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  1. Yes, since VirtualInstall requires the Skyrim game root, it is the best to install it on the same drive. Anyway when you use the multi-hd mode, you can save space by selecting the VirtualInstall folder to be on a different drive from the game's one, so you'll get all the heavy textures and meshes on it (but also keep in mind that if you put those files on a slow HD, then you could get slow downs while in game). Problem is, there as some files that won't work using this system, or at least not for everyone (.esp, .esm, .exe and some other), that's why you'll need to setup that NMMLink
  2. Thanks for a nice words ritual. I've been studying a lot about NMM, troubleshooting, mod testing and similar things. I believe that new NMM "makeover" will be a major improvement in NMM's stability and mod's behaving (installation/uninstallation) and profile management. Can't wait to see it. Anatriax is a female ??? Didn't know that. Surprise surprise. As for multi HD option,it's still in "Beta" development. Not very stable but it works. (that's what I red). Forgot to say that beside NMM research, I'm very busy with my Sims 3 projects. The new one is about incest W
  3. ritual - yeap, it's very interesting. I'm sorry for late answer. Somehow I neglected this site.
  4. Ok. here is the example. Maria Eden prostitution mod wasn't uploaded to Nexus. So NMM can't tag it and place it under specific category. I know, this (Nexus) policy is "stupid" but it is as it is. Since MEP is not tagged by Nexus, NMM can't place it in proper category. So, it place it in Undefined category, like all other mods that aren't uploaded to Nexus. So Since MEP have several additional mods, creating a new category is good because you can have all MEP mods in one category instead of in Undefined with others. It helps you to access your mods much faster and manipulate with them as you w
  5. Thanks for the tip ritual. The tip you showed is what NMM does on the first install for every new game added to be scanned by NMM. When NMM recognized a new game installed and added to NMM scanning system, it offers sorting categories for the player according to the existing mods present on Nexus. All later categories (none existing) has to be added manually. For instance. I had to add new categories for Maria Eden Prostitution and RCOTS. Thanks for the page link too. I copied some tips from it to my OP and still checking on it from time to time. It is good to have it.
  6. Yes there is. Just open NMM and rightclick on any Category. A new menu will show up. Add a new category and rename it as you wish. See the picture: P.S. Sorry for late answer. I was so occupied with soe other stuff + had to reinstall FF.
  7. Love your girls and lesbian sex scenes.
  8. I'm sure some or most of you are familiar with Zaira's Maria Prostitution mod. There is an item, a ring in the mod called "Friend of bandits". The ring allows Player to walk among foes and hostile creatures without being attacked and enabling Player to communicate with bandits as they are friendly NPCs as long the Player wears it. It could only be purchased at blacksmiths and it serves to a Player who prostitutes herself to be able to do a prostitution among bandits. I would really love to have that type of ring. I'm not having CK and do not know how it works too. I would truly appreciate if s
  9. It's the same as before. Heavy scripted mods and big size mods are taking long time for installation/uninstallation
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