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  1. Clockwork armors

    So found a nice mention of Nerevar during the Clockwork City dlc in ESO. If you ever played through ES3 and all the dlc you already know what happens with the Tribunal, but at least here during ESO, 2nd era, Sotha Sil shows respect and remorse. Other shots are from the Clockwork City house you can get and furnish, very cool looking. And the Clockwork bed from the last shot is very interesting. Everything is very Dwemerish, but just slightly not, I like it.
  2. New Weapon

    Oh, and Piper had to photo bomb me, but its a butt shot so is ok
  3. Lady Death 2

    Lol I have posted tons of pictures on Nexus with K2's stuff in them. Though I have refrained from putting " Kendo2's " in the title, comment section though when they ask where its from is different though.
  4. Love that response

  5. Checking out new mods

  6. Had a few people ask me where I have gotten my faction overhauls, they are from gunetwork. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4THyi5u1ojg That video covers one of them, they cover most of the others as well. Now to decide if I do a Legion or NCR playthrough?
  7. The Cruel Sea

    Hope next ES game has sea battles!
  8. The Sims 3

    Never played any Sims games, perhaps I should...
  9. Clockwork armors

    So I decided to install Elder Scrolls Online while I was at work in order to check out the Clockwork City they put out. And I came across some very cool looking stuff. So starting out I found myself playing my Nightblade and traveling with Divayth Fyr, which was very cool. Then as we get to the " town " I was greeted by a woman in kick ass looking Clockwork/Dwemer armor. Check that armor out! Even has mechanical limbs! And then there is Fyr's daedric armor, that almost had my crying it was such a nice call back of Morrowinds Daedric armor. Then later I came across the guards of city, very cool looking robes with armor and they all have at least 2 limbs replaced with mechanical ones! And then there was this Dunmer lady that to be honest, was very good looking for a dunmer. And then! To my surprise Sotha Sil! But man what I would give to have those armors for Skyrim. Fyr's Daedric armor alone is very cool looking.
  10. Sky is nice

    Trying out some sky overhauls, usually prefer base game night sky cause some mods just make nights too bright. This one is good balance for me. Not so sure about my snow textures though.
  11. Frosty weather

    So decided to give Skyrim Se a try now that time has passed for some good mods to be converted over. First time using Wet and Cold and similar mods for Skyrim. People of Skyrim and other mods looked interesting so decided to give them a try. This one is from the path to High Hrothgar. Later right after these steps I had two Wisp Mothers and a Azure Dragon spawn on me lol. Think I found my combat overhaul mods to be a LOT of fun.
  12. Chloe

    I think its HGEC. I have always gone with DMRA for Oblivion but trying to find a updated Oblivion overhaul guide that has HGEC lol.
  13. Chloe

    Been wanting to play this game again.
  14. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    Like Ritual said earlier, I think any future games Bethesda will release will end up being coded for CC. From one side I can see why they wanted to do the CC, but how they have done it is completely jacked. The limitations on file size alone just proves any " DLC " is never going to be on it. I would have loved to have had a quest to find out exactly what transpired in the Capital Wasteland between the ending of F3 and DLC to what happens in F4. If it had been on the level of Dead Money, or Lonesome Road, I most likely would have paid to get it and do the quest. Prices in CC are about how I used to treat soda machines when growing up. Shove my arm up drop point and yank down soda's, go to school and charge 50cents a can in middle of class. Ripoff when the soda only cost 25cents, but hey fools bought them. I plan on waiting patiently for the next few " honorable " companies game releases and see how it goes. I have found that mods of the more exciting mods for any current games I own are hosted on either a mod authors patreon, tumblr, and other sites. For very cool mods that I enjoy I toss a bit of cash to them as a thanks for letting me enjoy the work. I don't pay a large sum, say I got an extra $100 I will just set aside 20 or so and not use it, just so if I come across a mod authors work and really like what they have done, I help out. Not because I was asked, or " because mod authors should be paid " but because I found enjoyment in what was done. Very cool dwemer storyline that takes me back to Tel Vos and it allows you to claim a small island north of Winterhold for a Telvanni Stronghold? Along with a few new hard dungeon fights? Yes, thanks heres $10's. That to me would show a mod author more appreciation that someone enjoyed it enough to donate some money of their own free will, versus giving money to them to get the mod. But hey this is just me.
  15. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    " Here we have items to make Legendary difficulty a bit easier for you, Food and Drink right to your inventory! " Fallout Cascadia will be the only reason I reinstall F4 in the future. At launch of Creation Club I uninstalled F4, Skyrim SE, and ESO. Dragon Age, Witcher and Divinity: Original Sin 2 will keep me going from now on. I wouldn't be surprised that some time in the future Bethesda will start wanting any " free mods " that are similar or close to the ones they will put on Creation Club be taken down. Don't think they will go that way, cause if they do the shit storm that will follow will hurt them badly. But seeing they are focusing on Xbox and PS rather then anything for PC, it could happen.