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New Stripper Boots #3

Kendo 2

Got off work early today so I finished all of the nifskope work and texture conversions.  Still need to make new ground models and an esp though.

Due to not being able to add proper lights to Skyrim meshes I had to add normal maps.  Luckily I had some old ones laying around from my Oblvion modding days that fit the bill.  There are 8 color variations for the boots and each has their own set of meshes since I wanted to add Specular colors to the BS Lighting Shader Properties.  It makes the mod bigger but I don't care.  Using texture sets in the CK wasn't an option for the lighting effects I wanted.

The mod will be ready in a few days.

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1 hour ago, sporttster said:

These are amazing! What mod is this please????

Thank.  I made them, but unfortunately when my old computer bit the dust these files (and a ton of others) were not retrievable.  i.e. the images you see are all that's left of the boots.  And now I'm sad. 

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