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  1. Repost(?): some youtube channels with tutorials for Blender

    • Josh Gambrell for hard surface modeling and tips to clean topology
    • Cédric Lepiller for non-destructive modeling (even if he uses a paid addon of his own you can learn the fundamentals from him)
    • CG Matter has a lot of different videos but I find the ones that shows how to use nodes, including a full course, very helpful
    • Jayanam is one of the few that centers in making low-poly game assets which are the best to start learning, also develops free addons
    • Bonus: This tutorial by CG Boost is still one of the best there is for newbies and covers almost all steps from modeling to rendering.  

    Of course there are hundreds if not thousands more, these are the ones that helped me the most. Also friendly reminder: you can use Cmar’s Meshtoolkit to convert an .obj to either .geom or .wso and back, you can also use Milkshape 3D (after installing some plugins) although it can be slow when exporting .objs.

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