almost the only present i got for Xmas and i bought it myself... so maybe you shouldn't be that jealous
  9. right ! i use 3840x2160 and when i had a 980 it kept overheating, freezing my game (i know it sounds weird but that's what happened ) and i'm not even using all the graphic mods you use... since when i bought a 1080 (my own present for Xmas) the game runs well and smooth and no more temperature problems
  10. yeah... it seems like the game is already been modded !
  11. yes, probably they're envious because they don't have one for themselves to make their pee-wee at least as big as a pencil !! LOL
  12. i don't remember a boob slider in Slyrim before i started installing mods anyway, that's precisely what i meant... in a game you can have everything (violence, murder, theft, etc) anything except nudity and sex !! well... i'm still young, but i think that if i had kids, i'd prefer them having fun with sex rather then with slavery and death
  13. anyway, yes... that's actually something ! i always hated that in a game (such as Skyrim) you can do everything... rob, pickpocket, kill, murder, betray... really anything... but sex and nudity ?? NOOO !! that's immoral !! "vade retro, Satana !!" do you want to corrupt our kids with that kind of stuff ?!? i never could actually understand that kind of policy...
  14. yeah, actually, dick and dick-slider are the only terms i understood of the whole video ! LOL !
  15. yeah, that part is fun but being a naughty girl, just looking isn't enough for me !