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  1. To nail what Candace says at the end, this is what she is talking about: I posted Glenn Beck's assessment first, because I don't think Ben is right about "companies are catering to the Left" Especially, when shit like this is happening (not in the USA):
  2. ^^^ Doing that sort of thing in Skyrim or other games using mods is fine, but doing that in RL is fucked up. Not to mention this "couple" lives in my state, I don't know which is worse, honestly.
  3. Men being feminized probably an environmental issue. This explains why the LEFT is the way it is. (at least on the whole Feminist/Trans thing)
  4. I hope there is a pushback, and alternative banks, possibly with alternative forms of income to break away from this shit. We DO need alternative platforms, economies, schools, etc. so we can insulate ourselves from whatever craziness that is on the horizon, but Glenn is right; these past months have been lighting fast, so much so, it is hard to keep track of the hits coming from these pond scum assholes.
  5. Okay, this honestly freaks me the fuck out: I think I rather be dismembered by those people in the spoiler above, if this indeed comes to fruition.
  6. The video above isn't just foretelling, it is happing in other countries that didn't have much racial issues before. At least none that I can recall: "LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) -Many are outrage in Mexico after a Salvadoran woman died in police custody. A prosecutor said four police officers, three males and one female, will be charged with murder after an autopsy confirmed a police officer broke the woman’s neck. Victoria Esperanza Salazar screamed as the female police office knelt on her back to handcuff her. She was accused of disturbing the peace. One witness said police
  7. Why isn't there a barf emoji?? The closest I can get is the confused one.
  8. The review is not my own. I just chose what seemed to be a good honest review showing the negatives. I usually look at negative reviews, and if they only complain of technical issues, I look at positive ones to make a deciding factor. This one shows that the gameplay itself is okay, but the sex (which IMO) is the main draw, is lackluster as of right now. Maybe they will improve and add a bit more to it, but that is why I wishlisted it, so I can find it again, as well as keep an eye on it. As for Skyrim animations, yes, they are well done, but I've seen most of them more times than I can
  9. A review: " POSTED: MARCH 26 I really wanted to like this. I was one of the original backers so I've been waiting for this game for a very long time and I remember being excited about how much money it earned because I thought there'd finally be a high quality porn game but this is barely a porn game. First let me say that the gameplay is actually pretty good. I've never played a shmup before and I rarely play turned based fighting games but I really enjoyed both of them. I enjoyed them so much that I flew to every single galaxy and played every available side mission thing. As of
  10. Sadly there aren't many alternatives, most are Chrome based, so Opera/Edge are the same.. Chrome-based. There is Waterfox which uses the same as Firefox. https://www.waterfox.net/ I don't know if it would do the same shenanigans as FF, since it does use the same architecture, worth a shot.
  11. RC, that autopilot mod is something I joked about to another mod author years ago when he made either a auto-harvest/auto-loot/auto-enchant/auto-potion mod. I joked about it saying now I just need something to auto-play the game for me, and after all those years, they finally have one! (It was a Nexus comment) As for the vid I posted, I think you've seen that before a few years ago, I posted it a while back on LL. Still shows what level of research average YTers actually do, which is actually more cringeworthy than the video itself at times.
  12. "To serve and protect" My ass. Oh, yeah this was aired last night, not sometime in 2020. Yanno, when cases are down across the board. But we need to protect people with a iron fist, here is another case: They were okay to fly back and forth with their child all throughout 2020, but this is the "New Administration", the "New Normal" that we need to "do as you are told". If I could staple every video just in the past 2 months of this "Administration", in this thread, it would probably fail to load due to too many videos. IMHO the destruction of this country was finali
  13. This is not just cringe, it made me damned angry.
  14. The State of the Union will go more like this: Okay, more like this, with asking Nancy for permission to speak: Now for Nance to take his launch codes and war powers from him.
  15. A whole lot is pretty cringy right now; here is the latest:
  16. There is a reason why I bought spare TVs and computer parts including GFX cards right when the pandemic started, I knew that prices would go through the roof for tech. I did some searching for 3070 and it was 1.5K USD for a single card. I've seen Xbox Series X consoles going for about 2K. It maybe availability, but it could also signal something powerful is coming in terms of economic downturn.
  17. Checked out my recommendations, this was the first to come up: Another recommendation: As for ads, I mainly get ads on my TV of alcohol and truck (+insurance) commercials. I thought it was giving the same ads to everyone, but they seem to be targeted, as well.
  18. Well, in comparison to what it is like now.. Battlestar is mild. You could say the same for Star Trek TNG, if you want to pick apart the woke-ish bits. If you watch any documentary [example PBS Doc]/series/movies you will be flooded with terms like "Privilege", "Patriarchy", an Indian that says if the cops see someone that looks like him, he would be dead, (The Magicians Season 2), Trump is bad mentions (The Good Fight [Season 1], Grey's Anatomy [Season 13], etc). PBS with their documentaries talk about how systemic racism started in 1619 and progressed from there, all the while talking about
  19. It isn't that bad of a series Bjornk. It isn't Batwoman, or Supergirl levels of "wokeness". It does have some of that, but nothing blatant which would distract from the overall series. It is a good Sci-Fi show, on par with Battlestar Galactica (new). It gets a little strange at parts like Battlestar did, but it makes sense as you go through it; again like Battlestar. I also tend to shy away from modern (2017+) films/series, when they started getting more and more "woke".
  20. https://www.kgns.tv/2021/01/15/vaccinations-can-be-required-by-workplace-according-to-attorneys/ Remember to take your child vaccination card to your next interview. Don't have the polio vaccine? No job for you. Wait, this only ONLY applies to COVID-19.... how odd. How about we take it a step forward and require every vaccination for everything to be required to get a job, ride an airplane, get an Uber, apply for a bank account, signing up for insurance, paying for your electric bill, ISP, Water, Gas, etc. If you are illegally in the USA, you are exempt, and can vote, but only vote for 1
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