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  1. They look a lot nicer.
  2. Really like the Races Redone mod.
  3. And of course have to have the sexiness installed as well!
  4. After a long time of not playing, decided to load up Morrowind and play again. With ESO: Morrowind coming out in the near future, I was feeling nostalgic.
  5. I have been downloading them from Steams Workshop. Not the best of place but until I find more on say someones tumblr or what not that's only place I have found mods for the game so far.
  6. They usually patch in bug fixes once a day. Its a lot more stable now. I personally have not crashed while in game in over a week. There are already a good handful of mods for the game available also.
  7. Perhaps the Dick Slider is making them feel insecure?!?
  8. It has gore, nudity, offensive language ( in the conan world ) slavery and sheer fun! For anyone to complain about a dick slider should just be slapped when there are more " pressing " issues they should take offense to. But all in all, people need to realize that games are FICTION!!!!
  9. Mod support even in early access. So yeah, I highly doubt a sex mod won't be made very quickly. I do believe the games interface and slavery system could be expanded upon decently easy with mods. Dick slider and Breast slider is funny seeing people maxing them out for no real reason. I mean unless you plan to fill your clan base with slave dancers....
  10. I played it for about 6 hours yesterday along with a few friends. Game is early access so its decently laggy and you come across some issues but its very fun as a group. Solo it is a lot harder to do but still fun.