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My latest character, that i finally created after fighting for 10 days against Skyrim and Steam ;)

She's Bent-Anat aka Bintanath...  Princess of Egypt, daughter of the great Pharaoh Ramses II, that somehow (it's a long story) found herself in Skyrim...  What will it happen to her now ??  My guess is...  Nothing good ! :P


Credits : Meister for the Horus clothing and someone that made the Preset i used as a base to create her...  i don't remember who (s)he is, too many presets in my game to remember all of their creators, but (s)he has anyway my gratitude :)

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glad you like her... :)  i claim no merit for the outfit, just downloaded it from Nexus...  but i spent almost an hour to create her the way i wanted her to be... lore friendly for Skyrim (she's actually a Breton) and for the ancient Egypt where she is supposed to come from :D

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Would not you have used a redguard with a brighter skin color? The Redguards have beauty Females too. But i know what do you mean. When i create a new Dova, i need a long time too. It makes fun to use all the sliders, till to the point - now she is ugly, restart. xD

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actually the Preset i used as a base was a Nord...  but i wanted a Breton for her racial powers, so i darkened her skin tone and changed her face to make her look like an ancient egyptian :)

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