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  1. I noticed on the main guide thread it said there may be an update coming soon. Just wanted to pop in and offer two little bits of feedback, in case you want to put them in your updated version, up to you. 1) If you follow the Gopher video to clean the masters, and then do the next step which is the bashed patch, it is VERY easy to accidentally end up with the cleaned masters in the same mod that you create for your bashed patch. It works fine, so you don't realize it, until you install another mod, and want to rebuild your bashed patch, and you can't, because your mast
  2. Hey, Ana, (and Ritual!), I just wanted to stop in and give another thank you for the work you have put into this, and for helping people. I used the guide as a starting point, basically read everything I could stand to read, and stayed as close as I could to it. Then, wanting a more naughty version, I installed all the Sexlab parts that I wanted to add. Then I added a couple more things that I personally had seen and wanted in my build. All the while, it was all fueled by a great start, using this guide to easily have a base, and learn what each thing does, and why. So
  3. I know Ana isn't around right now. I myself have not been around much since late April/Early May, due to some personal family issues that had to be taken care of. But I thought I'd go ahead and ask this, just in case Ana comes by and sees it, or Ritual or someone would want to chime in. I'm just now getting back to finishing this, and I was wondering about timescale. The guide is designed for immersion, so I was just wondering if there was a preferred way of changing the timescale, since the default one is not very immersive anyway. As I understand it, if you use
  4. Yeah, when I saw this announced the other night, I about fell over. I sort of expected the performance gain, but what blew me away was the amount of gain, coupled with the price, plus the fact that the thing only draws 180W ! I immediately decided that this is what I am going to save for, for my next upgrade. But also, in addition to that 1070, that is $379, it is rumored that there is a 1060 version also, that will be released in the fall, that will be around $200, targeting budget and entry level.
  5. Hey Karma, just use something like Live another life, and never start the main dragonborn quest. Then you can be just another girl. I wish there was a way to do a play through, then another play through, but in the background of your second playthrough, you could be the just another person, and your original character would be the dragonborn, but an npc. if that makes sense. Oh wait...original topic. I use MO for Skyrim, and FOMM for Fallout
  6. oh ya, understand that. Just figured this was the thread to report things like that, to help keep the guide updated, if Ana so decides.
  7. I'm currently in phase 5, at Skyrim Flora Overhaul. I noticed that version 2.5 is not there, it is now 2.5b. Also, you have the LOD Billboards as version 2.3, but he has updated that as well, to 2.5b, but it is only in his SFO files, not the files listed where you get it with the other Billboards in the Phase 2 So I'm assuming its ok to go ahead with version 2.5b on both? From what I can tell, he has put these updates out just this month, a couple days after you finalized the guide.
  8. ok cool, thanks for the heads up! The plan then is to get a good stable version going with your guide, save that as a profile in MO, then add the rest at my own risk if I want it.
  9. I have another question, and I don't mean to offend, or open any cans o' worms, or anything like that by accident, but just thought to ask- As I read through the whole guide, I noticed that it is very immersive, but the naughty part is pretty much gone now. In the old version, phase 8 or so was the sexing up of skyrim, adding all the sexlab stuff. Is that pretty much gone now? And if so, is it due somehow to not being on LL anymore? or something else more bug or performance related? Like I said, I hope to not cause any bad discussion, I'm just wondering about it, as that
  10. I have a question, something I just don't understand, in phase 4. This part- Legacy of the Dragonborn: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52248/? Scroll down to old versions, get "Legacy v15.2 core 1k texture" Scroll back up, get the main file "v15.3.4 Update Pack" --When you install, a FOMod installer will pop up. Use these settings on the SECOND page: I did the FOMod on Legacy v15.2 and used the settings, but am I supposed to install or what should I do with the v15.3.4 Update pack? On Nexus, it says that this will not work with v15.2 or earlier. I'm a bit conf
  11. My favorite song ever is Rosanna, by Toto. Or possibly Don't Stop Believing, by Journey. Can you tell I grew up in the 80's? LOL
  12. I just finished phase 2. Trying to go slow and learn what each mod does as I'm installing. I love that SPini thing, that is cool! really, just thought I'd check in and let you know I was still here!
  13. I have a question, and also observations or possible corrections, and I hope this is the place to put that. If not, let me know! First, my question- I am just now doing a clean install of Skyrim, trying to go by your guide exclusively. While I was doing Phase 1, it changed. Although I have a basic understanding of mods, it does take me a long time to install them and understand what I am doing, and try to get it correct. (even while following a good guide!) Also, I don't have a lot of time to do it all in one afternoon- I just finished phase 1, and it will be a couple day
  14. yes it was a glitch!! the word "probably" somehow got in there by mistake!
  15. Hi all. I just found my way here, because I like Anatriax's wonderfully written guides, and just followed the links from LL. Some of you may or may not recognize me from there, I don't post very often, but I read and lurk a lot. I've never in my life created a mod, but I like to add them to my games, and make vanilla games into adult games. So anyway, just thought I'd say hey, I'm here. Site looks good, I like what your are doing, and will probably be a regular visitor. Edit- I don't know why that one sentence is bold, it isn't meant to be. LOL Learning!
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