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  1. The same culture of people who held off the invading USSR by using hit/run tactics and hiding in the mountains. Why didn't the US win Vietnam? Because of the same thing. The NVC used citizens to carry out suicide killings and guerrilla warfare tactics, defeating the mighty US military. In the end those same type of tactics were used that lead to the fall of Rome ("The barbarian hordes").
  2. "photo check-in process" sounds like the same exact process they had in that COVID-23 flick. Of course they took the social distancing and term "new normal" from another flu-outbreak movie/series "Containment" with Claudia Black (Farscape). So it shouldn't surprise me.
  3. Just got this e-mail from my bank which is owned locally: September 28, 2021 To our Valued Customers: As your Hometown Bank, we want our customers to know the facts, especially when it comes to developments concerning public policy affecting your financial privacy. The Biden administration has proposed requiring all community banks and other financial institutions to report to the IRS deposit and withdrawal information for all business and personal accounts with flows of over $600, regardless of tax liability. This indiscriminate, comprehensive bank account reporting to the IRS may soon be enacted into law in Congress and would create an unacceptable invasion of privacy. We work for our customers and our community, not the IRS. This IRS bank account profiling is intrusive and compromises your privacy. Basically, all your account transactions will be reported to IRS. Let’s work together to spread the word about this misguided proposal. Therefore, please take a quick moment to send off a letter to your congressional representative and to Senators Cornyn and Cruz. However, if you would like a simple, quick and efficient process, simply click on the link below and enter your name and home address. A pre-written letter prepared by the American Bankers Association will populate and will be addressed to your member of congress based on your home address. A letter will also be sent to Senators Cornyn and Cruz. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Act Now Sincerely, IBC Bank
  4. In other Vac related news... https://rumble.com/vlvhy5-best-explanation-ive-seen-about-why-the-covid-jabs-are-killer-shots.html Thanks to Pat Gray (The Blaze) for the link. There is this beauty too: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/09/joseph-mercola/shockingly-cdc-now-lists-vaccinated-deaths-as-unvaccinated/ "The problem with this is that over 80% of hospitalizations and deaths appear to be occurring among those who have received the jabs, but this reality is hidden by the way cases are defined and counted. A really clever and common strategy of the CDC during the pandemic has been to change the definitions and goalposts so it supports their nefarious narrative."
  5. As to why I think the national guard has not been called out.... optics. It would look bad to send the military out since it would give the Left all the fuel it needs to call out xenophobia.
  6. https://www.kgns.tv/2021/09/18/laredo-border-patrol-checkpoints-left-unmanned/ "In a video interview, U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar told KGNS the decision comes from the Federal Government as it tries to send available Border Patrol agents to Del Rio due to the influx of migrants. It’s been an overwhelming situation for Del Rio officials to handle for the past 48 hours. More than 12,000 migrants, mostly from Haiti, have been gathering under the international bridge between Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. Officials are scrambling to bring reinforcements from across the country. The checkpoints in Laredo have been left unmanned since 6 p.m. Friday, where BP agents were reassigned to Del Rio according to Congressman Cuellar. People can still drive in and out of Laredo, this just means the checkpoints are bypassed." For people that don't live in Texas, I-35 goes straight through the middle of Texas up to Canada. That highway starts in Laredo. So, to have those checkpoints unmanned is very very cringe. Laredo is also the largest inland port in the US, it is second to Los Angeles, California in terms of trade. It is now open season to anyone wanting to run drugs/guns/little girls/illegals into the US. "Hector Garza, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, and President of the Laredo Border Patrol Union spoke to KGNS at the I-35 checkpoint Friday night during a live News broadcast. “It’s so unfortunate that the cartels are getting a free pass throughout these checkpoints in Laredo and at the Del Rio checkpoints,” Garza said." "Unfortunate"? Now, you see how our own media downplays it. To think, we still have a little over 3 more years of this.
  7. I'm glad TWD is on it's last season.... CRT on the first episode of Season 11. There were other instances of wokeness in there, just this was the first instance of it. The other part is Ezekiel calling a former cop a fascist. I guess Rick Grimes was fascist as they come.
  8. Well, the USD prices are a little bit more expensive than the peso prices considering the exchange rate, but I don't think prices will go down unless they start making celeron-esk type graphic cards. People expect prices to go down due to "transitory inflation", since when is inflation transitory? I think conservative news (even libertarian Tim Pool) is on the money that inflation is here to stay. Now, the prices of cards has come down a lot since the beginning of the plandemic, but it hasn't gone back down to pre levels. They were priced at 3K a pop at one point, so to see them in the 1K range is refreshing (if one can call it refreshing). From what it looks like, the prices for exchange rates are a bit stabilized this year but still above the 2019-2018 levels across all currencies. You can see this moreso if you look at at the 10yr graph. Take the EURO for example: https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=EUR&view=10Y
  9. Yes, those are NewEgg prices. Also, I forgot to switch from Peso to USD. My bad. The Mexican prices look less expensive than the US ones if you factor in 20 Pesos to 1 USD. This graph looks disturbing. https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=MXN&view=2Y
  10. Is financing available? Can I finance for 5yrs? I wonder if there is repossession if you fail to pay for a few months. Considering this, you can see why Beth is going to keep rolling out Skyrims, otherwise they won't be able to sell as many copies of TES 6, because most people won't be able to afford the video cards in order to play it. This just leads to more people just buying consoles, and there in lies the rub. Do I think the end of PC gaming is near? Looking at the economy, you bet. Gamers will be called "gamers" if they play horseshoe, that is if there are any horses left after we eat them all because they will be cheaper than cows.
  11. Don't give them any ideas. Although, I can see where it would benefit, they clearly can't stop internet material so they will slowly regulate how we get information. Much like North Korea they maintain control by not allowing the citizens in one town communicate with another, so that if there is an uprising in one there isn't one in another. China does it much differently due to their population by creating companies that only allow certain content and anything not party approved gets a 404 or other error. Big Tech is trying all they can, but they don't control all of it yet. So I think they are trying to try a different take and limit the hardware itself. A little far fetched, and I could be dead wrong on this and it could be nothing more than just some hyped up "progressives".
  12. Coming to a national level near you. Edit: Oh, that makes it okay then. https://www.gamerevolution.com/news/688435-gaming-pc-ban-california-colorado-hawaii-oregon-vermont-washington "Update: The ban targets PCs with high power consumption when idle. Provided a powerful PC has a power supply that is able to lower the power usage enough while idle, it will satisfy the CEC energy efficiency requirements. However, PCs using a power supply that still uses a lot of power while idle will be banned in certain states." Ah, so this is how they win the console vs PC war: "According to one Redditor, Dell refuses to deliver PCs containing a Ryzen 5800 CPU and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU. In the future, as components presumably become even more power-hungry, more potential builds could be taken off the table. Games consoles like the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 aren’t coming under fire, however, which could lead to an increase in adoption rates." I think I remember this from history. Gun banning wasn't completely banned but certain modifications of a gun were banned. Therefore Democrats are not banning guns just certain modifications of it. Don't worry, go back to sleep little sheep. Today: "We are not banning all guns, just semi-automatic firing." Later: "We are not banning all guns just center fire rounds." Even Later: "We are not banning all guns, just those who use gunpowder encased in a metal container." Super future: "We are banning all guns."
  13. Sad no one posted the Don Lemon Chris Cuomo CNN bit about the unvaxed. I'm unvaxed, and I worked in a pediatric office administering vaccines. The main reason is because they are pushing it to extreme limits which makes me very skeptical of it. When government starts mandating things, I become more hesitant. Much like the gun control issue, why do they need to ban guns? (Biden wants to ban all semi-autos, which means only revolvers and double barrel shotguns will be allowed) All that does is trigger my feelings of a coming communist revolution. Guess who gets killed first in that revolution? Like Mao, the landowners. Who are the landowners in this situation? Congressmen (all of them). So who will get knocked off first? The House of Representatives and the Senate, and definitely the White House. Do they not understand they are signing their own death warrants? Do they actually believe the true communists will leave them alone? Oh, btw, the moratorium on evictions is up on July 31st. Mass homelessness incoming in the following months (court cases have to come first prior). Papa Johns CEO says he knows of one franchise that pays their employees 35 USD an hour to make pizzas. Expect your pizza to cost 50 USD or more. Make sure you have some method in hunting small/large game, shit is about to hit the fuckin fan. I'm NOT worried about Kendo 2, he has his shit on lock.
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