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Testing out my mod configure. Has Kendo's T3 body (forget the version now. I believe it is Cali) Mojave Delights body/hair (eyes) NMM's small textures/mesh pack as well as Vurts  Wastelands floral Overhaul and not much else.


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I like using his Cali Boobs version,  I tried the Hentai body but just felt way too odd for me, plus hardly any armors fitting that one.  I am taking some time to put some of the nicer armor/clothes for T3 Cali from F3 to NV, following Kendo2's guides.  I currently having issues with my Breeze bodies in game, keep getting a weird hand texture showing up.

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I believe the T3 Cail is the most used body. However, even if the armor is using another t3 it should work as well just change the shape a bit. (for those times you don't have an awesome armor to replace the default one)

I installed all of the Kendo's Breezes options (manually) and it works quite well. I'd suggest double checking the installation and if you aren't using his version,change. It is more compatible . I don't understand much of what is being stated in the OP but understand enough that those issues that cause various glitches and such from using various armors and such are a think of the past. (no need to patch each armor to get itto work with Breezes) So far it works well but I will admit I haven't tested much with the Breeze. If you have a mod that you are having problems with and it can be downloaded // shared etc let me know (PM) andI will test it myself. I am only testing the game and fooling around. I can check to see if it has any issues on my setup.

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If you've added new npcs in an esp and you get the face/hand color bug, try making the esp an esm.  Bethesda broke FO3 when they updated for Broken Steel (changed the race records for no reason) and that same problem was shipped with New Vegas from day-one.

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Yeah the Breeze texture issue I am having involves Drags Overhauls I got from gunetwork.  I have Kendo's Brreeze versions but their hands and some times bodies that are showing under their armor is all funky looking.  I already asked Drag, his overhauls  (  NCR, BOS, and Khans so far ) are all really well done..  He said that his overhauls should be fine with Body any body replacer but that the armors wont conform to the body shape without changing them myself.

Going to keep playing and if this keeps annoying me I will just do another clean install and not use the overhauls. 

Btw Ritual, no handheld pipboy?

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Sorry, missed the last statement...

Nope... No handheld pipboy. Never really gotten interested. I tried it a Lonnggggg time ago but had some issues where some of my armors was missing the sleeve part where the pipboy should have been. Never went back. Likely the issue was the author not doing something as he/she would expect there to be a pipboy (It was custom armor if I remember correctly)

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I am using the FO4 Power Armors for FNV from Drag and the base game pipboy clips badly with those, so using Pipboy 2500 right now for mine.  Stable TTW atm 

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