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  1. Perhaps the Dick Slider is making them feel insecure?!?
  2. It has gore, nudity, offensive language ( in the conan world ) slavery and sheer fun! For anyone to complain about a dick slider should just be slapped when there are more " pressing " issues they should take offense to. But all in all, people need to realize that games are FICTION!!!!
  3. Mod support even in early access. So yeah, I highly doubt a sex mod won't be made very quickly. I do believe the games interface and slavery system could be expanded upon decently easy with mods. Dick slider and Breast slider is funny seeing people maxing them out for no real reason. I mean unless you plan to fill your clan base with slave dancers....
  4. I played it for about 6 hours yesterday along with a few friends. Game is early access so its decently laggy and you come across some issues but its very fun as a group. Solo it is a lot harder to do but still fun.
  5. type3

    You open the console with ` after that is up on your screen you type in coc K2ACupCell you will be sent to K2's world space to loot the items you want.
  6. Now we just need those for actual animated transportation. No more fast traveling to a settlement to defend it, roll up on my bike with a Fat Man launching mini nukes in raider's faces!
  7. Installing all 3 games now that I am finally off work. And yes Dragon Age does saves like Mass Effect, Wither does. Will make sure and take screenshots as I play through them.
  8. So for a good while now I have had Dragon Age: Inquisition in my EA profile to be playable but never have installed nor played it. I have played and own Dragon Age: Origins, and Dragon Age 2 and all dlc for them. I guess my question would be. Would it possibly be more fun to replay the first two then go into Inquisition, or just jump right into Inquisition? Also, if anyone has modded these games and have any suggestions I would like to hear them.
  9. type3

    Any time you change or update an armor, texture or body mesh its best to always toggle archive invalidated off and then back on in Fallout Mod Managers Tools tab. Some mod authors say there is no need, but I find its best to do it anyway. A texture issue like your describing sounds to me like you have an overlapping texture for your body. If say you were using T6M and then went to Kendo2's body mesh, make sure you rename everything correctly. Also that breast issue can happen sometimes when people use T3 bodies but you have Sexout T6 body bsa( think its bsa for nv? ) loaded. So you get an overlapping body mesh due to Sexout set to load T6, but your using a T3 body replacer. Best thing to do is delete the Sexout t6 bsa and in Sexout's MCM make sure you select player body as T3 or whatever T3 variant your using. Hope some of this helps.
  10. type3

    Did you make sure to rename the file to " femaleupperbody " ?
  11. Try looking at the Lykos race for skyrim and other " feline/beast " races people have made. At least one of them probably has something close to those feet. Mabrigash Tribe from Morrowind also had random topic dialogue if you were to ask another tribe about them. If you chose rumors in the dialogue you would get random things like " What do you think they with with those they charm? " Hell a few of the females in tribe outright offer themselves if you prove your the Nerevarine.
  12. The succubus race on Nexus was a neat idea. But I hated how it implemented a whole new race into the system. To me, reading old literature and folk lore, any race could be a succubus. I like what Kendo2 was hinting at. Perhaps instead of making a new " race " add in how any of the base game races could be transformed into a succubus. I would love to keep say a Dunmer look but with succubus abilities and aesthetics. As for what can be used for a transformation or what not. I like the black mist/smoke from the Immersive Creatures mod on Nexus. Has a chance of skeletons resurrecting in a cloud of black smoke. Perhaps take a look at that? Also TES lore has some Daedric mentioning of Golden Saints mating with mortals. If you take the appearance of the ones from Morrowind and the lore of them in that game and earlier ones you could give a background for the " reasoning " of how base game races can become a succubus.
  13. This type of stuff makes me want to install Skyrim again. Thank you for posting these here.
  14. If I ever get around to installing Skyrim, and mods, again I will look into extracting said ring and making it its own mod. I do believe you can use CK and TESVEdit to do it. If you are familiar with TESVEdit, watching a tutorial on how to extract items from a mod using it could possibly give you a head start. I am currently playing just New Vegas, and when I get the urge Wildstar. If no one helps you or reply's to this in say a week or two I will install Skyrim and the required mods for Maria Prostitution to see if I can do it for you. Thought about it while at work. And I think it will involve the CK anyway since I bet that ring has a script attached to it.
  15. Nope, but Dman gave me links and a tutorial for creating animations. Perhaps when I get some extra time, when not staring at the cute nurses, I will actually try my hand at it.