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  1. Ok I think that explains things. No need to make textures for africans. Havn't played it yet so had no idea lol
  2. I have a question regarding the Honest Hearts plugin from Kendo. So in K2_honestheartstribal.esp, you changed the race records for all the caucasian but not the african americans. Why? And how do the hands work in this expansion pack? I'm thinking, I'll do whatever Kendo did to reduce the confusion, but can't figure out why obsidian made the file structure the way it is. Also, what are the ramifications if I did the following: 1. Redirect the naked model to point to the default body _male/femaleupperbody.nif. I plan for the naked bodies will not have underwear. 2. Have seperate hand textures for the six female races (hence why not the african americans question) Any information you could give me would be very helpful. Thanks.
  3. You missed a paddle footed one: armors/lingerie Dunno if I got the dismemberment partitions right though. outfitm.nif
  4. I've been playing some Grim Dawn recently. It's an ARPG, much better than the fail known as Diablo3. Music is very good and most have this disjointed country cowboy western feel which make them perfect for New Vegas replacers:
  5. AHA! that's where it was. It was in white fonts on my white hellokitty background lol. anyway thx. Doing good. Thinking of finally finishing the Oblivion stuff... and fixin all the mistakes... oh the mistakes At least I know what I'm doing now... so FO and NV too. fag and cunt are what you call your friends... remember that.
  6. hello fags... how's the wanking? followed Kendo2's content here. Question, how do I change the background picture? I uploaded my hellokitty avatar thinking it would be my profile picture but now I can't get rid of the banner thingy on my profile page that only shows the hellokitty ears.
  7. What are u doing here? What's wrong with LL? Anyway, this is really nice. I don't see the point of RobMale or old Breeze anymore, which is great since I didn't want to fix all the problems with RobMale! I'd like to ask a few questions though. 1. Seriously, what's wrong with LL? Only the skyrim cunts are obnoxious and I don't talk to them anyway. 2. I can understand not liking Nexus, but this is too good to be tucked away here. This needs to become *the* standard for FO3/NV male bodies going forward. It must be put out there. 3. What do you have against T6 body? not allowing conversion for it. 4. It *is* possible to get rid of neck/wrist/ankle seams. Mind if I fix them? 4. Lastly, found a weight problem here:
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