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WHY am I in HUMAN lands again!?


Just figured out how to get DynaLOD.. .dynadLOD... whatever the thing is... working at last. Very impressive. And of course the weather was terrible. (Yeah I know, console it but that ruins the "artistic" aspect. ) 不

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But you get to be God when you play with the console!

Great face on your PC. And I like the pose. Very simple but dramatic, in a quiet way. Almost as if she's saying, "Off to save the world. Again!"

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Yeah, she looks so "happy" to be doing it too. 不

One thing about the fixed LOD, you see things you've never seen before. Noticed a small tower on the horizon. Made my way up there, and it's actually the lit pillar near those Dwemer ruins up there.

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Considering how weak some of the quests are in Skyrim, my character has that "resigned" face too.

So many times after completion I find myself yelling at the quest giver, "Why couldn't you do that, you dummy?"

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Oh yeah. These days a Skyrim game for me ignores about 90% of the vanilla "quests". No, my character is not an Elf Delivery Service.

And nothing follows through. You lug a chunk of ebony ore from the fat blacksmith to RIften. Then... nothing. Here's some spare change for your trouble. Or worse still stuff like the Thieves Guild. Get rich huh? Your character risks all sorts of danger and death (or worse depending on mods 不) and you are rewarded with..... 50 septims? FIFTY!?
The last time I was in that dumb guild I gutted the idiot on the spot after such a paltry payoff. (There's a mod for that. 不)

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The Dawnguard quests are the ones that soured me.

"Hey, you,go retrieve an Elder Scroll!"
"Now go rescue the monk we need to read and translate it."
"The monk needs an item to aid the translation."
"While you were off getting that item, the monk decided to try his luck without it. Now he's blind."
"Here. Read the scroll."

Well, what the fuck? Why didn't I justread it in the first place?

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Heh, ah Dawnguard. "Where are we going to find a Moth Priest in Skyrim?" Me: "Well... we could just cross the mountains. There's a monastery full of them just over the border." NO! On the opposite end of Skyrim for YOU! 打

And that's pretty much all of Dawnguard. Where are you? Great, go to the exact opposite end of the map for the next 10 second dialog and quest update! 丹儭

Another one that bugs the hell out of me: those books on Solstheim. "Secrets" we were promised. My first (and only) time to do those: I get all the way to the end of the nonsense and I'm all excited. Will it be a Dwemer secret? Some dark secret about Nirn? Alessia really did bork a minotaur? 不 Ulfric is actually an elf in disguise?? Galmar has an elf mistress? WHAT IS IT!?

No. I got no secret at all and.... a buff. A STUPID BUFF!! 互 Apparently getting a buff drove everyone before insane. 云不

So yeah, avoid vanilla.

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There are a ton of youtubers who are totally invested in ES Lore. Bethesda needs to steal their ideas.

Camel hasa 30-minure video about the Winterhold Mage's Guild that leaves any scenario Bethesda ever created in the dust.

Confession Time: I don't hate BS like a lot of other folks do and I think its great they allow modding because it results in a far better version of their game than what they could ever create realistically and financially.
That said, the majority of Skyrim's quests are absolute crap.

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It was similar with Oblivion. There was a huge mod called Integration: Stranded Light. Very deep into ES lore. I used that for the main quest instead of anything Bethsoft had. 不 (Nothing that involved in Skyrim unfortunately!)

Switching to other games for modding is what really cemented my opinion of Bethsoft. Other studios are so much better on everything including modding. In many ways Bethsoft is stuck in the past and is quite far behind much of the industry.

I think what draws me back to Skyrim isn't even the setting (let's face it, Skyrim is just as boring as they made Cyrodiil), it's the familiarity. I know a ton about modding Bethsoft games and sometimes it's just nice to go back to something you know instead of learning new. 丹儭 Guess I'm stuck in the past right along with Todd. 打不

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