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Working on some presets

Kendo 2

I figured out a way to export and import faces using the vanilla game face records codes.  I can make almost any human face work for any human race. as long as they are the same sex.  The blonde in the screenshot started life as a Breton, now she's a Redguard.  It's actually pretty easy to do since all the human races use the same tri files.

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Here's the same face but imported to the Imperial race.  The morphing is a little different since each race has their own 'look', but it is basically the same.  A few minor adjustments using the vanilla Skyrim face sliders fixes any weirdness.



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Yeah, got to head to work later but definitely going to set steam to download skyrim while at work haha.  These for the " oldrim " or sse?

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I think (not sure) the face files are universal to both games.  I'm still using Skyrim32bit because 64bit doesn't add anything I don't already have or use regularly.  Anyway, the way I'm making the faces doesn't hinge on RaceMenu, ECE or any external software.  I'm editing the face.npc files at the source; meaning they can be imported or exported using the CK and you'll get the same results every time.  I discovered this by accident, but again I think this is how the devs generated the initial faces for the game, since the blank face.npc file I started with looks like the faces from the unused vanilla 'Default Race'.

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