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  1. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    Like Ritual said earlier, I think any future games Bethesda will release will end up being coded for CC. From one side I can see why they wanted to do the CC, but how they have done it is completely jacked. The limitations on file size alone just proves any " DLC " is never going to be on it. I would have loved to have had a quest to find out exactly what transpired in the Capital Wasteland between the ending of F3 and DLC to what happens in F4. If it had been on the level of Dead Money, or Lonesome Road, I most likely would have paid to get it and do the quest. Prices in CC are about how I used to treat soda machines when growing up. Shove my arm up drop point and yank down soda's, go to school and charge 50cents a can in middle of class. Ripoff when the soda only cost 25cents, but hey fools bought them. I plan on waiting patiently for the next few " honorable " companies game releases and see how it goes. I have found that mods of the more exciting mods for any current games I own are hosted on either a mod authors patreon, tumblr, and other sites. For very cool mods that I enjoy I toss a bit of cash to them as a thanks for letting me enjoy the work. I don't pay a large sum, say I got an extra $100 I will just set aside 20 or so and not use it, just so if I come across a mod authors work and really like what they have done, I help out. Not because I was asked, or " because mod authors should be paid " but because I found enjoyment in what was done. Very cool dwemer storyline that takes me back to Tel Vos and it allows you to claim a small island north of Winterhold for a Telvanni Stronghold? Along with a few new hard dungeon fights? Yes, thanks heres $10's. That to me would show a mod author more appreciation that someone enjoyed it enough to donate some money of their own free will, versus giving money to them to get the mod. But hey this is just me.
  2. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    " Here we have items to make Legendary difficulty a bit easier for you, Food and Drink right to your inventory! " Fallout Cascadia will be the only reason I reinstall F4 in the future. At launch of Creation Club I uninstalled F4, Skyrim SE, and ESO. Dragon Age, Witcher and Divinity: Original Sin 2 will keep me going from now on. I wouldn't be surprised that some time in the future Bethesda will start wanting any " free mods " that are similar or close to the ones they will put on Creation Club be taken down. Don't think they will go that way, cause if they do the shit storm that will follow will hurt them badly. But seeing they are focusing on Xbox and PS rather then anything for PC, it could happen.
  3. DAI chantry robes for DAO

  4. Morrigans new Robe

  5. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    They need to hurry up and realize their idiocy and hand over the rights to, at least Fallout, to Obsidian or one of the other companies I can count on my one hand that actually ENJOY making their games and seeing how others play it. Take for instance how Bioware is now after ME:A. The team that's working on the next Dragon Age game has brought in outside talent, less oversight from EA, more of the Origins team is working on it. I hope it turns out more along the RPG lines of Origins was. But hey, there is always CDProjectRed!
  6. Its a good idea to start up your own server to learn how to do things there. Mainly because your the servers GM if you make it. Being able to alter stuff, learn to make things, how the day and night cycles actually affect the gameplay is best learned BEFORE you try out a server where people can kill you, and with newer updates, for a time enslave you or your people.
  7. You can set up a personal server and you and your friends play on it. You can play on one of the official servers, make sure to favorite it so you can easily find it later, and play with and against others. There are ways to play it " offline " but seeing as how doing it can alter the game files more then I am willing to do, I have yet to try it. They are listening and reading the community hub and forums about bugs and many features that are either not in or are glitching out. As far as a stable game goes it is by far one of the most stable ones I have been playing. Add on top of that that the actual company listens, that just makes it better. They also recently did a huge update. And the modding community for it is slowly growing. Not thousands of mods, but a good chunk.
  8. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    I am looking forward to how they do the implants. The old game had it where depending on your class you couldn't use certain implants. ( sure that after a while the modding community will bypass it but whatever) I loved how if I was doing a stealth type character, I could not use the implants in your arms to increase your strength, therefore I could not move certain things to create a new path. But I was able to put implants into my feet that stopped almost all noise I make while sneaking around. If they keep true to that system, this game will be worth the $ to me.
  9. Got Skyrim installed, Creation Kit as well just cause of this file. Need to follow that link and add in the custom hairs to the races. Good thing I have today off work.
  10. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    That's one of the great things about CDPR. If you look at their DLC's/Updates for the Witcher series they not only released quality updates but also, at times, changes some game play mechanics that were not working well with the previous versions. Take W2 for example. First DLC they changed the beginning tutorial so it wasn't so hand holding as it was at the beginning. Then when some people complained about that they responded on their site that they wished to stay true to the immersive feel of being placed into a scenario where your character is having to recall recent events due to the way the cinematic story was playing out. Base release of W2, those that had W1 and ported in a save file, didn't even have an option to skip the tutorial. I pre ordered F4 due to being a fan of the series. I kept watching videos and reading things I was not happy about, yet at the same time wanting, hoping that things would possibly get changed upon release or get fixed on future updates. Then with their updates and DLC they not only ignored half the issues and crashes the community was reporting, they chose instead to increase the price of the " Season Pass " by $2. CDPR is known for small DLC's being free and if their is a major update or DLC its not a freaking full game price. So we can count on that at least not being screwed up.
  11. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    I usually only pre order a game if there is some neat things that come with doing so. Seeing as the company behind this is known for great content, also with making dlc's free, if it gets a pre order option I am grabbing it.
  12. Working on some presets

    Yeah, got to head to work later but definitely going to set steam to download skyrim while at work haha. These for the " oldrim " or sse?
  13. Working on some presets

    OH, gonna have to reinstall skyrim now...
  14. 'Ghost of a Tale'...A hidden little gem of a game

    This is in the group of " I put my heart and soul into this game " that I like to associate with games like Morrowind, Dragon Age: Origins and others. Sad part is how far away both those companies have gone from such great works. Watching some of these videos shows that this game is not only beautiful, but how they have almost everything in game you can somehow use is something that most game companies overlook. Sure its mice/rats, but that alone makes it stand out. The stealth part of this game is very well done. Also its one of those games where you have to think and plan on how your about to do something, so that's a plus.