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  1. Tried and tried to avail. I've honestly had no issues getting anything else to work at all. For some reason bodysuit replacers just refuse to do anything. At this point I think this is a problem that's more related to how Sexout handles bodysuits and their replacers though, so I don't want to waste more of your time with something barely related to your mod, haha. Thanks for the help anyways. Maybe I'll figure out something down the line. For now I'll just have to put up with poor textures for the Fallout boys.
  2. Yeah, I don't think the issue exists with your mod, because I downloaded the manual files for Breeze and Robert from the Sexout Beta page, which are the exact same file name/type as yours, and Sexout doesn't recognize those either. My problem lies with having no clue how to replace a bodysuit and having Sexout recognize it, because apparently simply putting the bodysuit file in data isn't enough. Only the BSA version that comes in the Sexout Bodies download gets properly recognized and used.
  3. Just tried the manual route, and no difference unfortunately. Your files actually work perfectly fine for me with MO (outside of the bodysuit nif), maybe you're more familiar with an older version of it? Not sure.
  4. Only once I enable your mod, but once it's active, yes. I use MO. The Sexout Bodies doesn't create that folder at all, from what I can tell. But I also completely forget how BSA files function. It's worth noting that Sexout Bodies' bodysuit works just fine, so I'm not sure the exact nature of the issue trying to add yours.
  5. Apologies of this question is of a subject you don't really care to help with, but how exactly does the bodysuit download work? I'm running a clean, perfectly functioning new setup and just installed Sexout and whatnot, which is working fine, but I can't seem to be able to replace Sexout's default "Bodies" bodysuit with yours. If I remove Sexout Bodies, the bodysuit is simply an invisible mesh (even with your file), and if I use them together, the textures are messed up and I get those odd stretched effects coming off of genitals and whatnot. I feel like the problem is that Sexout Bodies use a Breeze BSA, while yours are plain files, so yours don't actually overwrite anything in Bodies. I thought that your files might work on their own without Bodies, but apparently that isn't the case. Any ideas? I've been out of the modding scene for quite awhile so I'm pretty lost.
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