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  1. This mod is for Skyrim Legacy Edition, a Special Edition version can be downloaded here.
    This armor is loosely based on the Spriggan Wood Armor created by Nalim for the original Skyrim. All pieces of the armor glow like the spriggans in the game, and the spriggan magic effects are only added to the enchanted helmet.
    Extract the contents of the compressed file into your Skyrim Special Edition folder and use BodySlide to generate the armor for your chosen body type. How to obtain:
    Type help 'Spriggan Matron',  help 'Spriggan' help 'Spriggan Earth Mother', and  in the command console to find the item codes. Craft the armor at a blacksmith's forge with taproots and spriggan sap. Requires:
    BHUNP - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/100306 BodySlide - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015 Credits:
    factoryclosed for BUNP 3BBB body BodySlide and Outfit Studio - Ousnius and Caliente The developers at Bethesda Game Studios Permissions:
    You're free to use this mod your own project.
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  2. What is it?
    - A collection of Fire Emblem Book 3 Hel inspired armors. These are mashups from other armors with a transparent body to mimic the "ghost" in Fire Emblem book 3.
    Armors used include:  Luxlucis by Jordick, Sorceress Bern by NINI, Crusader by Stoneheart, Showoff Boots from Luxury Collection, High Heeled Ebony Boots by K2, and Skimpy Ancient Shrouded Armor by Zaitama
    - Contains 3 sets of armor: Nightmarish Luxlucis, Eternal Crusader, and Abyssal Ancient Shrouded
    - Weight slider supported.

    How to install?
    - Extract .rar file, and copy everything into Data\
    - Or use a mod manager, much easier.
    How to uninstall?
    - Better to just delete using a mod manager.
    - Else, refer to the structure of the zip file.
    How to get?
    - AddItemMenu mod.
    - XMPSE 3.0+ Skeleton.
    - HDT High Heels System for the boots.
    Kendo 2 for the High Heeled Ebony Boots
    Jordick for Luxlucis Armor
    NINI for Sorceress Bern Armor
    Zaitama for Skimpy Unique Ancient Shrouded Armor
    Nightasy for the awesome tutorials.
    Do whatever. Just don't reupload the whole pack and call it your own.
    If you find anything wrong with the outfits, feel free to message me on here or Loverslab. Thank you!
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  3. This armor is based on the Unknown outfit in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. There is no male version as of yet, but I may make on in the future.
     An UNPB Body re-placer and all of it's requirements.
    How to obtain:
    Only obtainable via console commands. Acknowledgement:
     I combined Leito86's version of FemFeet with the feet armor, so special thanks to him.
    Future plans:
    • I really need to improve the textures and although the tangent space maps look fine, seams are clearly visible. I may need to use model space normal maps in the future.
    • A male version of course.
    • Must fix the specular power on the mesh. It looks nothing like it does in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
    • Add an in-game way to obtain the armor.
    • Halofarm - for Pinup Poser. (The poses I use in the images)
    • Leito86 and Phygit - for FemFeet.
    • Calyps - For the UNPB Body.
    • Ousnius and Caliente - for BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio.
     You're free to use this mod your own project as long as it's non-commercial/non-donation
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  4. What is it?
    - A conversion of Alice in Wunderland Outfits by Kendo 2 to the UNP Jiggle body of Skyrim. The original outfits were made by Kendo 2 for his Fallout: New Vegas comic (which I definitely recommend checking out), and were never released. I have had his permission to convert these outfits for a while but didn't have the time to finish until now.
    - Contains 2 outfits: Heart and Diamond.
    - Weight slider supported.

    How to install?
    - Extract .rar file, and copy everything into Data\
    - Or use a mod manager, much easier.
    How to uninstall?
    - Delete the following:
    Data\meshes\K2\Sex Toys
    Data\textures\ K2\Sex Toys
    K2 Alice in Wunderland Outfits.esp
    How to get?
    - AddItemMenu mod.
    - Or console “help K2."
    - XMPSE 3.0+ Skeleton.
    - NIOverride 3.4.4+ for the boots.
    Kendo 2 for the original work in Fallout: New Vegas (and the awesome comic :P).
    Kendo 2 (again) for the UNP Jiggle body meshes.
    bananbro for the glove meshes.
    Nightasy for the awesome tutorials.
    No CBBE conversion at all. Kendo 2 reserves the right to report any Bodyslide conversion made from his assets in this package.
    If you find anything wrong with the outfits, feel free to message me on here or Loverslab. Thank you!
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  5. This is a light armor based on the outfit worn by Caroline Aquino in the scene "Black Corset" on ForeverVamp.com
    How to obtain:
    With the console command "help  Black Corset 0" or at a blacksmith Forge. How to install:
    Extract the contents of the zip file into the Skyrim data folder and use BodySlide to create the outfit for your body type. Requirements:
    HDT HighHeels System  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/ BodySlide 2.4+ Credits:
    GomaPero - for GomaPero Poses v8. Besthesda - The maker of Skyrim and the Creation Kit Ousnius and Caliente - For BodySlide and Outfit Studio. Permissions:
    You're free to use this mod your own project. No need to ask me for permission.
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  6. What is it?
    - A collection of some Daz3d outfits I converted. These outfits were originally made for V4 by a lot of talented Daz authors. This is a reupload because my files got deleted at Loverslab. I might add more outfits in the future if I have the chance.
    -List of outfits so far:
    Red Roses for UNPCM Fairylicious for UNPCM Clothing Assembly I for UNP Jiggle Pretty Witch for UNPCM Strapped Outfit for UNP Jiggle - Except Clothing Assembly I, everything supports weight slider.
    Updated 06/25/2016: Added Soft Dream outfit (Original daz3d work by B-Rock)
    Updated 06/26/2016: Added Naughty Nights outfit
    Updated 10/02/2016: Added Daz Swimsuit Pack
    Updated 10/05/2016: Added Honshu Outfit (by Richabri)
    Updated 10/12/2016: Added Richabri's V4 Lingerie
    Updated 10/15/2016: Added Aery Soul's Little Dyvil and Aermy outfits
    Updated 10/16/2016: Added esp fix for Aery Soul's Little Dyvil
    Updated 10/15/2016: Added Mini Apron
    Updated 11/05/2016: Added Demonatrix
    Updated 11/26/2016: Added Daz Fantasykini Collection
    Updated 11/27/2016: Added Daz Fantasykini Collection for Special Edition (Just download and overwrite the other file). The outfits are in a chest in Moorside Inn, Morthal.
    Updated 12/04/2016: Added Daz Bikini Collection 2
    Updated 12/25/2016: Added Blood Mage and Sprites
    Updated 12/25/2016: Uploaded a fixed version of Sprites with working weight slider support.
    Updated 12/28/2016: Added Heroine Armor
    Updated 12/31/2016: Added Dangerous Jewelry
    Updated 01/01/2017: Added mesh fix for Dangerous Jewelry (Please download and overwrite the old files)
    Updated 01/15/2017: Added Maid Outfit
    How to install?
    - Extract .rar file, and copy everything into Data\
    - Or use a mod manager, much easier.
    How to uninstall?
    - I'm not going to list all the paths, so just use mod manager
    How to get?
    - AddItemMenu mod.
    - XMPSE 3.0+ Skeleton.
    - NIOverride 3.4.4+ / HDT High Heels System for the boots.
    halofarm for the UNPCM body meshes.
    Kendo 2  for the UNP Jiggle body meshes.
    Nightasy for the awesome tutorials.
    And all the talented Daz3d authors who created these outfits !
    Send me a message if anything is wrong. Enjoy!
    No CBBE conversions please. UUNP is fine.
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    Have you ever wanted to run around Skyrim in the buff melting peoples faces into mush, and still have the benefits of the enchanted college robes active?
    Well now you can. YOU CAN!!! Whaaaaaaaaaat? Our homeboy Kendo2 made this mod specifically to work with Devious Devices mods and Dangerously Nude. And it works like a charm.
    Wait... Kendo2 you say? Yeah... And credit where it is due. I own it now, don't ask, but think of it as payback for that gender changing slave-slut mod I helped him avoid. So don't ask him any question if the mod does weird things. Which from my tests there was nothing wrong, worked smooth as a Sims3 cheerleaders bum bum... mmm silky!
    OK! The ultra-cool important stuff, for playing in the buff!
    For every enchanted college robe in the game there is a craftable nude version. All schools of magic are supported as well as all of the perk levels for each school. From Naked Novice of Alteration to Naked Master of Restoration, they are all available.
    Each naked mage ‘outfit’, (You’re actually naked) is tracked by the game for NPC comments and any reactions added by SexLab mods. This mod’s spell effects and enchantments have key words attached to them, so you can be the naked mage but the moment you equip clothes or armor on your body the enchantments stop working. Get naked again and you’re back in business, sinful naked rarrgh face melty business. The naked mage outfit does not use any body slots. That means the enchantments will still work if you’re wearing it under Devious Devices items; and those items will not disappear...because you’re naked.
    This mod uses whatever body mod (male or female) and skeleton you have installed...again because you’re naked.
    (Game Goblin recommends the latest HDT skeleton, best to stay current. Tested with different body mods (CBBE/UNP), no issues!)
    Zed S. Curio was working on another project before he came to Skyrim to torment unsuspecting girls from the Mage’s College. Somehow his notes made it to Skyrim and they detail a lengthy process of alchemy and forging. The end results are various enchanted ointments that when applied to the bare skin give the benefit of the standard college robes.
    The base note book and Novice level Naked Mage recipes can be bought from Lucan Valerius in Riverwood, but like Lucan says, “If you want anything more you’ll have to go to the College at Winterhold.” Our old friend Urag gro-Shub at the College also sells the base note book along with all of the recipes for each school of magic and each perk level. He and Zed are buddies, after all.
    All of the base components for the naked mages are crafted at the cook pot and the smelter. Why the cook pot and smelter? Because using those two crafting stations does not provide skill increases and things like the smithing forge and the alchemy lab are over used and choked by other mods. This might sound like a dumb idea but once you read the base note book it will all make sense. For you Role-players it, uses a combination of Earth magical folklore and Skyrim game lore to enhance the role play experience. Once you start reading and looking at the recipes you’ll understand.
    You cannot craft the naked mages unless you have both the base note book and the desired recipe in your inventory. Trust me, this way is better and allows you to focus on what you're trying to craft. The other option, would be very messy.
    Though Urag gro-Shub sells the book and recipes, he will not sell them to unqualified spell casters. A Novice cannot buy Adept or above recipes, and even if he did sell them, the way the mod is set up would prevent you from making them. To make a naked mage Novice outfit you must have that perk in the school of magic. This is true for every perk level and corresponding outfit. A Novice cannot make a Master level naked mage outfit. You lack the skill and understanding. This also prevents the mod from being used as a cheat.
    The naked mage outfits cannot be sold. No one is interested in a magical ointment that doesn’t work. (Except for the most awesome Dovakiin! right!) Role play it in your head if you need to.
    For those of you who use mods that apply penalties for being under dressed in cold weather, a a weak Resist Frost effect has been added to the enchantments. For those of you familiar with Skyrim alchemy you might recognize ingredients that don't seem to fit the profile of naked mage enchantments. Zed Curio keeping you naked and warm is the reason.
    And a special Thank You to Min for allowing me to invoke Zed S. Curio’s name for my little mod.
    Q: Does this work with Devious Devices items?
    A: Yes. DD was one of the reasons I made this. The naked mage uses no body slots whatsoever. You can wear it under DD items without issue.
    Q: Why didn’t you just make spells or regular potions? Why are they outfits?
    A: The concept started as a base magical effect and I applied it to both a potion and a spell with a 999 day duration (the longest available in the game). They both worked as intended and that posed a problem. There was no way to prevent the player from stacking one spell or potion on top of another one without having to script for HasMagicEffect for 30 different spell effects. That would be 30 scripts with over 1200 different checks in Papyrus just to stop the player from having two of the added spells running at once. I don’t want Papyrus spinning its wheels when it sifts through 30 scripts with 1200 variables. Do you? Yeah, outfits were the way to go.
    Q: The way you have the crafting is a pain in the ass. Can you make it simpler or just add the outfits to a vendor?
    A: No. The mod was set up this way intentionally. It is meant for role play. And the naked mage outfits are useless to NPCs. They only work when naked and cannot work if worn under clothing. They have no value so why would anyone sell them or buy them?
    Kendo2 put a lot of thought and work into this foolishly fun little mod.  While he normally would only use Destruction and Conjuration spells, he added support for all of the schools of magic. That being said, if someone want’s to take this to the next level and add SexLab functions to it, the little green runtling... Game Goblin... me need to know first o-tay! Just drop me a PM and let me know what awesomeness you have up your sleeve.
    The update adds three new types of Naked Mage:
    Naked Arch Mage
    Urag gro-Shub will sell you the recipe once you have the Master Perk in any school of magic. You will not be able to make the Naked Arch Mage until you actually are Arch Mage.
    Naked Battlemage
    Fortifies Destruction Magic and adds Mage Armor. The governing school is Destruction.
    Naked Mage Armor
    Adds Mage Armor like Naked Battlemage but at a higher value, as it does not fortify any schools of magic. The governing school is Alteration.
    Naked Battlemage and Naked Mage Armor have perk levels (Novice to Master) and the Naked Arch Mage does not. Lucan Valerius sells the new Novice versions and Urag gro-Shub sells all of them.
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  8. This is a fix for the broken UNP vanilla mesh replacers available at Nexus.
    The armor and clothing meshes are not skimpy/skinny/animated/jiggly or anything else. They are basic replacers for every vanilla outfit that shows skin aside from Nocturnal's robe. That mesh is not a resource. Dawnguard and Dragonborn files are also available.
    This mod fixes:
    the NiTriShapes renames in the Nifs that were wrong. I switched them back to what they were originally in the vanilla Nifs so texture sets will work properly in the game and the CK. the jacked Nif Num UV Sets and Has Normals values in the NiTriShapeData branch back to what they need to be. (1 and 0). the texture file paths to folders that didn't exist, paths to Astrid's crispy body textures and paths to textures that no one has. I repathed all of the body part BSShaderTextureSet branches to what they need to be, and that is femalebody_1 and the support textures. Every nif (and I do mean every single fucking one) was WRONG. I fixed all of that.
    I also included a UNP foot fix as a separate upload, for those who want it.
    Why do you need this?
    You really don't unless:
    you're tired of running out of memory and your game crashes because it is trying to process texture swaps that will never happen for every female NPC in a cell. you are tired of a cell loading and every female NPC there has mismatched body textures that look dark or like they absorb light. you simply want UNP mesh replacers that are fixed. Another bonus is these fixes reduced most of the kb size of the nifs by about 200. The files sizes are smaller. Something you might want to do on your own is go to meshes\actors\character\character assets in your data folder, open the femalebody_0 nif and rename the NiNode from whatever it is to FemaleBody_0.nif. Do the same thing for femalebody_1 and rename that NiNode to FemaleBody_1.nif.
    You might also want to read my tutorial, Do it Dirty: Fix that Skyrim Neck Seam! and start fixing the nifs you download before you install the mod they came with.
    and ME for fixing everything that was fucked up.
    The usage terms of the files in this upload are retained by the original authors.
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  9. What is it?
    - A conversion of Dz3d’s Starfish Bikini by 9MBi to the UNPB / UNP Jiggle body of Skyrim. The original outfit only has 2 basic colors (blue and purple), so I made 9 more retextures (and named them Arsenic Remix because I need attention to ease my lonely existence).
    - Weight slighter supported.
    How to install?
    - Extract .rar file, and copy everything into Data\
    - Or use a mod manager, much easier.
    How to uninstall?
    - Delete the following:
    Starfish Bikini.esp
    How to get?
    - AddItemMenu mod.
    - Or console “help Starfish”
    - XMPSE 3.0+ Skeleton
    9MBi for the original work in Daz3d.
    Kendo 2 for the UNP Jiggle body meshes.
    Nightasy for the awesome tutorials.
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  10. This is just a simple mesh edit and reweight to make the Dawnguard DLC female Vampire Boots fit better on bare legs. It is meant for UNP but it MIGHT work with other body mods.
    To install, go to Data\meshes\dlc01\clothes\vampire and look for the files vampirebootsf_0.nif and vampirebootsf_1.nif. If they are present, copy them to make back ups and then install the mod manually. Extract and paste the meshes folder into you Data folder.
    This is a freebie. The boots needed fixing IMO so I did it. Feel free to use this in your own mods provided you do not submit my content to Nexus. If you're modding for Nexus you cannot use anything I make. No exceptions.
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  11. What is it?
    Another super skimpy armor set for UNP JIGGLE.
    Get it here: UNP JIGGLE BY KENDO 2
    I packaged this differently. The Harness Pauldrons and Belt are individual pieces, not part of a body suit. For game purposes you'll be naked. The armor pieces, gauntlets, collar and circlet can be crafted and improved under the Leather category at the forge or blacksmith’s table.
    The boots shown in the second screenshot are not included with this mod. If you want sexy leather boots check out my HDT High Heeled Boots mod.
    Nothing much else to say.
    For Sexlab Users:
    The body slots for stripping are 57 for the Harness Pauldrons and 49 for the Harness Belt. There is an alternate esp for Sexlab users who would like the SexlabNoStrip Keyword applied automatically.
    The mod comes as is. I am not taking requests or making any changes.
    dimon99 for UNP
    Kendo 2 for everything else.
    Not a resource at this time. No conversions for CBBE/OutfitStudio/BodySlide allowed. Nothing I make may be hosted at Nexus.
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  12. What is it?
    HDT vanilla-based boots meant for UNP and bare legs. Matching world models are included.
    The boots are craftable under whatever category is obvious and can be improved at the armorer's bench. Each pair of boots has their own height/foot position so you'll need to adjust each pair in the HDT High Heel System MCM. A good median starting range is 4.5 on the first configuration slot.
    Because of how the HDT High Heel System works, the boots cannot be enchanted (they already have a 'spell' on them) or improved without the Arcane Smithing Perk. That is a legacy of the framework so just deal with it.
    If you're looking for more boots, Cross Crusade has a few decent ones and Tiwa has some really nice models in her Minidresses mod. They are not HDT.
    I made the models from vanilla assets so I get all of the credit.
    Not a resource at this time. No conversions for CBBE/OutfitStudio/BodySlide allowed. Nothing I make may be hosted at Nexus.
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  13. What is it?
    Super skimpy Draugr armor for UNP JIGGLE.
    Get it here: UNP JIGGLE BY KENDO 2
    Get the armor from the Overlord's Shield Maiden in the main chamber of Bleakfalls Barrow. She's wearing it so you'll have to defeat her to get the items. She's a leveled boss draugr so expect a fight at lower levels. The armor, gauntlets and boots can be improved at the Black Smithing Table with an iron ingot. Requires Steel Smithing.
    Not much else to say.
    The mod comes as is. I am not taking requests or making any changes.
    dimon99 for UNP
    CrossCrusade for the belt and panty mesh
    Kendo 2 for everything else
    Not a resource at this time. No conversions for CBBE/OutfitStudio/BodySlide allowed. Nothing I make may be hosted at Nexus.
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