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Made this character to test out a new play style (for me at least).

Major Skills: 2Handed, Illusion, and Alteration.

Minor Skills: Heavy Armor, Smithing, Alchemy (focus on poisons) and Destruction (for the fire spells only).

Stats Split: Magicka 25% Health 50% Stamina 25%

Standing Stone: The Lord, for the armor class boost and magic resistance.

Shouts: Unrelenting Force and Whirlwind Sprint.  Marked for Death, Disarm, Dismaying Shout and Slow Time are also good for this build.

Tactics: Cast one of the flesh spells to increase your armor rating.  Blast your enemies with Dismaying Shout and then use the illusions to take out the unaffected bosses and spellcasters.  Mow down the weaker enemies, then poison the sword and go to work on the bosses.

Followers: Sure, why not?  But I only use them if I know I'm going to be fighting draugr or vampires.  Cast 'Courage' on them before the fight.  The best vanilla follower for this (IMO) is Jenassa since she's a combat ranger and does what you don't (dual wield and use a bow).

Restrictions: No bows and no sneaking.  You can technically sneak, just can't put any points into it.  The same is true for enchanting.  All of your points should be going into your major and minor skills.

Liabilities: You're noisy as fuck and slow, and you're weak against vampires, unless they have thralls or death hounds with them.  Then you can use 'Frenzy' or on those to soften up the vampires for you...that and fireballs.

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