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  1. This is a quick guide on how to create a custom race in the GECK, the PDF file is a rip of the page I uploaded the Tutorial to which can be found here. 
    It would be easier to follow the guide on that page, this is those who want to access to it offline or if any of the images are missing on that page.
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  2. Short description. 
    adds a lot of leveled androgynous raiders, you need all three of Kendo2's andro mods for it to work right.  The Androgynous Fiends drop Kendo's armors/outfits/bodysuits and it consolidates Kendo's outfits etc. into a repair list as best as I could using only scripting and not touching his esps.  There's 20 different andro raiders in leveled lists that I hand placed around other fiend spawnpoints. Also, a vendor is added in a room at the El Rey Motel near Camp McCarran's gate.  She sells a few random outfits from Kendo2's mods.

    allows you to add Kendo's futabody to safe clothes in sexout (i.e. use it for sex as a hardon, strapon replacement.  It also allows you to have sex with anyone that doesn't have all their greetings topics tossed into choice topics in the GECK.  You will be able to choose whether the player uses a strapon or the other character uses one, or both, and you can hide or unhide vaginal sex topics within the mod.  It's basically a stripped down sexoutsex geared towards futas/shemales traveling with or having sex with futa/shemales.  It has limited creature functionality as well.  It uses the newest sexout calls so don't try to use it if you're on an only NX version or older.
    Requirements: Sexout (A pretty new version it uses the latest calls.)
    Also, for the strapon you need to install either SexoutTryout or the data pack from SexoutTrout
    you can place a strapon mesh of your choice in the folder structure
    Data/Meshes/Armor/Strapon if you don't want to use SexoutTryout.

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  3. Look Poses.
    This is something I threw together quickly to make the dialogue shots in my comic strips seem a little more natural, all these "poses" do is angle the head in various directions, it makes it easier to get NPCs to look at each other in shots, it's also handy for conversation shots between short and tall characters. These are far from fantastic but they do a job. I made these for something I was doing but now they're made I might as well share them in case anyone else finds a use for them.

    The character on the right is the player character. 
    Drop the contents of the rar file into your game folder and enable with the manager of your choice.
    Delete the esp and the "Jims" folder from Meshes\characters\_Male\idleanims
    To use:
    For the player character go into third person, open the console, type TFC and hit enter, now type Player.playidle xxxx (xxxx) being the name of whatever pose you want, for 
    example to look left enter player.playidle left. To reset the pose use player.playidle reset.
    For NPCs, face the NPC, open the console, click on the NPC so their name appears at the top of the screen, type TLIK to turn off the head tracking, then playidle xxxx, again with the xxxx being the name of the pose you want to use, to put them back to normal use playidle reset on them. 
    These can be used with facial expressions, just be sure to do the facial expressions first, they cannot be used with other poses. 
    Jonas66 for his fantastic tutorial
    Cormell for testing them
    Permissions: Consider them a resource, use and share as you see fit as long as you don't charge money.

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