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  1. YES! You've heard my wishes, yet again! OMG. You're gonna get me all falled out lol. I am excited. I love my characters to go Asian. I am so looking forward to playing with her. I already have some "unique" mods in my head. We shall discuss more on this after my dinner
  2. So very nice. She really is the perfect tease. I really need to get Fallout up and running. I think I am gonna try not to wait for this weekend to check out Ana's tips for installing both :D. I really want to use this body and make some stuff for it :D. PS: Nothing wrong with a small penis, my more recent mods for Suiguts went in that direction.
  3. As the title says, I am considering to mod for Fallout 3/NV since I much prefer to mod on blender and to be honest, a common comment I get is why I don't mod for Fallout. Shockingly, I never really considered not doing so, just lazy to do it. lol. None the less, as time passes and after many messages as well as the realization of how my works would fit better in a more "modern" universe, I am considering to do some stuff for Fallout. Me modding for Fallout means, I will most likely do some TS content and probably collaborate with someone if it comes down to it. Anyway, just would l
  4. Very true. I always try Skyrim, but it never sticks. It is just too crashy for me. I always try to give it a shot, too :(. I started crashing after just 10 mods and to get the game to load, it is like its own adventure.
  5. Oh noo!! You should get it again!! I love this game even 10 years later @_@. Besides, maybe we can do some collaborative TS works :D. I am going to work on my Transsexual geisha soon when I can If I am lucky, I will get some real modding time soon!
  6. Thank you both for the comments. I will do my best to keep up the work and keep up my Transsexual works. I am always very open to suggestion. I am currently working on the Transsexual version of my cow race, which is a "different" race. Pictures
  7. I hardly did much in the form of touching FO4 yet but I am downloading it just in case. I think it is nice to see sexy vault girl using her assets as she knows best.
  8. Thanks for this. I am actually supportive of this stance. I think for the most part, the freedom of speech is a very strong stance and glad to see it being used well here.
  9. Hello everybody, Note: This might be a little TL;DR so if it is, just scroll to "The Plan" Ctrl+F and typing it will get there fast. About me I am not sure if you know me or not but if you don't I am happysparkles, a modder from Oblivion. I am not one of the famous modders as I typically mod for things that are not popular (this is intentional) one of my claims to fame is modding Transsexual content over the years, even to the point where if Transsexual and Oblivion come up in the same sentence, HappySparkles will follow at some point. But enough about me. Let's ta
  10. Hi there guys, I am HappySparkles. Some may know me, many may not. I am an Oblivion modder that mods their own custom content into the game for a few bodies for females and Transsexuals. I am considering to bring some of my work here if this is OK. I was invited by RitualClarity and look forward to getting to know everyone else. I think I will post a couple of topics for mod feedback in Oblivion if i is OK One for female and one for TS. I am very interested in hearng what type of feedback I'll get here. If it is OK with you guys that I do that, please let me know :).
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