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    I have always been a huge fan of Harley Quinn and I just have to say, this armor work is beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.
  1. Before I begin, I would like to point out that I don't want anyone to like me because of something I said, I would much rather you judge me based on my actions. I do not want the following message to be construed as "sucking up." If you like me more because I talked positive about you rather than on a stance I have taken, I would view that as a personal failure for myself. In numerous occasions over on Lovers Lab, I have found Kendo 2 to be a reasonable, down to earth, no-nonsense, no bullshit kind of person, which is shockingly refreshing in my experiences. My participation in the modding community is very very light, I tend to find mods I personally enjoy, download, try to trouble shoot any problems myself given as many resources as I can gather, and occasionally shoot out a tip if I see a question I think I know the answer to. I very much don't see the inter-personnel drama in either Lovers Lab or the Nexus simply because if something doesn't interest me, or even if I find it distasteful, my first and usually last reaction is "this isn't for me, moving on." It has been in my experience (I'm willing to take the accusation of confirmation bias), that the artistic mindset // community (not at all qualified to say which breeds what) tend to favor dramatic actions morose than other groups. Examples being all the modders who had something happen they didn't immediately agree with, and so who's response was to quit all together and never come back. I SUSPECT THAT Kendo has moved away from Lovers Lab due to issues with some facet of that site (I don't know any specifics and it's not my place regardless), and yet instead of throwing a tizzy and trying to emulate a high school drama queen, it appears he (I am so totally making a gender assumption, sorry) has extracted himself from the hostile environment and moved to a less hostile environment. I find this action to be both mature and refreshing. So on to my thoughts and opinions with regards to the aforementioned policies. While growing up, my early childhood years my parents were deeply religious and followed all the guidelines outlined to them by "religious authorities" (whatever that may or may not mean). No Pokemon, that is of the devil, no electronic entertainment on Sundays, that sort of thing. However, sometime between Pokemon making it to mainstream and Harry Potter being released in the U.S., there was a mind shift in my parents that I actually took to heart. My parents really like Harry Potter, even if some figures say it's bad for their flavor of reasons. My parents came to the justification of "we can tell the difference between fantasy and reality." The point of this is, just like violent video games don't make violent people, I highly suspect some of the odder fetish's don't make you necessarily a pervert in real life. There is a difference between liking the idea of seeing a woman naked and actually sneaking next door and spying on your neighbor and I suspect the vast majority of people understand this, even if a few idiots don't. If viewing pornography of a guro or scat nature is what gets your jollies off, even though I find it personally disgusting, I am inclined to let bygones be bygones (moderators of this site may set whatever rules they so desire, they are paying the bills on it) under the assumption that we all understand this is fantasy and it's not always 100% okay to cross it with reality. My unsolicited 2 cent thoughts, though you got a 2 cent discount.
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