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  1. Thanks for this dress. Had to download this twice before I realized the bsl, bsa, and esp were inside the CalienteTools folder. Thought my download had messed up!
  2. So I been playing that game for the Beta. Got my copy for free from the tour I got a few months ago at Bethesda's office. Want to know a very " fun " bug the game has? If a player either logs out, ctd's, or gets forced logged out due to server crash/shutdown, AND they were in power armor or just a frame. They lose the frame and armor upon logging back in. About a quarter of Beta players have said that no matter how they change their graphics settings they still can't see the water in game. Some enemies will randomly become " immortal " and won't be killable until you have 3 or more players attacking them, that means a solo player can't complete most " event " quests without being forced into a party of other players.
  3. Damn aliens, just wanted to loot the body, but nooo.
  4. Nailos18

    Starting out

    Yeah, merged a lot of them.
  5. Nailos18

    Starting out

    Yeah, I miss some things, but willing to try out mods that people recommend to me. Some told me to try Vanilla UI Plus, others the Revelation mod, and the Revelation + UI Plus. Revelation mod looks very nice, probably due to the nostalgia of the first games. But I keep reading issues using it along other mods that I consider essential for my TTW so for atm, not using it.
  6. Nailos18

    Starting out

    Trying out the Vanilla UI Plus for this install. Usually go with Darn, but this one is good as well.
  7. Nailos18

    To Megaton!

    Decided to not get a weapon mod overhaul this time. My old TTW I had issues where if I added say a scope to a hunting rifle the textures would get all funky for the whole weapon. Also decided to combine different game texture overhauls to see how it turned out. Using MG's Clutter, NMC, Vurts, Bueno, and selective single texture changes. Almost always just used NMC and Vurts in the past, but would notice some random things I came across would not have the same detail as others.
  8. Nailos18

    Starting out

    Using a combination of Mojave Delights textures with Kendo 2's textures from this site, got my stable TTW up and going again now that I have time to play these games again.
  9. I am using the FO4 Power Armors for FNV from Drag and the base game pipboy clips badly with those, so using Pipboy 2500 right now for mine. Stable TTW atm
  10. Been thinking that what Vault 21 needed was a few " VIP " clubs. I always come back to the screens of this. Always thought Sarah Weintraub would have tried to get more people to come to the vault by adding in new stuff. And I know lore wise Mr House sealed off majority of the vault, but always felt like it should have been bigger.
  11. So found a nice mention of Nerevar during the Clockwork City dlc in ESO. If you ever played through ES3 and all the dlc you already know what happens with the Tribunal, but at least here during ESO, 2nd era, Sotha Sil shows respect and remorse. Other shots are from the Clockwork City house you can get and furnish, very cool looking. And the Clockwork bed from the last shot is very interesting. Everything is very Dwemerish, but just slightly not, I like it.
  12. Nailos18

    New Weapon

    Oh, and Piper had to photo bomb me, but its a butt shot so is ok
  13. Nailos18

    Lady Death 2

    Lol I have posted tons of pictures on Nexus with K2's stuff in them. Though I have refrained from putting " Kendo2's " in the title, comment section though when they ask where its from is different though.
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